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    Is it worth me doing another poll on this? If there are enough C4D users out there that now have a vive/rift I could write a sculpting tool that lets you use the C4D sculpting tools in VR. Could also add volumetric sculpting tools as well. If not this year then perhaps next year will see more adoption and this kind of development might make sense to do as a business. Hard for me to compete with the other free sculpting VR tools though.
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    It's weirdly phrased question. SDS's primary function is to produce a high poly nicely curved result from much lower poly geometry for the reason that this lower poly geo is infinitely easier to work with given its relatively few points. For organic models this is essential, because they tend to be all curves, which require high density geometry to adequately describe, and trying to edit that directly would take hundreds of hours longer. But there is another type of modelling, Hard Surface, where we don't use SDS, and all our corner and edge rounding comes from bevels. This can be much more polygon efficient than SDS, because areas that are flat do not have to be subdivided and there is no need for control loops. So, with equal validity, we could have also made your shape by only using bevels and deformers, although then you'd need a lot more segmentation in the primitive base object. In this case either method is fine, but generally objects in the real world tend to lend themselves more to one type than the other, which is partly how you decide which approach is best. Other factors might include what environment the models will end up in, whether they will need further modelling, additional detail or deformation, and even how close the camera is getting to the mesh. HS modelling can also be faster because you don't need to worry about SDS modelling rules so much - triangles and complex poles are mostly fine here. Sculpting does not require SDS at all - it is doing its own subdivision, usually to much higher levels than our regular SDS object would normally ever be set. CBR
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    whats up guys, so gonna be putting up some free models over the next few weeks, some older ones and some more recent ones, most of these are characters i've either never used or have recently updated, going to take me awhile to clean up and sort through them, but i'll post up some new ones when i can. Hammy cute little cartoon hamster! hammy.c4d Donut Derick fun little character i made a while ago after watching sausage party :D derick donut.c4d Rory the Robin one of my oldest but still one of my favourite toon characters :D rory final 2.c4d Big Ugly Baby its a big ugly baby.. baby final.c4d Brain dead Banana This is what happens when you eat a bananas head! be warned! also comes with my plastic toy shaders ! Brain dead banana final.c4d Fat Brian Another really old model, i put quite a lot of time and detail into this one at the time, and he still holds up 3 years later fat Brian final.c4d watch display.psd
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    Hi Guys, Been busy with work and home lately and haven't done any posting or even lurking....... Just got done for a job request at my work where the designer wanted a very specific reception room at a dentist office. Had to be white, modern chairs (content browser - LOL) and concrete floors. Also had to put that graphic on the wall. Did a little post in Photoshop as well. Rendered in Octane. Tell me what you think. Thanks.
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    I always wanted to create a 3d character here is my attempt. I learned a bunch of stuff. It's mostly finished but needs some little touch ups. I will rig it in the futute.
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    Alright @Moumines, so basically you're talking about light mapping, the efficient Game Engine technique, inside of C4D. So after UVing your surfaces, have you already tried to bake just with the Surface Color option? (separate AO and illuminate will give you more control when compositing your textures) Did you apply the texture on the color channel and turn off all other channels along with GI and AO in render settings? Was the result of the floor for example dissimilar to your render? By the way if it's a game engine that's turning your scene into an interactive VR executable, then the host is suitable to generating your light maps. I'm not familiar with A-Frame though, and ...quite frankly it seems impossible to catch up with everything that's going on these days.! PS. (Should you decide to go with C4D on this one get your mp3s and your sudokus ready, cause as far as baking times goes our beloved package is partying like it's 1999)
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    Heres a little side take on this subject using the polar co ordinates filter in pshop, which doesn't solve the impossible problem, but does solve the squiffy pole issue but then introduces a problem at the equator if we can call it that. But it seems to my simple brain that some sort of extra distortion at the equator might solve it, tho I guess there is something I haven't thought about. A sort of reverse distortion of what you get when creating a HDR or panorama. Changing the V offset on the tag opens up the pole. I couldn't find a herringbone pattern in my content browser so not sure how that would look I will attach the texture as separate jpg. Deck Brick sphere 02.c4d
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    Thank you so much! it is super confusing and overwhelming, every individual button has a thousand independent features I will check this out.
