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    This is really fun. And shows that the dynamics in C4D is precise and accurate. Here is the video on YouTube that inspired me to test it in C4D: My project is attached. Have fun! -Ingvar The Dzhanibekov Effect.c4d
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    I was doing some paperwork, paying some bills, made a couple of invoices and thought: 'my god, my invoice looks superboring and plain!'. So I thought to make some characters and models related to money, invoices, etc. First idea was a 'moneywolf', here in Belgium / The Netherlands this term is used for someone who is always out for money, a greedy person. And what better job for a moneywolf then being an armored-cash-transport driver / guard! Made some progress screenshot along the way too, shows a bit how I started modeling this thing.
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    Humble Bundle has a Painter bundle that includes Corel Painter 2019 a $430 program with a lot of brushes worth $160 and some other cool programs all for $25. PhotoMirage looks interesting with the way it's able to give movement to photos. I've been using Krita because it's free, but Painter has some really cool brushes that Krita does not have. Thick paint in Corel looks almost like real thick paint in real life. It can be blended between different colors, spread, and piled on in a 2.5D manner.
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    I know I need to sort the compression I will re render soon. And yes it is child's play to do..but I like it !! I am of course not a child..I am a foetus...
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    Theoretically in real life it should spin around the axis without flipping if the object that was an odd shape was perfectly symmetrical. The thing that happens is one side is slightly more massive than the other causing a slight wobble that then creates a second axis of angular velocity, but at a very slow speed. This causes it to wobble more and more till it wobbles to a flip where it continues to wobble itself to almost not wobbling. At that point the cycle continues. This is important to understand as the video tries to make it all complex and mysterious. It's not. To more easily see what I'm talking about change the shape under the Dynamics Body Tag > Collision > Shape to Box. Now press play. You will see it looses the wobble as it should. Now add the smallest amount of initial angular velocity in any of the two other axis. Not a large amount. I did 1 degree. We now see, with the shape as a box, the movement is the same as we gave it the wobble it would get in real life from real life not being perfect. Going through the shape settings in C4D I found the Automatic set the shape to Convex Hull. I would guess that the convex hull made was a little off causing the wobble which then causes what we are seeing in the file.
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    Hi You need to use Pivot object from either the animation menu or from the motion clip advanced properties. You need to set a key for the pivot object and it needs to be added for each clip added or click the create keyframed pivot, in either case when you need to make changes to it you need to key it. Also keep in mind that Mixamo gives you the option to mirror the actions so if he is turning the wrong direct you need to set this correct before you download the mixamo animation. I did a comprehensive free video set on all this and more found on my Youtube channel. Dan
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    @Cerbera @deck Hi Guys Just wanted to agai n thank you for your previous help modelling. I have just been getting better at modelling for my painting mockups. Still haven't worked out a good way to do stylised explosions so sticking to spheres for now. Trying a more ambitious modelling project next thing to use effectors to explode and object. Thanks again. I appreciate it!
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    Righty - it was about time I did another one of these, so this time, let's make ourselves a 4-Way Gothic Fan Vault in just 30-odd easy steps ! Of all the various vault types this is perhaps the most challenging to model so hopefully I can help to show how best to get started with your under-structures... You can use these techniques as the basis for this sort of thing... This is all-quads but no SDS, and medium poly density so stands up to some fairly close camera-work and with a few small modifications is suitable for turning into a MoGraph maze of them if needed... anyway - enjoy. Ref Image Here. If you'd like Part 2 where, where we could make some fan struts, and a plinth centrepiece and sort out the UVs, let me know below ! CBR
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    I have a plan for adding quadriflow as a native C++ plugin for OSX and Windows. Will come later this year. That will give you a similar workflow. I will make it work with the sculpting tools to give a fast workflow. https://github.com/hjwdzh/QuadriFlow In the mean time you can try using Ryans plugin...
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