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    One of the best video clips I've seen ....(I guess) period! It's 3D and I found out that it actually was an awarded short film called "Paths of Hate created by "Platige Image" and published by the Polish Film Institute. It was brilliantly edited here to fit Gunship's song, (For all you 80's nostalgic people also listen to Gunship's "Tech Noir", in one of the most entertaining claymations you've ever laid eyes on)
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    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when @Cerbera asks questions on here! XD I wasn't aware of Animation mode either! I'll have to mess with that.
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    For the past years I have been working on this solo project during my spare time. It took me way too long, because in between i lost interest, had paid jobs, scrutinized the story, scrutinized the characters, scrutinized my lifechoices etc. But eventually i was compelled to finish this short film because i had invested too much time to just drop this project. So here, I'd like to present you: SUNDAY, a story about a lonely penguin's quest for refreshment on a hot and sunny southpole sunday.
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    If you haven't heard of Friendly Shade, you're in for a treat! These are the best 3D textures / materials I've seen available on the web. Each one is photogrammetry-based and extremely detailed. They just released a new bundle and I thought I'd share: https://www.friendlyshade.com/bundle-02/
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    As far as I know there is still no way to do this in C4D natively, which is why I made this plugin: https://www.plugins4d.com/sculpt-projection-brush
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    How about using a pose morph? Then sculpt on that pose.
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    I used that trick of command clicking the item and show help from the pop out menu. I often find the search in the manual less than helpful, but doing the same search online often throws up the page in the online manual. Not graduated past model mode myself. Deck
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    Dont do much animation but have it in R18 too, grab from manual below Deck
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    I tried to delete Cinema 4D.prf file and it worked. Big help. Thank you very much.
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    I don't think this is possible directly in the render. I'd export a mask for the screen glass and also all the other compositing passes you need for that particular scene and then just reduce the reflection amount in post. Andrey Lebrov has a REALLY great tutorial on this topic HERE.
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    No, you don't have to do that on Windows. At least I never did and my Octane runs like a charm :)
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    Try deleting your preferences. Hit Ctrl+E (or command + E) on OSX and open the preferences via button. Then close Cinema and delete complete preferences folder. Do note that this will default Cinema shortcuts or any modifications you have set
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    You're right! I just applied my Shrink Wrap to the Subdivision Surface Object (not the original geometry) and it's now working perfectly. I got that idea from your project file which uses the Bend in the same level as the SSO!
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    For anyone who is interested, I've attached a scene file that seems to fix the problem I had with the joint goal slipping away from from the control null, and the problem of how to control a joint chain from either end using Joints and a Spline IK tag. Selecting the Spline IK tag, then in the Attributes Manager, setting Type to "Equal" rather than "Fit" seems to keep the final joint in the chain attached to it's target. I used Clamp constraints to prevent the control nulls from travelling past a given distance for one another, to avoid the stretching you get with dynamic spines. Hit play on the timeline, then move the control nulls around to see the effect. Hope this helps someone with a similar problem in the future. Spine IK.zip

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