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    My film the Raven was selected for the Sunrise film festival in Nova Scotia! I have no illusions that it will win anything but being shown is a big deal for me.
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    That is one limitation of this method - you cannot reduce the number of spheres easily because you are cloning onto every vertex in the model, so the actual topology of the model is dictating how many spheres there are ! but there are tricks to circumnavigate this. For example, if you place a null object next to the sphere as a child of the cloner, then it will only clone on to every other one, if you see what I mean. Add another null, and it'll be 1 sphere every 3 vertexes etc etc, so you can thin them out that way whist still keeping them regular. If you watch any video that covers the object mode of the cloner then you will find info about other distribution types that work with Object Mode like Surface and Volume. Also see the manual, which is very helpful in explaining the cloner modes. CBR
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    If anyone else is bogged down a bit with spawning like I was, here is a file for dissection which is packed with great techniques taught me by Lothar: XP multicolour particles_0001forming objects then morph.c4d It's also great for studying Questions and Actions.
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    Righty - let's get this done... 1. In the same scene as your mannequin, get a sphere, with these settings (primitive menu). I am using a random human mesh instead of the mannequin. We need to get a cloner now, make the sphere a child of it in the Object Manager, and set it up like so... In the Object Field above (which will only appear when you change the cloner to Object Mode), drag the mannequin from the Object Manager into it. This will place tiny spheres on every point of your model, and you can now adjust their size in the sphere attributes until they look right. Now you can hide the mannequin mesh from viewport and render with the 'traffic lights', the 2 dots to the right of that object, like so... . Now you should only see the spheres in VP and render. Lastly we need to texture the spheres so they glow white. Add a new material to the Material Manager, apply it to the sphere (drag material swatch to it) and then give it these settings. First, double click the material, and in the Basic tab of the window that appears, enable Luminance and Glow, and turn all other channels off. This makes those tabs appear in the Material editor too. In the Luminance tab, make sure the colour is white, and brightness is 100%. Leave everything else at default. In the glow channel, use these settings or similar... Lastly, tweak all these settings until you get more what you want, then pop to Render Settings, check it is using Standard, and in the Aliasing tab, set that to Best. Now you can render your animation, which if all has gone well, should look something like this.... As I said before, the glows in Cinema aren't great, so if you'd rather do those in AFX, then just leave the glow channel off in Cinema. I am not an AFX expert, so not the best person to explain how to glow stuff there, but again, a search for After FX glow on Youtube should find you tutorials. Hope that helps... CBR
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    That introduction text sure made me laugh =D If your joints and bones are placed correctly, and your mesh fits all the joints but you get this 'shift', try this: Disable the skin tag (click the green V next to it), select all weight tags of the mesh, and press 'set bind pose'. If you now enable the skin tag, it shouldn't shift anymore.
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    Thank you, i did preproduction for a while and then about 9 months to get it animated. I spent a few days going over the text with the voice actor, usually its just a couple gours but he was really into this project.
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    Boole don´t recognize inner and outer parts of created mesh. You need to do it manually. Simply select just one polygon of inner part. Press U~W (select connected), use Split command, rename newly created object and delete polygon selection from boole converted object...
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