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    After only three months following the last 2.8 release, 2.81 is released with a barrage of new and improved features. This release main highlight are the dramatic improvements to Sculpting! I won't be needing to switch to 3D Coat for many things anymore. The list of new features and improvements is too long to repeat here, but some highlights: complete overhaul of the sculpting workflow, new sculpt tools and masking tools greatly improved outliner usability (similar to C4D finally!) Cycles: preview passes in the viewport, and various new nodes (noise generators, math & vector math, etc.) Eevee (the realtime GPU renderer) received major optimizations and new features, such as soft shadows, and much better visual matching with Cycles Nvidia RTX support (up to 50%-100% faster GPU rendering in Cycles) Intel Open Image denoising new remeshing: OpenDVB and QuadriFlow Grease Pencil 2d drawing: new brushes, convert curves to GP, isometric guides range of new transform and snapping options, including mirror any axis anywhere for mesh editing and vertex/weight paint modes. Finally it is possible to move origins directly! overhauled Poly Build tool for retopology tasks thousands of bugs squashed There is much more. An exhaustive list and video demos here: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-81/ And today marks another historic milestone for Blender (at least, it is for me!): custom bevel profiles were integrated in the master, ready for the 2.82 release in early 2020! FINALLY. I really missed these when working in Blender compared to C4D. I downloaded today's 2.82 build, and it works fine for both destructive bevels in mesh editing mode and non-destructive bevel modifiers.
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    Do you know any tutorials of a object ripping through a paper? Thanks,
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    Such a great idea modelling it flat then spline wrapping it into a cylinder shape afterwards.
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    I want to learn Blender as well. I have a license for R21, but cannot use it, as I only have a Vray license for R20. I mostly work with R18 today, as I have some other plugins that would need a new license key for R19+. R18 is still working fine. I do not miss the new features since R18 a lot. On the other hand, there is a Vray plugin available for Blender, which means that Blender may be a competitor for all kinds of CG software in future. Functionality can be added easily in Blender, as the source code is available. I see interesting times ahead.
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    I plan to put a big effort into learning Blender this winter. I am on V19 and will stay here until C4D becomes a better product for me again or until I switch to Blender completely. I was very excited about the ability to turn tri's to quads in this new version. Evee is really something, one big problem C4D has in my workflow is that I have to turn off so many things to animate more than 2 characters in the viewport efficiently and Blender might not have that problem. I'll find out this winter.
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    Is this more of a practice on how to accomplish this? Otherwise I'd suggest the use of the Convert Selection command.This can also be used via Python (MCOMMAND_CONVERTSELECTION) with SendModelingCommand(). By the way, are you aware of Plugin Café? There MAXON pays a team to answer questions like these and often the answer can already be found there right away. Having said this, we (sorry, I didn't mean to MoClone myself, I was thinking of the community of this forum) could certainly also talk you through this here. The thing is, C4D doesn't really know the concept of an edge, there are only points/vertices and polygons. Edges are implicitly defined due to the order of points which form a polygon. The Neighbor class you are already using provides some helpers to make this a little easier. Yet, it's no one liner. Actually the docs of the Neighbor class already contain roughly the code you need in the description of GetPolygonInfo(). So, if this is more a learning thing, I'd suggest to start there. Cheers
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    We've been heard! Thank you all and thanks MAXON!
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    YEEEEES!!! OFFLINE HELP IS BACK! Oh thank you MAXON! We've been heard!
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