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    Hi The short answer is no, the longer answer is as to why you cant. Mixamo uses mocap files which where made for the mixamo rig from the Mixamo site. The mocap files are applied directly to the rotation of the joints hence the rig has no controllers. The biped rig preset in C4D is designed for manual key frame animation. To make the animation easier for the animator controllers are added to the rig in which these controllers totally take over the joints assigning full control to the controllers. You cannot directly animate the joints as they are locked to the controllers. For his reason you cant simply apply a mocap to such a rig as mocap files directly rotate the joints. There is a method called retargetting where a mocap rig is retarggeted joint for joint to another rig, but again both rigs have no controllers. Its very tricky to have both at the same time, that being a rig with controllers yet able to work with mocaps. In C4D R21 a Mocap rig preset has been made which has both controllers and works with mixamo mocaps. Dan
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    Ok, I had a look at your file and adjusted few joints for you to see that it is possible to do but will take a lot of patience and time. I will post a link to the file soon. There are basics things you need to know when modelling a character, the scale is important specially when weights applied. you character is 700 mm high . also your mesh with the exception of the shirt is triangulated. This will affect the way the mesh will deform. all your joints weights need adjusting, they over spill on to adjacent joints. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/dbbafe6160b8ded3180b768f7262cf7320191029153234/ae4bc7
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    Ah, yes it does. So obvious and I didn't even check. Thank you so much!
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    The Extrude Object can do that and keep it parametric - just give it zero extrusion height and turn off one of the caps, no ? So can a Loft come to think of it, if there is only the one spline under it... CBR
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    I think it could be unwrapped easier with RizomUV. Would be a bit more tedious since it's triangles, but it's possible. Just messing around with a few of the pieces. There are some topology errors in some spots though. When the Quad Remesher plugin is released for C4D, I think it would be possible to convert this to quads and unwrap it even better.
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