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    Here is a simple setup where the shader field is animating polys of sphere. MoExtrude+Shader.c4d
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    Thanks @Vertex Helix, I did manage to figure out out following this tutorial, by just exporting my animation as fbx with 60 extra frames at the end, then making a motion clip and adding the same clip twice with one 60 frames before the end to blend between them
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    I think David Rudnick on Twitter had really interesting thoughts on the subject recently, here's a quote :
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    Modeling to scale benefits the light and shadow calculations as the algorithms are based on the real-world physical properties of light. I suppose if you aren't using GI, then maybe this point is less important, but it's still a good rule to follow most of the time. Light intensity basically pushes the light further, so the decay or falloff of the light takes longer the more intense it is. As light travels further, it bounces off more surfaces, which all gets added into ambient light levels. Because of this, building your scene materials as physically accurate as possible will help tremendously as well. With more intense lights, nearer surfaces receive more light since it isn't dying as quickly, which should equate to less noise at render. This might get you going in the right direction: https://www.popphoto.com/how-to/2010/10/how-to-shoot-neon-lights/
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    Yeah def recommend Helloluxx! Beside the links above also search "motion designers community" on youtube. They have great tutorials. I like this one:
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    Bought the Hellolux, was not disappointed. The ones Igor mentioned look great too.
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    maybe if we all put our finances together we can get you that 1k monitor stand
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