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    Those that know have missed him while he's been away, but the good news is that the annual hiatus is over, and after a 4 month break Rocket Lasso is back later today ! For those that don't know Rocket Lasso is a 2 hour live video cast that happens on Wednesdays in which almighty C4D Overlord Chris Schmidt takes on your various VFX and Cinema problems and we all get to watch for a bit You can support him over on Patreon or via his website, and he'll be live later at 2 pm CST (8 pm GMT) over on Twitch or via his Youtube channel. So just a general heads up about that. If you haven't seen him before, the video below shows why he is excellent, and someone well worth watching if you are even vaguely into learning, pushing boundaries and generally having fun in Cinema. Here he is explaining the new Field Force Object in R21 more thoroughly than anyone else ! Happy watchings and thanks Chris for coming back for a second season ! CBR
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    Rough test render. I need to work on the edges. Render Time 1 min a frame at 1920 x 1080 on I7 3930K 6 Core/12 Threads . I was experimenting with render times so baked out a model. Thing is render mem usage suggests i could have a far higher detailed model but this is the limit of subdivs I could get inside the program. Perhaps I could adjust some prefs to get the RAM usage optimized..or is it a GPU thing ? I don't think so as the GPU has only 12 GB RAM and this model is far more than that. Quality is bad embedded watch on YouTube !! Why model it ? Well the processing time for high detail sub ploy displacement is the issue without a render farm.
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    Wonderful. let me get on this right away Thanks
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    Don´t know, maybe changing color of hair guides can help a bit. (Preferences/Scheme colors/Hair colors/active-inactive guides...
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    There is a plugin called Divider... https://www.behance.net/gallery/89028573/DIVIDER-FREE-C4D-FRAGMENTATION-PLUGIN turorial
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    Good god. Absolutely amazing. I saw the movie three times over the Thanksgiving holiday, and not once did I twig on that there might be some digital trickery going on with their faces. The illusion was seamless. I'm guessing ILM possesses some extremely powerful computers; anything less would make this process a nightmare. Wow. And I guess ILM has enough money and power to completely commission a new dedicated proprietary software expressly for their purposes from code programmers. Somehow, at the end of the day, they had to construct a mesh for the actors' faces, that they could then play with. And that mesh is surprisingly low-poly, yet flawlessly topologized and rigged with custom morphs. Maybe the three-headed camera did a kind of photogrammetry? Even still, I'll bet they still couldn't fully automate this process; ie., they still had to do a lot of frame-by-frame editing. It also looks like they made meshes out of the surrounding walls and furniture... I guess they had to do that to keep perspective and focal length correct? Kinda wild that DeNiro still remembered his monologue from GOODFELLAS, 25 years on; do all movie actors do that? Hvala na ovom videu, Igore!
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    ...something similar in this thread...
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    The workflow may not come premade, but if you like working that way you can set it up using hair and cloner. I've attached an example. It's not straight forward but once you've figure it out you can save it as a template. Hair has a paint tool called "Add Guides" which has all the setting you need (like min spacing). Instead of producing hair splines you can instance objects. My example instances a single poly per guide to provide the position and the alignment to the cloner. Now it is just a matter of providing the needle geo that you would like to use and start painting. Variations in size, rotation or color can be done with effectors. Make sure to have the hair object selected when painting. painting_needles2.mov painting_needles.c4d
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    CV-AR gives you the vertex movement of the face and it also gives you the blend shape values from ARKit that you can use to drive your own Pose Morphs to control your own model of a face. If you want to have a face talking on your own mesh then you would need to create the blend shapes yourself (using FACS is good) and then drive them using the blend shape parameters from the CV-AR. The Xpresso setup that CV-AR gives you is a good starting point to see how this can be done, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to. You could also drive a rigged model using the blend shape values as well, but that would need a different xpresso setup. Hope that helps.
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    I see little reason to pick an intel system right now. AMD have cheaper, faster, newer, more efficient systems at virtually every price point. Why have a $800 14 core 3.3/4.6GHz intel chip when you could have a $750 16 core 3.5/4.7GHz AMD chip? That memory is a bit on the slow side. I would look at 3000MHz+ sticks rather than 2400 Skip the slower SATA SSD drives, pick a NVME SSD for 5-10 times the speed.
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    Why did you choose the i9-10940x over the Ryzen 9-9350x? The Ryzen is cheaper, faster and uses less energy. Also why don't go for a realy fast nvme SSD instead of the SATA one? If you use a Ryzen as base you can even get a SSD that is nearly 10x faster due to PCIe 4.
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    small example as was on my mind... ...and Merry Christmas to you too
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    Hi Katie. Iv made a full blown video tutorial on the whole NLA system. Im going to add a Chapter list within the next 30 min to make it easier to jump to areas of your choice. Head over to my blog bellow. Dan
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