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    Here's a quick fly round the first few stages... 1. Start with a 6 x 6 plane covering the whole form, then delete everything except 1 corner poly and expand that toward the center then cut in a centerline that follows the loop... this gives us a starting point, but more importantly, defines the rotational axis as being at the center, which will be useful later... 2. Holding Ctrl, Rotate off a copy, holding shift as well to quantize it to 90 degrees (Right pic). Do that 2 more times. 3. Connect and delete all 4 models then bridge together the center, keeping polys all quads and as even as possible. Then select the center poly and Soft Selection in Dome mode that affects everything except the corner's outer edges, pull that forwards. Then Select All polys and using the mirror tool, mirror that across the centreline on Z (assuming rotational symmetry was also around Z). 4. Next we have to disconnect the centre section from one side and then rotate it until it meets the other arms, at which point we can weld them together... ...or CAN WE ? Actually probably not. I need to rethink this - the next stage is going to be crucial, and I can see big holes (as opposed to the right holes ;) in my current plan for that... You may well be able to see how to proceed after that but let me know if you need the second half... CBR
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    <Easy Octane Bake for C4D> used to bake multiple objects easily using the Octane Renderer. DOWNLOAD LINK : https://gum.co/EasyOctBake
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    It's actually not even THAT great ;) Their interface is horrendous. As much as I trumpet them as holding the modelling crown (for now) let's not also forget that they can't even make a basic knife tool that doesn't create tons of random points everywhere along your cuts. Sure, we are missing a few cool things, but also a lot of headaches and unstable updates as well as the daylight robbery. CBR
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    I'm no lawyer but going by everything I know about licensing and contracts what Autodesk is trying to do there is ABSOLUTELY not legal. You cannot change a contract like this. You need an okay from both parties and if they, at the time, sold the license as perpetual they cannot change that to a subscription model or basically change anything about it. This is why there are contracts in the first place. I'm so increadibly happy I never started with Autodesk Software. Seriously, screw this company. It's a shame they hold such great software hostage.
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    As we talk about Autodesk, did you read this on cgtalk? https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/autodesk-perpetual-licenses-suddenly-not-perpetual-anymore/2052430 (This is the case when perpetual not means perpetual :) )
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    I never hide how much I hate AD and their business model. 20% off? That’s a joke! To be honest, with Blender 2.80 release candidate next Thursday, I can see the future of the 3D apps to change in the next few years. Blender is now, definitely, in the right direction. I’m fact, I’m already integrating it in my pipeline and considering not to purchase the MSA this year.
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    Thats not being picky. your right. always worth the extra little bit of effort to get it bang on, good controlled method you have shown. Dan
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    Oh yes, yours is a winner too of course :) But if we're really going to get picky and make truly circular-form ends, as I think OP's first ref pic demands, then we do get a more controlled result with more of the circle form concentrated in the right places if we use a few more polys and define that curvature in the base form. This is being very picky, but it is a point that stands :) CBR
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    @Cerbera look like similar topo to mine regarding the loop and around the top edge. Dan
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    I'd like to propose a different solution to the first problem, which I think you almost started in the right direction ! :) Although we can get a fair approximation if we base these things on a cube, the ends of the reference object are very 'deliberately round' in a quite defined sort of way, so there is a strong argument for starting with circular forms there, as you tried initially, but what you actually need is 2 semi-circles rather than 2 discs, and they don't need that much resolution if we use SDS to attain our smoothness and higher poly result. So here the steps are: 1. Disc Primitive 16 segments, with inner radius so we only get the rim and no horrible triangles. 2. Editable, select right half, Disconnect and move over. 3. Edge mode, bridge the long edges 4. Bridge across the longest edges, then Close Poly Hole to fill the gaps. 5. Line Cut, and cut this into quads (random 1 of many different ways shown) 6. Outline Select to grab perimeter edges, then Ctrl-drag down a couple of times to create sides. I then added 2 loops (Loop Cut) inside the ends, to better isolate the rounded parts from the straight section. 7. Outline Select top perimeter again, then Chamfer with 3-5 segments (bevel tool) to get the extra-defined rounding there. 8. SDS (Subdivision Surface Object), at which point you can go onto mirror down to the lower shell, then add thickness to both. At any point after Step 4 above, you could have elected to use symmetry as well, which would nearly halved the amount of polys you had to cut, although we should also note it would have made your cuts more inaccurate as you'd lose the ability to cut from point to point on X, which is arguably the most important direction we need to cut, so swings and roundabouts, hey ? :) CBR
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    you have to have fillet enabled on both input objects :)
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    Hi! I wanted to show you my last animation project. It's a lyric video for the last song of Tom Rosenthal: Love Loosens Limbs. I co directed it with Magali Garcia (https://vimeo.com/magaligarcia). We combined 3D scenes with 2D animations, stop motion and live shooting stuff to make a large zoom out. It talks about a boy who feels awkward and stiff when music starts, till someone special makes him feel loved and free :) Making of and some extra stuff are coming. Good vibes! Hope you like it :)
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    A look at the tanks in context plus another view of the scene. Skipped scratches because they are too subtle here. I softened the speculars to fake the dust layer. Rust not an option for a new build concept! ;)
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    He left GSG a fair while back. He runs Rocket Lasso now, and so his excellent Screencasts have resumed on Wednesdays in case you didn't know... I'll be following you over to Redshift Corner when I've got enough £££ to build myself the sort of system that can run it :) CBR
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    A copy of a marble machine I saw on YouTube - I think the original was supposed to be perpetual motion. YouTube is full of that kind of nonsense, but I get ideas from them. The scene file has math breakdown of the toothed belt movement in the XPresso remarks. The dynamics was a bit lively, but I added particle friction to slow things down - an idea I got from GSG's Chris Schmidt. scene 10.c4d
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    A character I made for a pitch, but unfortunately didn't make it. The concept was a partyanimal, so I made this happy guy, always in the mood for a party!

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