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    Hey Everyone! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send over your resumes and portfolios. I've received a lot of really great applications over the last 6 days and have been reviewing each one of them as they come in. Many of us here at the studio are just returning from the Thanksgiving break this week, so you can expect to hear from me with Rate inquiries or additional questions either late this week or early next week. With that said, if you haven't submitted by that time do not worry; we're always on the lookout for talented freelancers to work with on various projects! Talk soon, Shib
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    Or check node presets, maybe car paint or metal with small adjustments should be enough
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    Oh, sorry, you misunderstood. Please send them just your own issues and thoughts. I wouldn't want mine to falsely multiply. Seeing this thread we'll overlap anyway. At least for the Script Manager maybe we could get an option to autosave the script on pressing the Execute button. At least users wouldn't loose any scripts by stupid mistakes anymore. If we then could get the option to have external scripts also in Python Generator and Tag (and so on), this autosaving could help there as well. Is probably an easier change than asking MAXON to tackle Pyhon's global lock (which is the real problem behind those lockups), which may not even be technically possible or feasible. Regarding c4dpy: At least if you are Windows, it's well worth taking a look at Visual Studio Code. It's more an editor, than an IDE, yet with nice features. In PluginCafe Donovan also demonstrates the use of PyCharm with c4dpy.
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    I emailed yesterday but did not get a response, not that I would expect that yet. @teknow you saw a similar post, but was it from the same company/person? @Shibby seems to be legit if he indeed does possess the @duggal.com email address. They seem to be a reputable company in New York, NY, although I hadn't heard of them before.
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    Being a bit old school, I don't actually need an IDE for Python, yet an external editor adds an extra level of security. But please enlighten me, which modern text editor is not able to change and adapt to a text encoding? My personal editor of choice: Certainly Sublime Text 3 (at least on Win and Mac). To which I switched shortly after buying a lifetime license of Ultra Edit. Doh! UE itself is not bad, but nowadays it grew too big and feels sluggish, yet it would be my alternative if you are a more visual, UI focused person. It's certainly one of the most powerful editors, feature-wise. On the other hand Sublime feels so fast (as long as you don't work on multi Megabyte files, in which case Ultra Edit is probably better, and so is its hex mode) and focuses on the important stuff. On Linux I have to admit, I'm still the Xemacs and vim dino. But I tend to use Xemacs really only for text editing, neither web browsing nor playing minesweeper...
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    Hi, mostly valid points, I agree with. Did you forward these to MAXON? I'm working on my own list and maybe it raises awareness, if enough share the same complaints. The only point I do not completely agree is the Command Line. It's still in R21 and you can add it to your layout as you like. Yet, for me it got redundant, as I have way more power in the Console (e.g. the possibility to quickly test multi line statements in there, I like a lot). In the end I guess, that's a matter of taste and I agree the Command Line should stay for those who prefer it. For the editor... well, lets ignore its flaws for a moment, because you mentioned the external editor option (which currently unfortunately works only for the Script Manager). I wouldn't just see this as a workaround for the internal editor, but also and more importantly as a workaround for another problem. C4D has no watchdog built in, so whenever your Python (your script) runs into an infinite loop (come on, we have all been there...), C4D freezes without any possibility to get it back nor to save your last edits. Not so with an external editor. And since C4D senses changed scripts, the use of an external editor is just one additional click ("file changed, do you want to reload?") as a trade off for lost code. Leaving aside all the other convenience functions you get from a modern editor. I say this over and over and especially for Python beginners (not talking about you Intenditore) this can avoid a lot of frustration. Your post made me think, if I should come up with a plugin, allowing something similar in Python Generators or Tags. Maybe I'll come back to this... By the way, at least for me here on Win10 (no screen scaling, no HiDPI) for long lines even the scrolling and cursor positioning is off. It doesn't follow, if the cursor leaves on the right side. And when you click there, the cursor gets positioned a centimeter off. Sometimes not even with the scrollbar I can reach the end... Yet, for me remain the positive changes. While (or rather because) no longer synchronized (e.g. multithreaded output can get mixed up), the Console Output got way faster, which makes it much more usable. And also the possibility to arbitrarily copy&paste from the console is a big plus for me. So, my feelings are really a bit mixed here.ö Cheers
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    Enjoying doing some product design. Here is a wine glass I'm working on. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema 4d.
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    Hello; I recently wrote a little plugin as motivation in the Python: Spoonfed course. As this is still in need of a bit "nurturing", I publish this version for everybody for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31945362 What does it do? When invoked (preferrably by a keyboard shortcut), it opens a dropdown menu containing all polygon selection tags of the currently selected polygon object. Click on one to set the selection - don't bother searching the Object Manager for the proper tag again. I made this plugin because the plethora of little orange triangles in the horizontal tab mode gets really un-manageable after a dozen or so; the vertical tag mode eats up a lot of space in the vertical; and the methods to re-color or re-icon a tag are - while helpful - not sufficient and take too much work with many tags. In the future I may publish a refined version and more related scripts controlling the selections and visibility - these will, however, most likely go into the $2 tier then. https://www.patreon.com/cairyn List of older scripts and plugins available in the Python: Spoonfed project: (Note that $$ listed are not plugin prices but Patron tiers!) Joint Walking (Scripts) Put these on keyboard shortcuts to move through the joint tree. Allows to move up in the hierarchy, down (with a menu to select ambiguous children), to the next or previous joint. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31813681 Type Template Selection (Scripts) Select tags or objects that share the type with the currently selected tag or object. In case of the tags, you have a script that works only on the current tag's object, and one that works on all selected objects. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31617497 Object Selection (Scripts) Select the currently selected object's parent, direct children, siblings, cousins, or its top ancestor with these five scripts. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31572219 Select Point by Proximity (Script) Coincident points make it difficult to select one specific point out of the set. With this plugin, you can select the point's polygon instead and get the nearest point on the polygon selected - you just need to be close to the desired point to determine the result. $5 Tier Download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/script-select-by-31302799 Description: https://www.patreon.com/posts/script-select-by-31302699 Time Handling (Scripts) Go forward or backward in time: 2,5,10 frames; by the second; or to the start/end of the preview range. Patrons only (starts at $2) https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31172559 Switch to Next / Prev Camera (Scripts) Switches the viewport from the current camera to the closest one in the Object Tree, or to the editor camera if there is no further camera present. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/open-source-to-31104070 Collie ProjectButtonBar (Plugin) A full plugin with dockable dialog that lists all currently open projects. Optionally, you can see the pathes in full or shortened display. Allows to switch to another project quickly. $5 Tier Download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30897175 Description: https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30830191
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    Few more shots of the kettle.
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    Just look out for SCAMS. There was a huge similar post on AMI board and it was a scam. DON'T give any banking information for supposed paychecks or overpayments!

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