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    Just made you a little guide to that in case you are confused... 1. These are perhaps the ideal, most efficient Oil Tank settings you need to describe that shape. 2. In step 2 I have made that editable, been to points mode and optimized to join the caps. Then I have dissolved every other edge in the center to make perfect quads there. Don't forget to do the other end as well. Then I've made that bulge deformer we talked about a child of the Oil Tank, but altered its Y value so that it doesn't affect the caps sections. 3. Now we need to select these edges for bevelling... Note, unless you have deformed editing turned on, the bulge will stop working when you are in Edge Mode. That is fine, just carry on with your edits - it will come back when you go back to Object mode. You can also 'apply' the Bulge with CStO if you like and bevel that instead. 4. Now that just needs to go under SDS, and we should be good to go... CBR
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    No you need to start again. You've made that editable with way too many segments in it. See my example above for ideal segment numbers. Also, these things don't have connected caps when first made editable, so first order of the day after doing that is to go to Points Mode, and Optimize, which will fix that. Now your bevel should work because those surfaces are connected. CBR
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    Also that is way too many segments to be editing. You can make that shape with an 8 sided Oil Tank with only 2 height loops. (my example is 16 radial segs, and 3 height loops, which is about the maximum we would need here). We could make it with less, as I'll show below, but having slightly more segments is no bad thing, and will hold our SDS curvature extra nicely. Seriously tho, look how pleasingly regular this mesh looks :) Here I used subdivision to do the work, so I only need a 1 segment bevel at the top and a bulge deformer did the rest... CBR
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    Yes, you've bevelled the points, not the edges. Undo that, then Edge mode, select a single loop and try again... CBR
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    My favourite bit was the toes :) CBR
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    just to entertain you guys a little (especially @Cerbera), vector was referring to that model here. i needed a model of a muscular toon figure in a speedo for a quick visual for a client, and the budget didn't allow to create one from scratch. so i went to TS to look for something to buy and i did find a model that was very close to what i was looking for. there was a very low res wireframe render of it, and at a quick glance it looked like it was properly modelled in quads. did cost 10 bucks, so i bought it. when i opened it i was faced with the worst mess of a model i've ever seen, it basically features every modelling mistake there is. and the more time i spent cleaning it up, the more curiosities it revealed. i have to admit, it was pretty entertaining, so i don't even regret spending 10 bucks on it, made me laugh pretty hard a couple of times, most movies can't deliver that for double the price when i go to the cinema ;) what puzzled me the most is why that guy interrupted the edgeflow so often, and mostly in places where there is really no need at all for it. have fun watching the video. the password is "theworstmodel". (didn't wanna make that vid public on my vimeo, some people might think it was me who modelled it) :D and i actually did use it in the end, and the client was happy, the client doesn't even know what the word topology means in the context of 3D. https://gyazo.com/a7528a22395e99e233f630951174e435
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    :D i knew i would trigger you with this. but i agree, if you're hired as a modeller by a studio, you should deliver a proper model, no doubt. thought that was pretty clear from what i was saying.
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    As per usual, very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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    I wish I had my laptop with me so I could show you all what happens when you abandon the quad religion/cult/secret society, got sent something a week or so ago that almost made me drop my crumpets! Butter side down I might add! I can understand the mind set that leaving this ngon, tri or pole in here is gonna be faster and get the client his toaster model sooner for his hovis bread advert, but to that I say, just get better at modelling ? If modelling is your main area of expertise, like @Cerberayou can model stuff in quads, fast. If someones coming to you for a model, and you're handing over something full of triangles and n gons, regardless of whether it effects the performance of the model, is like presenting a lasagna to a diner at a restaurant that's just been slapped on the plate, "plating up the food is faster this way, don't worry it looks like c*ap but it tastes good!" What's the chances of that person coming back to your restaurant even if it tastes fine, the fact you presented it to a paying customer in that state in the first place says worlds about you, triangulation after is another story but to just hand over stuff like that when it could be easily cleaned up etc is just lazy.
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    Isoline Editing, my friend. Turn that on in the Viewport Options Menu. Then pop to Filter next door to that, and disable SDS Cage. CBR
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    Knowledge is the key, and if you're armed with it you can be the one that is in control where and when you add or allow triangles, Ngons and Pols. Fixing a bad complex model takes longer in many cases than to build it from scratch. Adopting good modeling practices in your personal work while it will initially take longer will in the long run work to your advantage. There are times where you just can't get away with it and its not all down to having a list of dos and don'ts but also experience by seeking better ways and in all cases aiming for quad topology will take the pain out of the unexpected which can end up taking you longer to fix than to have modeled it correct way in the long run. With Retopology you still need good modeling knowledge and can take a very long time to do, you also need a good set of retopo tools, Modo is my choice for this method. I only use retopo when I don't have a set design down so I sculpt first then retopo secondly. If I have a design down in 2d form I always model it outright, its faster. Dan
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    Leaving an ngon in a mesh for a client is a bit like leaving a turd in a swimming pool. It probably won't stop the pool working, but nobody's going to be impressed that it's there, and the people trying to use it might wonder why you, the person in charge of the pool, presumably saw it and thought it was fine to leave there ;) Triangles are more forgivable in certain circumstances (they'd be an old sock in the above analogy), but why should even they be there if they don't need to be ? But good news. If we look at your mesh, we see that the triangles there are coincidental (ie the model's form does not depend on them), and this type are easily removed with the Untriangulate tool (don't forget to set a nice high angle in the settings for that). CBR
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    I think this does what you want. I used the GetRad() method and a python tag (instead of a node). When you resize the MoText, the plane adjusts - has padding plane_resizer.c4d One thing wrong with your last code was not declaring the new ports global. Anything inside Main is a local variable, which has no value outside Main unless made global.
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