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    I think this does it. I used clamp and iteration rod6.c4d
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    Hi folks :) As many of you already know, Cafe has a Youtube channel with large video collection of tutorials. Please post your tutorial requests into this topic, all ideas are welcome. To increase the likelihood of your proposition being accepted and turned into tutorial, try to be as precise as possible and look for subjects that would benefit wide variety of user. This of course doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest something that is based on your individual needs. Thanks!
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    This is with an n-Side radius of 2cm. I like to use an n-Side instead of a circle because it's so easy to control the number of subdivisions, but you can use almost any shape you like.
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    where you have the capsule you need to place a circle spline Deck
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    Here we go, my final attempt. I didn't realise initially that you had done the inner extrude on all 3 flaps together and that in turn made me wonder about the 3 edge loops cos I could only see 2, but once I worked out the first part then the 3 loops made sense. I forgot to put the loops in on the panels so mine is a bit looser around there. It all got a bit lumpy in the transition to cylinder and Ive pushed a few points out of place, probably had a better one earlier, but Ive got the principle of it. After the talk of carving candles I wondered if it would work with sculpt, but that wasn't like making 3 cuts at all. Thanks again Deck
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    Use a Sweep with Fillet Caps. You'll have to play with the Z position of some of your points so they don't intersect on some of those loops.
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    If you haven't heard of Friendly Shade, you're in for a treat! These are the best 3D textures / materials I've seen available on the web. Each one is photogrammetry-based and extremely detailed. They just released a new bundle and I thought I'd share: https://www.friendlyshade.com/bundle-02/
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    I know what you mean. But that's what we get when we design a system that can build virtually any form imaginable out of tiny little squares, and we haven't got time to wrangle them all :) Yeah, but now try and make 2 of of those cuts exactly symmetrical with your candle and your knife ? Couldn't be done. And there'd be wax everywhere ;) CBR
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    108_Sine_Wave_Trace(MG).c4d 109_Winding(XP+MG+CA).c4d 110_Deformer_freeze(XP+MG).c4d
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    A lovely job again CBR. Im always amazed at how complex some apparently simple shapes can be in 3d. Considering in the real world if that was a candle or something you could do it with 3 well placed knife cuts. Thats a bit more of a challenge, will post results later if I manage to get there, but you've laid it out well so shouldn't be a problem Many thanks Deck
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    Her Cerbera, that's got some nice effects going on - that's a great shout on the shaders - i think i'll be able to add that into my setup and hopefully will give the added layer of complexity that we need. What we have going on in the displacement sounds similar to what you've described but we only had a gradient in the shader and applied flat onto the topology. Will try adding an extra leyer of detail in the displacers too. We had a bit of feedback from the client which will help in that we can keep it to locked off camera at the top - before they wanted to zoom right into the plane and then look along it like a horizon which was killing us in terms of the amount of geometry we had to have in the scene. If you're interested here is where we ended up on first pass to the client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nj4zs1hs9ud1o5/Displacement 3.mp4?dl=0 Cheers! Tom
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    You're welcome. Now I look again though I think we need a slightly adapted strategy for the square one, because I think I can see some additional angled 'wings' coming down from the main square bit. If that is the case, then maybe we should get our top bit, pull down and shape the wings, inner extrude to redirect the edge flow round that whole section, then bridge between the wings, add 3 final control loops (2 of which spread out and run all the way down to become part of the circular bit), and only then bridge to a circular form (now 24 segs) at the base... You may find any weighting you apply more problematic here, but it's fairly tight even without it, and this choice of control loop placement gives us maximum tightness at the corners without affecting the circular forms below, which I would guess is the main challenge with this model... CBR
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    Would be nice to have someone, who can adjust the plugin to the newest SDK and recompile it.
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    hey! does anybody know if there is a version for R20 around?
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