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    Wow!!! that worked. Thanks so much
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    OK, that's fine; R17 should be able to cope with this. If I have understood you correctly (and not 100% sure I have) don't you just need a compositing tag on the desk with Seen By Camera unchecked ? That should still leave the shadows it casts on to the backdrop... CBR
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    Hair is never going to wrap around anything I'm afraid, unless you use custom splines as hair guides that you have wrapped around stuff to control it. The collider functions will at most push it out of the way, not make it wrap round stuff. You may be able to fake the effect using colliders and then the curl or other function of the hair material to give the general impression of it curling over the top, but you won't actually get one lot to wrap itself around the other without those custom splines... CBR
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    I wonder if you could set up the scene with the skull face and hand as desired, then render a depth map to use as displacement on the plane but before that take it into pshop and kind of paint / blend in the blanket areas. May even be something you could do in a layer shader. Not something Ive tried, just a thought. Deck
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    to use the hair collider you would have to push the red text into the green, taking advantage of its dynamic properties, so animate into the hair. Or the other way around obviously, moving green into red. Deck
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    He could try to use volumes to push the skull into a copy of the plane, make it editable, then use the sculpting projection tool to project that into the original plane into a pose morph as you suggested, that way he won't need to sculpt a skull. Dan
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    HI, This was created with the collision modifier:
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    @cinomadic - I made a dual UJ -
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    Hi! I wanted to show you my last animation project. It's a lyric video for the last song of Tom Rosenthal: Love Loosens Limbs. I co directed it with Magali Garcia (https://vimeo.com/magaligarcia). We combined 3D scenes with 2D animations, stop motion and live shooting stuff to make a large zoom out. It talks about a boy who feels awkward and stiff when music starts, till someone special makes him feel loved and free :) Making of and some extra stuff are coming. Good vibes! Hope you like it :)
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