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    Thanks mate!! Yes thought so!
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    The manual would suggest not, and my tests so far haven't found that to be wrong. Note that for the most part only position, scale and rotation transformations will work in conjunction with the MoExtrude object. CBR
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    Hey! Yeah man, amazing work you're posting! Thanks for sharing your time as well I've never really been too inspired to try cel shading until I saw your work. I think I've sort of got it figured out..I didn't realize sketch and toon render settings is mostly for outlines but the magic still seems to come from the the standard materials? I've been playing with the cel ramps in the Lumanate channel. Going to watch your shading tutorial today. Thanks for showing me that @digitvisions Again great work! Love trying to solve the puzzle of your genius.
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    Ha! just logged on to update with that...Igor is spot on as confirmed from MAXON As workaround, open the AEC file inside a noteeditor and edit the very first line from "Cinema 4D COMPOSITION" to "CINEMA 4D COMPOSITION". This should help until the bug has been fixed.

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