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    Coming out for C4D in the future. Made by same people that made ZRemesher. Looks to be really good. Quad Remesher site
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    small nice example of "realistic" looking model by Mark Potocnik (aka renderbaron)
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    Within 48 hours I expect we could hear something.
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    Let's take your included pic as an example... The camera is quite close to the racket, and the handle most so, so you should be looking for a model that will stand up to some fairly close up detail (so should be relatively high poly unless it is provided for use with Subdivision Surfaces) and you should choose one that has some handle detail in it, most notably the leather / material wrap that these things tend to have... as it is currently, the thing closest to the camera has the least detail in it, so that's perhaps not ideal. But also it's quite a cartoony style to the image, so realism might not be so relevant here for that reason... the most photo-real model in the world will still look like a cel-render if you set it up that way of course. CBR
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    Ah, now I see. Thanks for the help!
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    R20 was massive. I have a hunch R21 and surrounding announcements might be even bigger.
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    Hi again! We recently uploaded the behind-the-scenes: Full project on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/81890857/Love-Loosens-Limbs-Tom-Rosenthal-(Lyric-Video) Cheers! :)
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