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    Going on a holiday in a few weeks, which gave me this idea: crappy things that could happen when you travel with the worst airline ever. Horrible ground crew, control tower that doesn't pay any attention at all, crappy taxi drivers, and so on. A lot of objects, vehicles and actually just one character, but with different outfits and assets. Also made up a name, logo and some great advertising posters. I'll upload some more images of the models in next posts, as I only get to upload 4.9Mb So in the end, I created these 5 animations: Watch on Vimeo: The joy of traveling: taxi The joys of traveling: checking in The joys of traveling: ground crew The joys of traveling: control tower The joys of traveling: vip > upload limit exceeded on Vimeo =( will upload it next week! Hope you like them, and of course, feel free to give feedback!
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    This is a question that comes up a lot, and recently came up on a FUTUR livestream with Gary Vee. As always the answer is: “it depends”. Some people think the answer should be a hard no. Others think it’s not such a bad thing. I think the answer to this is pretty simple. If you want to do free work to get your name out there, pick the client yourself. Offer your services to a charity or any nonprofit organization that you care about. Or even if it’s a for profit organization, do it for them as a gift, but pick the company yourself and make like an homage to them. If someone comes to you and asks for work in exchange for “Exposure” that should definitely be a hard NO! That job is going to be hell, and going to drag on forever, and you are not going to get any exposure for it. So if you do free work, make sure it’s on your terms and you’ve picked something that will give you exposure. Make sure they have a large following on social media, and a large following that’s relevant to your potential clients. If you do character rigging, 13-18 year old fans of knitting won’t really help you. For example recently I saw a Bee farming non-profit was asking on instagram about getting a character done, so they can educate children on the importance of Bee’s to the environment. I like the cause, i want to make a bee character for my portfolio, win win. The other option is if you are doing something you have never done before and it’s something you want to figure out. Then perhaps thats a good deal for the both of you. BUT you got to remember the wider picture. If you agree to do free work, that means that company is 100% not going to pay someone to do that work. So you’re potentially either taking money away from your fellow workers, and maybe helping a business that has no business doing what it does ( since it can’t secure funds to pay you for your services). There is also the option if you are working in an intern capacity, where you are not being paid, but you are actually learning valuable skills that you want to get. In these cases, remember you can always leave, don’t let them exploit you. Make sure you are still benefiting from this experience. If you’re just photo copying stuff and getting people coffee, you aren’t really learning. You might be building relationships for future work, but thats pretty hard to assess, so go with your gut. So to summarize: Make sure you are benefiting from this free work. If you believe in the cause thats also great. DO NOT work for “exposure”. Hope this was interesting for you. What do you think? Do you ever do free work? Cheers, Aleksey The post Should i work for free? appeared first on Ace5studios. View the full article
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    I always wanted to create a 3d character here is my attempt. I learned a bunch of stuff. It's mostly finished but needs some little touch ups. I will rig it in the futute.
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    Play with the the Maximum Angle value of Extrude tool in Attribute Manager, it should fix your problem! :)
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    @AlexisB my guess would be you probably haven't connected it properly. can you attach the new file, so i can take a look?
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    This is great information. I use Genesis figures in C4D as well for comics. I do all my sculpting and customization in Daz and Zbrush first then bring the figures in as FBX files. I then link the joints from the rigged figure into custom controllers using the Visual Selector in C4D. With regards to figure height and other structure changes that may alter the general shape of the base figure, try creating 3 or 4 standard body types for males and females in Daz then you'll have an easier time editing in C4D. I'm currently looking at creating a python script for connecting joints to the Visual Selector to take some of the tedium out of the transfer process.
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    The numeric transform is currently in beta, awaiting feedback. As mentioned earlier I had been working on adding a new feature to the plugin, which would allow stacking of UV islands. With this addition users are able to stack multiple islands. When manipulating a stack each of its island would inherit the UV manipulation. It also allows to free up UV canvas space by stacking islands that require the same texture space. For now, only the "single-shot" island stacking is being demonstrated, where you stack selected islands by a command. In future, a more elaborate stacking-tool will be made available, where you will be able to interactively stack islands. This will allow to specify the stacking with specific polygon-matching requirement (later more about this). While the stacking-tool allows for a more specific solution, in case of complex island structure, I preferred to have the automatic stacking-command worked out first. This required quite some design and implementation, but also allows for a quick-and-dirty stacking of multiple islands ... which I assume would be mostly used.
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    Made a quick demonstration video of the new feature in action. While the feature originated from the demand to have a pixel accurate positioning and sizing option, I figured I could as well implement a full transform tool supporting both UV unit as pixel units (except for scale and rotate, obviously). The new tool is still work in progress, but should be available in a next update.
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    import c4d from c4d import gui def main(): selectedMaterials = doc.GetActiveMaterials() # create a list, containing the selected materials for material in selectedMaterials: # for each material in the list if material[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER] is not None: # check if the material has a shader in the diffuse slot. This could be written "if material[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER] != None:" or just "if material[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER]:" material[c4d.MATERIAL_USE_BUMP] = True # activate the bump channel texture = material[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER].GetClone() # get a copy of the diffuse shader filterShader = c4d.BaseShader(c4d.Xfilter) # create a filter shader in memory filterShader[c4d.SLA_FILTER_SATURATION] = -1 # desaturate the image filterShader[c4d.SLA_FILTER_TEXTURE] = texture # assing the texture to the filter shader filterShader.InsertShader(texture) # insert the texture to the structure of the shader material[c4d.MATERIAL_BUMP_SHADER] = filterShader # assing the filter shader in the bump slot material.InsertShader(filterShader) # insert the filter shader to the material structure c4d.EventAdd() # refresh C4D if __name__=='__main__': main() this works only for native materials and does not have an implemented UNDO :) have fun @Cerbera is right. This is a really basic solution. But widely spread, sadly :)
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    Thanks, @anglereserve. I've got an eye on them... ... In this video you got great stuff, too... ... Cheers. ... João Marco
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    http://blog.grooff.eu/ has some interesting experiments also just searching "cinema4d python" in youtube returns some good results. And you can always ask here for help at some task :) Have fun.
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    Hello, Hrvoje. ... I've checked those videos. They are great! I've seen almost all the lists. And I will. ... But that's something that is missing... ... I'll bet a course about python would be a good way to demonstrate the full C4D potential beyond menus and mograph. A good move by MAXON that could start this road. ... Sometimes I dive into code... but without lessons all become slow and most of the times confusing or not deep enough.
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    I started a document with a detailed workflow for transferring G3 to C4D, which includes the usage of Vray 3.6. Assigning materials should be done with a script, but I need to develop a reliable and flexible approach. Another long-term approach includes the transfer based on FBX, but this involves Daz Scripts and C4D Scripts/Plugins and is a more complex topic. I would definitely need more time for that, but I don't have it now. Let's see, what 2019 will bring.

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