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    Not sure why but my fuse 's been kind of short lately. Been feeling drawn to Travis Bickle these last few days and decided to do something non violent about it
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    You're not allowing for the time spent during tutorials, at SIGGRAPH etc explaining the 555 malarkey. Probably breaks even . The bit in the video linked above where he simulates the air inside Tubeman by sending the wind object along the tracer generated spline is typical CS creative thinking.
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    Welcome to the Cafe :) First step is to post in the right place, which isn't New Users / Beginners even if you are that ! We do have a special section just for Xpresso rigs for example, which is where I will move this thread now for you. CBR
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    I bet his passwords are easy to crack
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    new ones :P 126_Spray_clones(MG).c4d 127_Keystroke_typewritter(MG+XP).c4d 128_Fracturing_inheritance(MG).c4d 129_Webbing(MG).c4d 130_Fracture_Bevel(MG+XP).c4d



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