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    Thanks for the reply Hrvoje... I thought I had tried the Auto Init option last night, but it was late and maybe I imagined it while falling asleep. Yes that worked! Thanks for the fix! Andy
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    Open Source Scripts: Switch To Next/Prev Camera Hello; I'd like to point you at the the two scripts Python: Spoonfed has been working towards during the last week. They are on Patreon, but available for free. https://www.patreon.com/posts/open-source-to-31104070 The scripts cycle forward (or backward) through all available cameras (see the post for details). Yes, you probably have seen this or similar functionality already, but Python: Spoonfed gives you not just the scripts, it also gives you all the needed lessons to program such scripts by yourself, and detailed explanations as to what works why, and why the $%&§ thing crashed again. There will be more to come, so don't miss out; with 14 spoonfed lessons in, it's still time to join, and some more patrons wouldn't hurt either. https://www.patreon.com/cairyn
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    There isn't necessarily any UV mapping involved in that texture. All the scratches and whatnot could come from layered materials and vertex maps / inverse AO. It is not impossible to UV what you have now, but it will be extremely painstaking and frustrating to try and select everything. I'd think about if this actually needs UVing, but if it does then I too would just build it again properly ! CBR
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    That's what the mesh should look like:
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    Hi,because of the way this was modelled it will be better to re model it then trying to unwrap it.
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    Hey! Yeah man, amazing work you're posting! Thanks for sharing your time as well I've never really been too inspired to try cel shading until I saw your work. I think I've sort of got it figured out..I didn't realize sketch and toon render settings is mostly for outlines but the magic still seems to come from the the standard materials? I've been playing with the cel ramps in the Lumanate channel. Going to watch your shading tutorial today. Thanks for showing me that @digitvisions Again great work! Love trying to solve the puzzle of your genius.
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    Can I add that 0-100% on a user data slider (and the GUI) is represented as 0-1 in XPresso. If you use user defined values of 0-100 in range map, you might find things are out by a factor of 100. 27% = 0.27 etc. Same applies to rotation - degrees in the GUI are radians in XPresso - this time you'd only be out by a factor of 57 . Also applies to user data sliders with degree as unit - 30 deg on a slider is 0.52 inside XPresso. These things caught me out when I first started with XPresso. Best to hang result nodes on ports to check values.
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    due to ongoing requests i bit the bullet and recorded a tutorial on toon shading yesterday. sorry for the bad audio, while the speakers of my macbook are awesome, the microphone apparently kinda sucks. i need to get an audio interface. and a couple of adapters probably ;)
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