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    ah! ok, i will check out the link. i had no idea i posted in introductions. thanks
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    You realy have to understand how this works in reality. The weight of the object is one factor, others are the length of each rope and it's tension. In reality not all ropes will have the same tension so some will be taught and straight while others will show slack. Your image on the left shows what it would look like to hang a heavy object from rubber bands, the right one shows a light object on steel cables, except for the lower left rope which defies gravity.
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    Just a quick set up of the extra screen. Now I can debug the plugin code on one screen, while working in Cinema4D on the main screen. No need to constantly swap application screens anymore. And that via a single USB (A) cable ... nice. I just don't have the room to fit 28" screens. And with these small monitor sizes I cannot justify for 4K screens. My old eyes already have difficulty reading text on HD screens, let alone 4K. Sure, you can scale up text and graphics ...
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    Thanks figured it out in the end. It wasn’t mentioned to only scale on 1 axis so I was scaling the lot. I don’t really like the resulting polygons with this method. They are kind of squared. I’d like circular loops. I think Cerberas method works best. Thanks for the great help everyone.
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    There's various ways to do that in C4D: MoSplne Turtle but adding spheres at junctions using the free and wonderful plugin Netcreator (this file requires that) TP and X Particles with its spawning is Nirvana for this kind of stuff (files deleted because I am apparently talking to myself)
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    Dammit - came back to make the obligatory 'my New Year's Resolution is 1920 x 1200' joke, but @C4DS has already beaten me to it CBR
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    Happy New Year. I ordered a portable monitor for my laptop (should be delivered any time now) ... doubling my resolution. That will be my one and only resolution for 2020.
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    Best wishes to all in twenty-twenty
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    Happy New Year. My New Year resolution is to stop asking people what their New Year resolution is. So here goes, what is your new years resolution going to be?
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    Or could be used sphere... Hexahedron sphere (segmentation was choosen to be enough smooth and has centar horizontal edge loop, but should be any segmentation and after convertion to poly selected and connected ring of central horizontal edges) After poly conversion selected top halph polygons With snapping adjusted modeling axis (L-modificator) to center horizontal edge loop of sphere With scale tool and Shift modificator scaled all selected polygons to zero (select/click on Y axis gizmo and scale down to zero) From polyselection with Ctrl modificator remove polygon loop from border of selection Selected brush tool and in Smooth mode in top view make polyselection "more uniform" At the end (if needed) select border edge loop and apply some small bevel (or deformer if want to keep parametric) Result could be similar to this...
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    Thanks Contra, very generous.

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