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    Thanks for posting the fix... CBR
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    Yeah, it's not immediately obvious how it works to most newcomers I'd say :) It's one of the more advanced modelling skills to able to do so whilst maintaining either Modelling or Object Axes in helpful places. But anyway, good, now there's one less person who doesn't understand it ! CBR
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    I finally understood how this axis tool work thanks to you.
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    I made you a GIF. Hopefully this explains a bit more... every time my mouse goes off screen I am just going back to object mode to show where the axis is now, because modelling axis and object axis are different things. CBR
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    Then you will need to do stages 1 /2 above 3 times, once for each axis that is wrong. CBR
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    Hang on, there. Refresh the page - I have updated those instructions because I didn't know how many axes your object was wrong on, if you see what I mean. If it's more than one that is off, then the instructions need to change, so have been updated. CBR
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    OK, if your polys are rotated relative to the object axis that's a different question, and the answer is a 2 or 3-stage process. 1. Select an edge on the model, taking note of what axis that should be. Axis Center tool, align to selected edge (as in recommended video above), selecting the axis you noted in the 'Align to' Box... 2. Now you can adjust / reset rotation for that axis in the object's Coordinates Manager, which will put both object and axis back to world alignment. 3. Repeat stages 1 /2 for any remaining axes that are still wrong. CBR
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    Tesa, have a look at the last thread posted in this section, which was an almost identical question :) The answer is there. CBR
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    Yea, I had the same issue with the forum. The process seems to be broken. I emailed support and they said there should be a confirmation email but there isn't. I'd send a ticket so they can investigate. So for the Initial state. It's in the xpExplosiaFX effects object under the solver tab. Play to the frame you need to and click "Set State." Then that frame will become your first frame.
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    No. Back when the hair system was written ProRender didn't exist. I think you'd need to convert it to geometry first. CBR
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    There is a faster way, as it goes, at least if parametricity is unimportant :) 1. Get platonic, make editable and select... 2. Shift-add Explosion deformer, and set distance to 0.001. 3. Current State to Object. (optionally Delete original) 4. Poly mode, Ctrl-A 4. Polygon Groups to Objects (mesh / conversion menu) 5. Delete without children CBR
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    natevplas, Here's an early image of the problem you solved. Can you see the early trombone loop before it gets pushed out? It is amazing how many misalignments and problems your deformers solved! Thank you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TA9_xFWWmy9vWswEB4sPo2LLw6zd7LHl/view?usp=sharing



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