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    An open letter to MAXON CEO David McGavran David, I'm afraid we need to talk. I've came to Cinema 4D on r12. My first 3d program was 3ds Max, but a few years using it I felt it's stuck on evolution and I decided to move. Since then, Cinema 4D is my trusty and beloved home, the best piece of software I've got on my computer, the thing I rely on, my leaving and career relies on. I trusted it not only because of the features and quality it's got, but because the MAXON team's vision of the future, the attention they have to their work and management relation to community formed around. I was one of them when C4D was known as "not serious" amongst many 3d artists, I'm one of them now when it's (still) rocking 3d world. In recent years since MAXON announced the shift to a new core architecture a was waiting passionately to see it. Finally we stepped through the Rubicon and an unprecedented power uncovered to our vision, promising so many new things to expect! And now... Now it starts to seem like all that glory made by devs is going to crumble under a pressure of new freaking management approach. I know where you've came from, Dave. But the things Adobe did to their policy is the reason we leave, run away from them and try to substitute their products as much as possible as it's dangerous to rely on them nowadays. And the former MAXON relation to customer and the whole community on the other side are the reasons we adored this company and growingly loved Cinema 4D. I am SHOCKED to see these precursors of some very ugly changes to MAXON policy in recent time, this weak and humble evolvement of program in the last release, exactly in the such important point of it's history, when it shifts to top league, promising such a great functionality I'm afraid we would not see already. You could call me "headlong" for saying all of this, but nope - I saw such thing already (Canon, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk) and I have a distinct feeling of what's going on and what's coming next. Get me right, it's not personal (yet), you may be awesome in person, but where you start to lead us to - ISN'T WHERE WE WANT TO GO. And THERE IS a choice, and despite it would be a harsh shift like leaving a childhood home, we will shift if you keep it going. Not tomorrow, not in a year, but we will. Remember the death of "immortal" 3ds Max, you know what I'm talking about. I feel worrying for the YEARS AND YEARS of my hard work learning and mastering Cinema 4D. I feel worried for my entire career I relied on Cinema 4D. I feel the move you're taking is DISHONEST to us, the whole community, about like XSI murder by Autodesk felt. I, personally, considered subscription option, despite it's pretty pricey (but It's your right to set pricing, ok). But seeing the movement of recent time I opted not to. No because the release is weak for a major number, no - because I don't want to support the movement in that direction. I don't want MAXON to go there. You're clearly taking the Adobe route. They told us the same - "constant updates with no need to wait untill release will let us push more cutting-edge features right on your table, increasing development pace will push the boundaries of your possiblilities and creativivivity way beyond today's standards" and so on and so on. What did this spaghetti on our ears turned into? You know by yourself - sluggish, buggy, unreliable software, from release to release bringing NOTHING we needed, nothing we were asking for DECADES (as folders in AE timeline for instance). For the price many times more adequate, growing constantly with no reason. Subscription? This isn't the key. I'm glad it exists, despite it's pricey I think, but it's on your side. It's good there is an option, this isn't a problem. The problem is the whole approach you try to take. "The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world" as MRalph said. Let's face it, "online" is simply lidicrous here. "Online" - is a steel wire you tie us to yourself. Adobe did so, and as a result - constant stream of money made them not a software developers, but rather a typical rentier. That is what you try to do to OUR world, right? Recently I wrote an extensive list of improvements for C4D, spending my working time and thoughts to have a chance to make it better. Because I love it and wish to it to evolve. And I was sure if I mail it to MAXON, I have a chance to be heard, as our goal is the same. Now I feel like soon there would be no one to listen to us. Not even considering that, just like Adobe does. Isn't it a right time to stop and take a step backwards, Dave?
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    Xpresso - I thin it worth to start a standalone topic on that, I have many thoughts how it should be evolving. Basically, I'll suggest you to take a look at some Houdini nodes. And especially - a way to procedurally select and manipulate points of the mesh. That alone would increase Xpresso power drastically
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    Thanks so much Dan! I've been watching your you tube video and it's really helpful. Although I'm not new to 3D, I'm reasonably new to c4d, and I appreciate the way your video goes over some foundation stuff stuff too. Subscribed to your YT channel, many thanks for your contributions to the community This forum has got to be one of the most helpful and friendly software forums I've come across, it really is appreciated.
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    This is really fun. And shows that the dynamics in C4D is precise and accurate. Here is the video on YouTube that inspired me to test it in C4D: My project is attached. Have fun! -Ingvar The Dzhanibekov Effect.c4d
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    He he, we are connected! It is called quantum entanglement, or Spooky action at a distance https://www.cnet.com/news/einstein-called-it-spooky-action-here-is-an-image-of-it-for-the-first-time/ -Ingvar
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    The house building tool was made by NItro4D. Sounds like MAXON didn't want to pay to have him update it to work with R21. He does have some great tools on Nitro4D.com that he says will be updated to R21 shortly. The box one sounds interesting.
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    Thank you for your feedback. I have been on here and other forums reading all the responses. I am someone who loves talking to customers. I will be at IBC and very happy to chat to anyone who comes by. I will also be at many of the European stops on our roadshow. I am not ever going to write long responses on forums, never seems to go well. I am here, I am reading and the team is as focused on working with our customers as ever. Hope we get to meet in person. Cheers Dave
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    No, quite the opposite - The Poly Extrude Tool is one of the the primary and most legitimate ways of turning poly primitives into the forms you want ! But separate to that is the Extrude Object, which is used with splines to generate 3D forms. It is with those you need to be very careful because that type of Extrude cannot give you a flawless all-quads result on caps for example... but even that has a Regular grid Function that can minimize the negative effects of problem topology here. What it can't do is eliminate triangles completely. This may not matter on flat surfaces, or surfaces that don't require deformation or further editing, but on surfaces that do you will quickly come unstuck were you to let these triangles pass... The primary things that are bad form in SDS poly modelling are: Ngons (polys with more than 4 sides) Triangles Coplanar quads (polys with corner angles of more than 89 degrees) Degenerate Polygons (polys with coindicent points) Complex Poles (more than 5 edges converging at a single point) Uneven topology Bad or unsuitable Edge Flow Insufficient topology Coincident Geometry Non-manifold Edges SDS edge or point weighting (except in very specific circumstances) Boolean operations (without subsequent clean-up). I suppose, for the sake of thoroughness, we should also have the 'hero list' of excellent SDS modelling attributes ! 100% quads No Complex Poles Not one polygon more or less than you need to describe the form (polygon efficiency) Even poly distribution and regularity (to the extent the form permits) Ideal and thoughtful Edge Flow based on intended mesh use and form factor Precision and accuracy Forward planning (Grand Masters of modelling can think 20+ moves ahead and see danger coming !). CBR
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