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    I've been a MAXON / C4D customer for 19 years - and I couldn't agree more. It seems MAXON are now quite willing to penalise those with Studio MSA - who are much more likely to be locked in to the C4D ecosystem - in order to suck in new users. That's not an equitable way to treat your customers.
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    Hi Rick As a new user, who just invested £3,700 in R20 Studio; Cineversity access is not my main concern. I've looked at it, it's a nice extra, but for me, it's a non-issue compared to the more significant conversation. To me, the MSA was a right to upgrade my software at a reduced price each year. I phoned MAXON this week who said if there is a perpetual upgrade path to R22 it will be more expensive than the subscription. In my opinion, what needs sorting is perpetual licences. Especially a commitment to the fact that perpetual licence holders should be able to continue upgrading their licences at the same price, or less than a subscription.
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    Someone should model that, shouldn't they @VECTOR ? ;) CBR
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    Smooth talking BS. You seriously gonna shovel that? The Reality: Your team thought through the entire plan with your consultants well in advance. The initiative was finely calibrated to pressure customers towards subscriptions. We customers should feel grateful that our previous investment in the product funded the stiff consultancy fees for agencies such as this: http://www.thebigwheelconsultancy.com/ Analytics, Customer psychology...it's a true art form these days. Give them their due, these consultants are CLEVER. The game now is customer manipulation over product improvement.
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    I got a mailshot yesterday for a £20K pc - checkout the chrome plated watercooling system in the close-up shots. Belongs in an art gallery. https://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/reflectere-extreme
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    I noticed recently that the website Eggtion.net that provides the plugin Roll-It had been redesigned and my favorite plugin was no longer available. I emailed the site, and got a reply saying 'thanks for the interest, and it's now back online'. Roll-It makes spheres (and cubes etc) roll convincingly when the parent is pushed around https://eggtion.net/roll-it there's also an egg object https://eggtion.net/egg-object you can see Roll-It rolling the feet in this clip
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    Yeah. If we assume that the cost to upgrade from R21 perpetual to R22 perpetual is $999, then that is a 53% price increase in two years. $280 increase to get R22 over what I would pay this year to get R21....but only because I still have an active MSA program. Now...if Prime users opt for the perpetual option at $250 this year, then they are also signing up to pay 4 times more than what they used to pay via their Prime MSA program for the R22 perpetual upgrade. Now that is a big jump. So the user base for C4D users are going to boil down to three classes of people: 1) People who are not afraid of being locked into subscriptions if they want to have access to their files. They've accepted it, don't fear it and are pretty much confident that paying $720 in perpetuity is just a fine way to go until they decide to leave C4D or 3D forever. 2) People who love C4D more than they hate subscriptions and agree to the outrageous price increases for perpetual licenses. 3) People who have just lost all faith in MAXON and that anger over this "new" MAXON forces them to go somewhere else. So which group do you think MAXON is placing existing C4D users in? Which group do you think MAXON is placing new users in? ...and most importantly (as I really don't care what MAXON perceives at this point)…. ….Which group do you think will make up the majority of C4D users in 3 years? Dave
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    Hi Rick. Look, if it hadn't been fully thought through properly in time because you've been working you a**es off - then the right thing to do is delay its implementation until it is fully ready and the details are thought through. History is littered with software companies who released stuff too early and suffered backlash due to bugs . No-one is making you implement it this year.
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    Modo maintenance for existing perpetual licence users is reasonable at £399, more so if they didn't hold you to such harsh consequences for leaving the maintenance by raising it to £599 for life there after. Modo strengths have remained the same for me, its modelling, UV tools, and action centres. Since version 901 I have not seen a single feature or update thats made me sit up and think, "this is the one iv been waiting for" Thats said being that C4D has most of whats missing in Modo iv not been able to say that for C4D either other than a few things here and there since r16. This is is why Modo remains to be in my tool set, it compliments what C4D lacks. Dan
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    Yep, not very elegant is it, but I am not immediately seeing any other way... I thought of using 2 equally sized and powered wind forces either side of it, which might give a different 'quality' of Y constraint, but don't think we can do it with clamps... Cheers for updating profile... CBR
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    Thanks a lot CBR! I would have preferred to clamp it directly and not use colliders since the geometry is going to be very high dense (500k polygons) in the end and this would lead to long simulation times. Nonetheless I think you are right there is no other way than colliders. Thanks, Tim p.s. Sorry, I updated the profile.
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    This last file you posted, in wire-frame mode shows clearly the problems you have:
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    Yes we will :) Look out for those options appearing in our lists just before release date... ( @Bolos Now the cats have a golden snitch to play with) CBR
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    Totally off-topic but I just thought it would be nice to make it look like it's a discussion between cats (one beautiful and one ugly tho).
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    Sure Jops - The main reason for introducing the subscription option is that we talk to a lot of folks that really want to use Cinema 4D, but were scared off by or simply couldn't afford the initial investment of almost $4000. The steep entry price was preventing new customers from joining the C4D community, and a big, healthy Cinema 4D community benefits all of us. There's also been a huge demand for subscription - even from current customers, and we were seeing this in the success of the short-term license program. A big part of our effort here is reducing the confusion and decisions customers have to make when they want to hop on board - that's why we've eliminated all the editions (which very few folks took advantage of) and why we're only presenting 5 options on the MAXON.net buy page. In truth it would be really hard on multiple fronts for us to offer two separate recurring options, and historically MSA has been administered differently, and the implementation and policies differed wildly by region. So really it comes down to clarity and consistency. And really for users who have been and continue to have an active MSA nothing has changed yet - you'll get R21 perpetual and you'll have Cineversity for the duration of your MSA. When we announce the next perpetual release you'll have the opportunity to upgrade. I can't say what the price will be, but I also can't say what the price for your next MSA renewal would've been. We do indeed need to sort out a reasonable option for perpetual folks to continue accessing Cineversity after their MSA expires - we missed that detail prior to announcement and we're working to sort it out.
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    I'd do it with a disc primitive initially I think, with an inner radius to use as a neck hole and a suitable slice removed at the front. Then you could use a cloth tag, (or manual modelling) to drape that over your model... Lower pic shows that under Cloth SDS, which adds thickness, and then that under Regular SDS L2. CBR

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