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    Shoutouts to people who do character work in Cinema 4D, especially to Kangddan. Check out this rig!
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    This is rather like a bad workman blaming his tools. You really seem to be saying 'I don't want to put the effort into learning modelling skills, but I'm annoyed that the lazy cheats for that don't work all the time'. It's hard to be impressed by that attitude if I'm honest, or to know what advice to give you - maybe you should stick with programs more like MOI or Solidworks if proper poly modelling is beyond you. But please don't blame Cinema, whose modelling toolset (and even the cheats when used properly) are really pretty decent now for those willing to put a little time into learning how to use them... Like so many of your posts - there was no need whatever to use a boole for this. Simple poly modelling could have done it in only fractionally more time than it would have taken to setup the boole and you'd be getting none of the problems... I have to go work now, but will show you how when I get back if no1 else gets there first... CBR
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    YES!! That was the problem, THX a lot :D
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    That is the way it's going to go with everything you try to make when starting off. It's important that you keep having fun doing it because it's going to be a horrible struggle.
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    I noticed recently that the website Eggtion.net that provides the plugin Roll-It had been redesigned and my favorite plugin was no longer available. I emailed the site, and got a reply saying 'thanks for the interest, and it's now back online'. Roll-It makes spheres (and cubes etc) roll convincingly when the parent is pushed around https://eggtion.net/roll-it there's also an egg object https://eggtion.net/egg-object you can see Roll-It rolling the feet in this clip
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