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    I’ve been a long time lurker and want to devote my first post to praise MAXON for the amazing job they’re doing with C4D. I’ve been using C4D professionally for many years now and it is simply a pleasure to fire it up every morning. I really like it because: 1) I make a good portion of my income with it as a generalist 2) It is intuitive, powerful, versatile, elegant, stable and multi-platform (I use it on a mac) 3) Works really well with After Effects. 3) There are a tone of excellent plugins and render engines that complement its feature set: Arnold, Redshift, TurbulenceFD, X-particles, Realflow, etc… 4) Great community of users, lots of tutorials (love Cineversity) and good technical support when I need it. 5) I see C4D constantly evolving in the right direction. I know many cafe users have strong opinions about where the software should be heading, but I like what I’m seeing so far. It is true that for a number of years, while the new core was being developed, some important tools aged, but even so, the updates we got during those years contained very useful new tools that I use often, like the sculpting tools, the 3D tracker, team render, takes, tokens, Voronoi fracture, PBR workflow, Substance and Houdini engines, and oh yes… the cogwheel splines And in these last couple of releases, I’ve really enjoyed the speed gains, UI redesign, volume modeling, node-based materials, fields, etc… I'm also glad there are more options now to pay for the software, but I really hope MAXON keeps selling perpetual licenses for a long time. So congratulations to the MAXON team and Dave McGavran for the excellent work they’re doing. I’m really excited about the future of C4D.
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    Hello all wanted to share this project I did in August/September for Cirque du Soleil's new show, Axel. I used cel shading for everything, with linked materials via expresso (to copy the cel shader's settings to all the other materials) And well, lots of mograph hehe I still had only the R18 license, so a lot of things would've been MUCH simpler with R21's capabilities of having different falloff in single mograph effects. But it was a cool experience regardless. For the final render, since I wanted to give it a videogame/pixel art look. I removed all the anti-alias from the standard render, and rendered a tiny image of 288x145 and stretched inside After Effects without anti-alias. It was literaly the fastest post-production process thanks to this neat little trick when working with pixelated style Let me know if you have any questions on how to achieve similar effects, nice combination and workflow with cel shader for production, etc.
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    @FLima RE: bendy bones Indeed, this option is convenient. However, with this high level option, it comes with a price. You can't customize it per se. You are stuck with the provided options, which might be what you want. Problem comes in when you merge your custom tools with the built-in high level tools. It is either you will confirm your custom tools to the existing one or create an entirely new bendy bone system. Anyway, to be a technical artist, you need to learn both. RE: I feel that the weight paint and bone Hmm. Personally, I still prefer C4D. Correct me if I'm wrong there is no built-in way to export/import weights in Blender. You have to write a script to do it. You can't also import curves in Blender from other software. So for instance, you already made controls from other DCC and want to port them to Blender, you basically need to recreate them from scratch RE: C4D Object Manager. I agree. Blender 2.80 outliner is counter intuitive. That said 2.81 Outliner is way, waaaaaaaaaay better
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    @FLima I have rigged some Blender models in the past month since client is a Blender user. All I can say is Blender should remove the "modes" on rigging/animating. It's annoying. I have a rant on it on the Blender forum, so I made my peace. Other than that and mograph, Blender is pretty capable. Animation playback in Blender is relatively fast because it uses only one animation data for the whole rig/armature. So it will only load one data for the whole rig rather than several data for the whole rig. That said, it has its own separate API, so it becomes cumbersome not to the end user but to the technical artist (like me). Ugh.
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    Hello Robert! I did a quick test with 3 characters I've created from scratch yesterday, they are similar rigs (not super complex) but there are 3 different armatures. And the viewport had no problem at all. Note that I am using eevee and a custom toon shading, so not sure that would make it faster, but the viewport had no slowdown. One thing to note is that, it is a bit clunky the animation process. Having to switch from armatures to start animating them on pose mode, and not being able to animate 3 characters simultaneously withouh having to enter in their own pose mode. So yeah, there is another limitation, compared to C4D, which lets you animate everything, multiple characters at the same time. Blender feels really good for UV, texture painting and for me, the possibility to have a big control with unrealistic renders and instant preview of what I am working on (which Cinema 4D lacks completely) but it is not a perfect software... it has its own weird limitations, like these multiple armatures animation process, which is a bit weird.
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    Hello peeps! This is our first ever course about creating styleframes using Cinema4D / Octane / Xparticles etc. More than 8 hours of content with a mix of both theory and technical stuff. Check it out https://www.yeti-courses.com/ trailer:
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    It is very good to get an inside perspective of the software, from someone who is more experienced with it than me! Thank you Yeah, I can see that these modes are a bit weird to be honest... but I do like the idea of being able to move the bones of the armature in edit mode sometimes (and even changing their type! Like bendy bones!!) and it doesnt mess up the whole rig.. For some weird reason, I feel that the weight paint and bone structure is more effective in here than in C4D. But I might be wrong? But I really, really love C4D's object manager... It feels so more intuitive and well.. mograph But I think, having a different option is always good for some specific things.
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    Love it! The pixel / retro look is really, really well made, especially the reduced color palette. Are you able to show more of it, like full size animation via YouTube / Vimeo instead of those *.gif files? Really interested to see how the effect looks uncompressed.
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    In case it stops after one second you need to unclamp the field list.
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    Thanks for telling us about your experience.I am planning to start learning Blender again after the new year. I have three C4D projects going now but I need to think of a simple Blender project to get me motivated. The C4D viewport slowdown while animating characters has been a big limitation for me and a source of frustration.
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    omg.....! Thank you Bentraje! I had no idea haha! Wonder how it is to work on this way!
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    Wow, thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I knew that my approach was wrong. I’m not blaming the SDS in any way I was just expecting too much from a badly made shape. I will try this out tomorrow and write back if I struggle somewhere. Thanks again!
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    Apparently there's some issues with offline help on Mac. We're chasing them down. Stay tuned.
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    Athanasios Pozantzis‏ with help from Donovan Keith created a free Python Effector that allows you to Shuffle Clone IDs to work with the Step Effector. Mini manual: Open file, select "Shuffle Index Effector", go to "Random Index" tab, figure the rest out. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg8xx13sbv2lw2a/Index Randomizer Python Effector v0_3_0.c4d?dl=0
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