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    This is my first product since learning Cinema4D: Made with: Cinema4D R19 Octane (Renderer) X-Particles (Air/fuel Particles) TurbulanceFD (Explosion particles) Poliigon (Materials/textures) Okino PolyTrans (CAD Conversion to .C4D). Premiere Pro CC19 (Video Editing) After Effects CC19 (Post production animations) Photoshop CC19 (Graphics) Premiumbeat (Music) VoiceBunny (Voice Over) To get to this point, it took me 18 months. The original CAD model was what I had to start with which was given to me by an engineer who originally designed this engine, turns out the once clean CAD model conversion process made my .C4D geometry a disaster, but luckily it isn't really noticeable in the final render. I'm evidently a really slow learner, and had a lot of difficulty getting some things figured out. The mechanical parts all move with a single keyframe, and all other parts are tied to the original keyframe with Xpresso. The Turbulance FD and X-Particles are keyframed. This .C4D file was 500mb and consisted of over 2000 incremental saves, totaling over 1TB of data. It wasn't until the project was over I was able to compress it to 25 individual animations, so in total this project was archived at around 20gb. This video could not have been made without direct help from: @Cerbera @jed @3DKiwi Thomas Barry @Igor "TheKid87" Andy Needham Darrin Frankovitz @bezo Also videos made from: Matt Milstead Lonnie Busch Andy Needham Ian Robinson Donovan Keith Ben Watts Mike Batchelor Scott Pagano GreyScaleGorolla/Brograph/Lynda David Mikucki I want to thank any of you who are listed and end up finding your way here. I appreciate the patience you had with me to get to this point especially. A lot of this for does not come naturally, as my background is in video editing mostly and I am more of a technical person than a creative/artistic person. My memory is often really bad, so I had to record small tutorials on the way to remind me how I did some of the things I did. If I were to go back in time: I wish I found a mentor, someone to hold my hand through this project from end-to-end, because looking back I really could have made this in a week if I had a guiding hand through the whole process - I figure that is next to impossible though, so C4DCafe will be where I continue to seek future help! Creating realistic looking explosions was a huge headache, and while TurbulanceFD was the path I chose for this project, I really would like to find a way to do the same thing within X-Particles or something so that I don't need to buy two separate plugin's down the road when it comes time to upgrade. I'll be back with a new video soon on, carburetors ;) Thanks again C4DCafe, you've been invaluable.
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    Thx! Yeah it was a project I had to fit in with all my other responsibilities at work, I run Briggs & Stratton's video studio so there's anywhere from 1-24 other video projects happening at the same time haha. Thanks for all your help Igor on this in 2017/2018, you were a rockstar!
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    Welcome to the cafe... This should send you in the right direction... CBR
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    @Macurt reading your post today inspired me to dig up an old helicopter project and add some Python keyboard controls - the project isn't for rendering out as a movie, just for flying it around the viewport. I'm on Windows so can't guarantee the keys will work on a Mac. You might find it fun to play wirh. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5jkkafoy9c9ldm/helicopter2019.zip?dl=1
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    Wow, congrats on persevering through that long haul! I've never had a project last that long. I can imagine you're very happy to move on from it! Great work, especially on the TFD fire!
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    Here's how we might proceed with Helmet 1 above after that. Hopefully you can see how we can get surprisingly attractive and controllable curvature with a minimum of polys... CBR
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    Thanks a lot. This looks quite helpful. I really would love to work with Subdivision 2 models and put the rest to displacement, normal and bump. The Bake texture tag seems to be able to produce displacement maps as well. It was addressed here already There seems to be a way to Bake Objects in the Object Manager/Objects/Bake Objects as well. I just have to play around a bit :) Seems I'm on the right track now.
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    thank you im going to try that!
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    It's a fair point. I didn't actually use the word Null, did I, although I am unaware of any other way to create a group. Still, for clarity's sake I will go back and update my original post... CBR
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    Wow, amazing. I tried but didn't create a null. It makes a huge sense in this case. Thanks a lot.
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    Sure - here's the file... Poly FX SDS.c4d CBR
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    Good job and congrats. Animation is great, keep up the good work mate! :)
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    I'd love to see a video tutorial on animating moving grass that gets cut by a lawn mower, bonus if it's done with Octane. Nothing exists along this vein as far as I can see.
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    I'd do half capsules myself, with a little rim at the base, like real LEDS are, but spheres will do in a pinch ;) CBR
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    I thought of something Toby is showing here: Not sure if it will work with the DAZ character meshes and their UVs to bake / raycast from the high-res OBJ to the low-res FBX but I will eventually try it out. However for my purpose just applying the DAZ normal maps was sufficient and worked out fine so far. If you have the DAZ Alembic exporter, it will save out all required maps (Reflection, Subsurface, Normals, Bumps etc.) of all objects at once.
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    If you think about it a bit you will see that it makes perfect sense. Let's say you have a simple cloner and you lift clones with plain effector for 100 units and you are happy. Then you add dynamics. What do you want to happen? For clones to drop due to dynamics or stay lifted for 100 units due to effector? :) You can't have both at the same time. That is why in dynamics tag you have follow position and rotation. By using these settings you control the bias. 0 Means dynamics, 100 means effector and everything in between is interpolated
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    My beautiful wife works as a social worker at the juvenile court, and she uses the signs of safety-tool: the three houses. These three houses are a great way to talk to children about the good things in their lives, their worries and the dreams they have for the future. She made an example sketch for me, so I had a very good idea of what she wanted. I made a new sketch (below) because she really likes the old skool pencil-on-paper style. I thought it would be cool to make a 3d version of the house, so here it is!
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    i would stay away from dynamics all together. just rig the tongue with spline IK and animate it by hand. parent your spline IK handles to each other so that you get an FK behaviour, then it's easy to get a nice undulating motion by offsetting the keyframes down the chain.
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    You can use Set Initial Position in the Dynamics Tab of the Rigid Body Tag. When you assign dynamics you take over the control of those objects from any effectors. But now you can mix between them using Follow Position and Follow Rotation in the Forces tab. CBR
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