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    Ornatrix full hair solution is now out. https://ephere.com/plugins/MAXON/c4d/ornatrix/index.html Dan
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    Reuleaux triangles are weird https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reuleaux_triangle well, it amused me reuleaux2.c4d
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    how's that low poly??? https://gyazo.com/04a10817523b8fe119e2d0048161fcb9
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    ...or if you use dual monitor setup, simply select from main menu/Window/BodyPaint 3D/New Texture View and dock new texture view on second monitor
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    No, I don't think so, but not 100% on that. Have you tried shift+ left / right ? Yes. Switch to the Texture tab in BPaint layout, find the 3 horizontal lines to the top left of that tab, and choose 'undock'. Now you can drag the sane 3 bars in the new window that appears either above or to the side of the BP view to get both. Lastly, save this as your own custom BP layout in Customisation / save layout as... CBR
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    Thanks for sharing, great work! The other breakdowns on his Vimeo are interesting too. When i first read the title, I thought is was Erik Wernquist, whom produced this video https://vimeo.com/108650530
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    To fix the issue in your scene just do the following: Switch to full hierarchy display mode. Locate the object called: L_Forearm_Bendy_algn. Also the right side so R_etc... The constraint tag that is on that object, set it's priority to 30 instead of 0. If you wish to fix this going forward, crack open the adv_biped.c4d template and make the change in there. Choose Character>Character Builder>Save Character Template. Then it shouldn't be there going forward, but this could get blown away on any new update, just as an fyi
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    That, my friend, is a pole, specifically a complex pole which means that a single point has more than 5 edges converging on it; in this case many more ! Why do our primitives make / use them ? Because they most accurately give a properly spherical shape, and a lot of the spherically derived forms people try and make require that polar layout where the edge flow makes sense for their models - think eyeball for a good example of this.. The Hexasphere, which doesn't have a poles problem, being as it is a rounded cube essentially, might be much superior from a topological point of view in that it has no poles, but actually it isn't as perfectly round as either a standard sphere or an icosa sphere ! That is why we need both options. CBR
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    it's actually quite simple: if you want to make it as a freelancer while being specialized, you need to be really good in your field to get gigs constantly. that's why i'm a generalist the other important question you'll have to ask yourself is what is more fun to you. for instance my personality doesn't really allow for being too specialized, i get bored too quickly. i would hate doing just character animation each and every day, even though i love doing it. so diversity in gigs is important to me in order to keep my sanity (sort of). i've been freelancing for 18 years now, and to me variation in jobs is the best thing about it. if i would want to do the same thing every day i could as well be employed. edit: happy new year to you, too
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    Hi, Somewhat a rant, but wondering if anyone is having the same problem. I really find it cumbersome when I ask the support of certain feature or a problem and they say it isn't available. Better make a request for it. Why can't they forward the message to the request/support team? Like any other good support system. I have to create another "ticket" just for the request, which takes some time since I have to retype my credentials because it is not saved on the site. See reference here https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/107382-merging-support-and-mymaxon-site/ In addition, another small detail is when they respond to your query, they do not include your initial message. So you have to keep tabs on your initial messages just so you can refer them in the succeeding conversation. Is it really that hard to attach the initial message on your email? Like any other good support system.

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