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    The MoGraph Matrix can be deformed by deformers. So clone matrices onto your particles, deform the matrices and clone your bubbles onto the matrices to keep them from being deformed. Example attached. matrix_deform_particles.c4d
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    The Quicktab is a gadget, not a group. You are using the same ID for the gadget and the group that's folded with it. C4D doesn't do that automatically. import c4d from c4d import gui class Fold(gui.GeDialog): def CreateLayout(self): self.SetTitle('') # create a quicktab self.GroupBegin(1011, c4d.BFV_SCALEFIT, 0, rows=3, title = '') bc = c4d.BaseContainer() bc.SetBool(c4d.QUICKTAB_BAR, True) bc.SetString(c4d.QUICKTAB_BARTITLE, 'title') bc.SetBool(c4d.QUICKTAB_BARSUBGROUP, True) subgroup = self.AddCustomGui(122, c4d.CUSTOMGUI_QUICKTAB, '', c4d.BFH_SCALEFIT | c4d.BFV_TOP, 0, 0, bc) global flagSubgroupClosed flagSubgroupClosed = False self.GroupBegin(130, flags=c4d.BFH_SCALEFIT | c4d.BFV_TOP, cols=1, rows=2, title='', groupflags=0) self.GroupBorderSpace(10, 0, 10, 0) self.AddButton(123, c4d.BFH_LEFT, 0, 0, 'Button') self.GroupEnd() self.AddButton(124, c4d.BFH_LEFT, 0, 0, 'Also a Button') return True def Command(self, id, msg): global flagSubgroupClosed if id == 122: flagSubgroupClosed = not flagSubgroupClosed self.HideElement(130, flagSubgroupClosed) self.LayoutChanged(1011) return True def main(): dlg = Fold() dlg.Open(c4d.DLG_TYPE_MODAL) if __name__=='__main__': main() c4d.EventAdd()
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    No, with clones you can't easily adress them indivdually. There are some possibilities on the Dyanmics side of things, but doing indivdual constraint switches is beyond me.
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    Check the attached scene for a possible solution. It has the disadvantage that the initial global position of the dynamic object gets lost. DynamicSwitch.c4d
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    Hi, In Thinking Particles Presets you have an example called tp_nozzle. It's a good starting point. Adjust orientation of emitter and control splines, add some colliding object as digitvisions mentioned.. tp_nozzle.c4d
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    This is a very good reference video to watch for angular car bumpers - not in Cinema, but the guiding principals are the same... CBR
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    Will try that out. I really appreciate the help!
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    Nice to see some competition. Having created some UV plugins of my own, I know how difficult it can be to have completed a toolkit like this.
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