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    Hi CBR Thankyou for your generous offer. Ive been on this a good while now and am learning a lot but no luck as yet I will continue but if you have a moment I would like to send a scene file. Im assuming its the file Im using To see the steps which would make everything fall into place and teach me a huge first lesson would be just amazing. My plan is to copy and paste the moving turbine multiple times as a wind farm would look in the sea. Huge Thanks. In your own time. Im very grateful
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    Not exactly sure when MoGraph caches are evaluated, but setting the Xpresso tag priority to generator did the trick for me.
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    Simply use shader effectors restricted to different mo-selections... scene opened in R13, so there are standard falloffs instead of fields signal-intensity-graph_for_forum_0001.zip
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    like most, it depends on what I am doing. if serious 3D concentration then it is jazz, classical or Indian Raga (Ravi Shankar), if just plinking around then alternative rock.
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    I mean that's not bad, but it would be even better if it wasn't the same couple of cords for seven minutes straight What always get's me pumped is this: Sit in your car and let this run. It's amazing. God I can't wait for Doom Eternal. Funfact: the guide hid some stuff in his soundtrack @Vizn Most of that stuff is way too dark / hard for me as well not a fan of Black Metal at all unfortunately.
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