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    I am pretty sure I already posted this somewhere, but here you go :) 142_Wheel_rig(XP).c4d
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    Hi Polygon modeling is not done this way, it would be nice if you could just combine objects and get clean results but that is not the case. (Connect and Delete) command is so you can combine separate parts into one object while they remain as individual parts such as case and lid, this is not the same as welding them as if they are one single connected object. Here is the above once material is applied with lighting. Dan
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    Hi! I wanted to show you my last animation project. It's a lyric video for the last song of Tom Rosenthal: Love Loosens Limbs. I co directed it with Magali Garcia (https://vimeo.com/magaligarcia). We combined 3D scenes with 2D animations, stop motion and live shooting stuff to make a large zoom out. It talks about a boy who feels awkward and stiff when music starts, till someone special makes him feel loved and free :) Making of and some extra stuff are coming. Good vibes! Hope you like it :)
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    In case you're following and would like a summary, here's what I've discovered: C4d R19.068 At least I'm dealing with animation. Your mileage with still images may vary. IT IS VERY UNLIKELY YOUR MULTIPASS RENDER WILL RESEMBLE YOUR IMAGE RENDER. Until new Multipass options were added in C4D R20, it was never possible to re-assemble an accurate beauty pass from C4D prior to this, see the link earlier in this thread, explicitly noted. - Multipass check box active will *change your main beauty render*, especially if outputting 32 bit files (as you need to) as you will immediately be rendering in Linear Color Space, not sRGB or whatever you might have set if you have set something. Simply checking Multipass will change even your image render, whether you select specific multipasses or not, if you are using Post Effects, and maybe if not also... It's a real Pandora's Box on your scene. Renders without Multipass checked and with it checked can look very different due to Colorspace assignments in the renders. - To composite Multipasses you really need 32 bit files. Choosing 16 bit EXR or PNG/TIFF etc. will create freaky passes and unpredictable composites, depending on your lighting and other settings. You will also suffer headroom problems in the composite and get grainy weirdness. Use 32 bit. - No formats that can't work in Linear will give good results, or even any results (Quicktime, AVI, etc.) Image sequences only, and think about that 32 bit format if you want fidelity. - Lights that are reproduced in cloners will require making the cloner into an editable object and creating individual lights if you wish the intensity of your lights to be interpolated correctly by the renderer. Cloned lights will not render correctly if you have adjusted intensity settings (and maybe if you haven't, I'd check if I were you). This is since R18 and still not fixed as far as I can tell. - Glow is a b'stard. Most especially, in the composite file created for After Effects if you use that render setting in C4D, it gets positioned beneath a Multiply layer on any motion blur you might have set, and this makes it dramatically alter the lighting in your scene. You need to move it above that Multiply Motion Blur layer to get an accurate composite of the render you see in Image View in C4D (and maybe play with opacity a little in your compositor). Depending on the nature of your Glow (this is Advanced Render Glow, not Glow as a channel in a Texture, btw) you will really struggle to reproduce the lighting interaction in the Glow with other lights that render in your Image View render, from the scene in your Multipass. I fought this a lot, and found no solution. The Multipass composite is just gonna look a bit less 'popping', and not hit any noise in your lights the way it does when you render straight to sRGB. - Lens effects need a ******* insane Curves adjustment in After Effects to get anything like the result you'll see if you uncheck Multipass and let the renderer work in sRGB in C4D. It looks pretty great (ie close to the beauty pass), but scares you if you are aware of what it's doing in the maths. *Shrug*. The Glow pass can also do with a crazy Curves boost, and backing off on the Opacity if needed, but even this won't get the same 'blooming' and cool glows that appear in Volumetric lights interacting with the GLow in a straight sRGB pass without using Multipass in C4D. It's pretty weird, but there it is. - I really need to understand 'Linear Work Flow' better to grok what the fudge is going on with Multipass Rendering in C4D. - On the other hand, I'm gonna go fully over to Redshift, and get frustrated with that instead :) PEACE
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    I found the Roll-It plugin in the Object Manager > Tags! It is working. Thanks @Cerbera!
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    Alas I am busy on client work at the moment, otherwise I'd show you how to do this step-by-step, but the overview is that you should start flat, and using what is presumably Fig 2 as a visual guide, establish the corner polygons first. Rotational symmetry is certainly an option from almost the outset. Then complete the front of the shape using as few polys as possible, then select just those polys (not the corners) and hide them. Then build the reverse of the shape, and now you can start pulling points backwards to define the rear side curvature. Then unhide the front polys, and drag them forwards, at which point you can extrude all polys to get the start of your thickness. It is unclear if you need control loops after that, but I suspect not - I think I would aim to make subdivision pretty much uniform all over it if you can, but have enough of it so that control loops are unnecessary and you build a mesh that is more organic in structure. One of the challenges will be avoiding a complex pole at the centers, but I think that's possible fairly easily with enough planning ahead... Hope that sends you off in the right direction... CBR
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    This is not a good way to model this shape- but that's ok! We all start somewhere and you came to the right place for help. Try using an Extrude with a rounded rectangle shape. See my file to get started. The quads for the caps ended up pretty decent, but if you wanted you could make it editable and fix a couple triangles in there. Earbud Case v1.c4d
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    A copy of a marble machine I saw on YouTube - I think the original was supposed to be perpetual motion. YouTube is full of that kind of nonsense, but I get ideas from them. The scene file has math breakdown of the toothed belt movement in the XPresso remarks. The dynamics was a bit lively, but I added particle friction to slow things down - an idea I got from GSG's Chris Schmidt. scene 10.c4d
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    Well, we certainly can't say you haven't put the effort in :) Even though it's not a problem that particularly affects or bothers me I am grateful that you are investigating thoroughly and reporting your experiences - this can only help the situation improve in the future. I too have contacted MAXON about this issue - last time I tried to render Hair with Multipass I hit brick walls all the way, and even MAXON, though they did enter a dialogue and try to be helpful, were also vague and fuzzy about why that might be, and neither them or I ever found the reason these things looked utterly different in beauty and multipasses. I have been quiet in contributing to this thread because a) I don't consider myself expert enough in that area to absolutely KNOW what I should be getting out of a multipass, and b) because the amount of evidence available makes me suspect there isn't a solution to this in your version, although I certainly don't know that for sure either. But anyway, thank you for your continued efforts to get to the bottom of this, and very best of luck with your ongoing investigations ! CBR
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    Do you mean something like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/5abrevq1hzkmgas/crate.png?dl=0 scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kcohprav7rba20/cratetest_0001.zip?dl=0
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    A character I made for a pitch, but unfortunately didn't make it. The concept was a partyanimal, so I made this happy guy, always in the mood for a party!

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