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    that would be in your project settings, 4th up from the bottom on the grab below. Command D on a Mac. Or from the edit menu. Deck
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    @Rectro you're a genius. I tried copying the object into a blank scene and, low and behold, it extrudes normally! So then I copied all the objects to a blank scene, and it again is extruding normally. So weird. I have no idea what changed in my scene file to cause this, but it seems using a new scene file resolves the issue. This was a huge headache, so thankful it is resolved! -Davide
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    I really need the scene file or part of it. Only thing I cant check is I dont have r17 installed no more. The only thing I can do to invoke this behaviour is to change the scene scale.What happens if you copy the object and paste it into a new blank scene? Dan
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    Sorry bout that man, tho you can answer all those exotic problems, Just the simple ones for me. Deck
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    Hi If you go into project settings Ctrl + D there is a setting called View Clipping. Set it to desired setting for your project. @deck beat m to it but a mear second. Dan
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    Lets just hope that by the time a maintenance purchased in Oct 2020 will cover the point at which Substance painter can compete with Mari a little closer. The next upgrade should see proper UDIM support painting across texture sets, then we need paint through projection painting with a nudge tool of some kind. A 8k viewport feedback, that may be asking too much by 2021. I twas obvious it would go perpetual, the wording on the forum to me indicated it long ago. Dan
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    (increasing Voxel Range Threshold parameter in Voxel Mesher object will help) here is updated file but... Xbox model_0001.zip ...but I´m not sure if it´s the best way how to do it. Maybe simple polymodeling,cloning,optimalization and bevel in result /if needed/ consume a lot of less memory as voxels and work with model is much smoother in viewport...
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    The Add button is not to add objects joints or controllers, its to add a action to them once you drag n drop the objects into the cmotion objects list. You dont add controllers from the view port, but from the object manager. Dan
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    If you haven't heard about it, Adobe / Allegorithmic removed the ability to buy a perpetual license of the Substance softwares from their website. It is now subscription only. It didn't even take them a year to get rid of perpetual. So that's what they call "not for the foreseeable future". I'm not really surprised this happened, but I'm still disappointed. Perpetual is still available via Steam, but I highly doubt that this will stay up for long. As by their forum announcement here's a couple of details: Starting November 2019, Substance Alchemist will be officially launched at the end of its beta-phase, and automatically added to your Substance subscription at no additional cost. Furthermore, perpetual licenses will not be sold through our substance3D.com website anymore. However, you will be able to renew your maintenance until October 31, 2020. Pricing remains the same for the Substance Indie monthly subscription and Substance Pro subscription. Indie annual subscription price will decrease starting November 2019, from $239 to $219. Starting November 2019, perpetual licenses will not be sold through the substance3D.com website anymore. You can still purchase perpetual Indie licenses for Substance Painter and Substance Designer through Steam. Further details here.
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    Naw, they can't do that. Plenty of software and games got removed from Steam but once bought it will remain in your account, unless it's malware or something of course. The bigger problem is that you can't buy Maintenance for more than a year anymore so after that you're stuck with whatever version you have at that point and if you want something newer you need to subscribe. Oh and yeah, Alchemist is also not available on Steam so if you want that... tough luck.
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