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    Hey folks, some good news here :) Unreal Engine Now Supports Maxon’s Cinema 4D More about that here!
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    Modeling & render in C4D. Final touches (noise, grain, color adjustment ..) in PS. Still in progress. Personal work.
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    Worth noting that Niklas Rosenstein ported a couple of Jürgen Meier's COFFEE plugins to R20, one of which is a torus knot, but other nice procedurals as well. https://github.com/NiklasRosenstein/c4d-nr-toolbox/blob/master/docs/pr1mitive/README.md http://www.3d-meier.de/
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    This file has per clone per axis additive random spin spin 1.c4d uses Python GetCache()
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    So I have been playing with the texture size(now 8k) and the delta setting in the tile shader. I am getting better results. This is really fine detail so I guess the resolution really comes into play.
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    Just want to revisit the thread. The script to toggle Hard and Soft Selection is below. I'm still figuring out though how to increase radius and strength like sculpt brushes. Middle Mouse Drag kine of thing. import c4d from c4d import documents, plugins #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): def tool(): return plugins.FindPlugin(doc.GetAction(), c4d.PLUGINTYPE_TOOL) def object(): return doc.GetActiveObject() def tag(): return doc.GetActiveTag() def renderdata(): return doc.GetActiveRenderData() def prefs(id): return plugins.FindPlugin(id, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_PREFS) if tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]==True: tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]=False else: tool()[c4d.MDATA_SOFT_ENABLE]=True if __name__=='__main__': main() c4d.EventAdd()
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