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    @rasputin I just used the general log spiral equation where angle is in radians, e is the natural log base (aka Euler's number 2.71828) and tweaked the constants a + k until it looked right. I tried using a helix and radial bias but the gears were jumping. I guess it's the properties of logs that makes it work. Also, when I added the struts, with a helix I had to use a spline on the step effector to make things fit, but with the log curve the struts fitted without a spline. I usually animate gears with XPresso, but with the varying radii that would be beyond my math skills. Dynamics to the rescue ! The video above is version 2 - I didn't like how dynamics had introduced a small collision gap, so after baking for TR I increased the teeth size. The dynamics is Compound Collision Shape, but with all the geometry it was too slow in the viewport. I added some switched off rigid body tags to parts that don't contribute to the dynamics calculation. Here's the video I got the design from. The guy has some good stuff eg non-circular gears I'm still trying to figure out square gears...
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    I saw a video on YouTube by a guy who makes kinetic art mobiles. He had an interesting one made out of toothed spirals, so I had a go at recreating it in C4D. I tried using a helix spline, but couldn't seem to get the objects to interact correctly, so I made a proper log spiral using tracer. The movement is generated using dynamics - there's one collider that's rotated in XPresso driving 2 rigid bodies. demo.c4d https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logarithmic_spiral make log spiral.c4d
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    Wow, thanks for all your answers ! It could help me !
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    Not me. A lot of my job is repairing the awful topology generated by these programs when clients find they actually need them made properly for later animation etc. There are hard surface workflows in Cinema that are just as fast as in CAD programs, and i have a lot of helpers like Quad Remesher and HB modelling bundle, so for me it's easiest do everything there and not generate the rubbish topology in the first place ! CBR
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    You're welcome Happy splinings ! CBR
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    Lols - you're lucky - I was one step ahead of you - also made a curved setup as well For that we need more points in our dashed lines (think I used 8 or so), so that the dashes can follow a curved path. For this I used Spline wrap. So, we still clone in a straight line like we did above, but then we spline wrap that whole cloner along the original path, and tweak the various settings until we have the right amount of them and it all fits. Here's a scene file, which will help you understand this better. Dash line on curve CBR.c4d The Setup Null shows how I made this, but the editable copy of the result is the second spline under the sweep object which we can easily use to turn the dashed line into physical geometry if we want... Hope that helps CBR
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    Thanks for your help Cerbera ! Sorry, I forgot to include a pic of the spline (as you guessed it, it's a curve) : Your solution is clever but I need the "dashes" to be curved. Now, if there isnt any way to use curves to cut other curves, then I guess the only way to do that is to manually split the curve ..Thanks again for your help !
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    it's actually quite simple: if you want to make it as a freelancer while being specialized, you need to be really good in your field to get gigs constantly. that's why i'm a generalist the other important question you'll have to ask yourself is what is more fun to you. for instance my personality doesn't really allow for being too specialized, i get bored too quickly. i would hate doing just character animation each and every day, even though i love doing it. so diversity in gigs is important to me in order to keep my sanity (sort of). i've been freelancing for 18 years now, and to me variation in jobs is the best thing about it. if i would want to do the same thing every day i could as well be employed. edit: happy new year to you, too
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