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    Yep, it seems like there more render engines than 3d artists
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    Hello everybody! I have just spent the last few hours banging my head against the keyboard. I have finally found the answer, which for whatever reason is never discussed and hard to find in the search. When using open GL in the viewport, you have a limit of 20 lights (8 by default). It is dependent on which lights come up first in the object manager (so the first 8 lights from the top will be visible and then "all" other lights will be cut off). I was working on a project with many lights 15 + and couldn't understand why most of them turned off at a certain point. Then things got even weirder when I started moving the lights around in the object manager and the ones on top would turn on again (usually cinema doesn't care about where your objects are outside of hierarchies). This was so confusing and aggravating I started to think that my program was glitched. Anyway, I just thought I would write this to help anyone else that might be confused and frustrated like I was. You can go into preferences and under OpenGL set the maximum number of lights to 20 if you need, or you can turn off openGL in the viewport all together, or use render region on a low setting to see your light setups. I hope this information helps. Take care. ...........................................................................................................
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    View File EARTH2019.2 for C4D+Redshift Did you ever needed a planet Earth model for a project, and you had to rebuild it from scratch, look for the right textures, deal with file conversions and or any other time consuming tasks? Not anymore! EARTH 2019 for Cinema 4D + Redshift 8k is here!!! What do you get? - A scene with lights, camera and custom controls - 4x8k Maps - Clouds, Land Color, Land Displacement, Night lights. - 4x21k Maps - Clouds, Land Color, Land Displacement, Night lights. (downloaded separately) - All Redshift shaders All maps can be freely used. Submitter MarioD Submitted 08/29/2019 Category 3D Models  
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    Many thanks my friend The idea was only to show the idea of macro shots in the previz Best
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    Ok, thanks for the reply, probably I'll give it a try...
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    Nice to see people are still learning from this 4 years afterwards !! CBR
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    It's setup to work with Redshift but it can be converted to Octane or any other with some work, But the maps can be used with any. They are 8k and 21k. Also I've applied a discount for C4DCafe, I usually sell it on Gumroad for 30€
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    Definitely worth it (IMO)! Happy to help!
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    It's coming Dave, you're just going to have to wait. All part of the rewritten core / object management that we've yet to see everything of and only seen bits of it. My guess is when they finally get around to rolling out the new UV toolset is when the rewritten core will be fully unleashed. I think at the same time we'll see an upgraded XPresso with more nodes and a lot faster i.e. multi-threaded. Fun times ahead with Blender on a roll. MAXON, The Foundry and others will need to lift their game over the next couple of years and give users a reason to part with their money rather than changing over to Blender.
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    Finally the outliner is receiving some much needed love. I love C4D's outliner, and really never touched Blender's outliner much, instead relying on other methods. The latest builds merge Nate Craddocks Google Summer of Code 2019 outliner improvements: - synched selection (FINALLY!) and drag selection rectangle without the need to hit the box selection key: - drag over triangles to twirl down and up multiple 'folders' instead of being forced to open them one by one: - industry-standard shift-selecting with arrow keys to multi-select lists of objects and drag and drop of multiple objects is now supported : - other helpful changes, such as the option to use the keyboard's cursor keys to navigate the outliner (up and down, and left and right to enter and collapse the scene hierarchy). Really happy to see these changes. I always miss C4D's outliner when working in Blender! I've been testing the latest builds, and the outliner is finally proving to be a real help in organizing and selecting scene elements instead of being a hindrance. Additional outliner improvements are in the pipeline. See https://developer.blender.org/T68338
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    well that depends of course... if substance will be included in the CC sub i prefer that adobe bought it, since i have a CC subscription. if MAXON would have bought it i would have probably to pay extra anyways, just like for redshift ;) i really think it would have been a good idea to include redshift with c4d by default, just like autodesk did with arnold.
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    Hello everyone. This is my long waited tutorial that i have been promised before. Advanced Facial Motion Capture by using Iphone X's TrueDepth camera. This tutoırial includes very detailed steps of capturing your facial performance, rigging a character face for facial animations and transfer them to your character. You will need: * Iphone X, Iphone XR, Iphone XS, Iphone XS MAX or any Ipad Pro. device above 2018. (2018 included). * Cinema 4D * Patience :) I want to thank Bannaflak for the amazing IOS application called "Face Cap which working flawlessly. Please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more unique tutorials.
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