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    Thankyou's to @DMcGavran and MAXON, who are doing a number of things to make working from home an easier / better thing whilst we're all trying our best to remain indoors and not fall over... The highlights there are: FREE CINEVERSITY FOR 30 DAYS ! NAB goes online More on that here... CBR
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    This cannon that shoots hoops uses an emitter, but the emitter velocity doesn't seem accurate enough for my calculations, so I set the speed to 0 and gave the emitted object a custom initial velocity. Has a hoop cam There's sliders in the scenefile to move the shooter around. hoops.c4d
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    Hi guys! We might have something that you guys would like. Maybe! We’ve created a plugin called the PBR Texture Manager for Cinema 4D . You can store all your textures and import them with a single click. There is support for all major render engines. We keep on updating and improving with the help of you guys. Our latest update includes the ability to create rendered thumbnails of your materials in which you can see all your materials and pick out the perfect one for your scene. Please send us your comments so we can keep on improving your workflow! Check out the plugin here
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    Hello everyone, my Name is Ben, i been doing a course on Cinema 4D. I try all sorts of things. But still need A LOT OF HELP I am here to find it and to introduce myself (Sorry for my english)
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    Since everybody seems to be posting their stuff here... I've been mainly learning X-Particles in the last couple of weeks. What an amazing tool but sooo much to learn! Here's some older material work, made with Substance Designer and rendered with Octane.
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    "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film Hello everyone, Here is another scene, this time its a Industrie City Szene, with a little flip animation. I have been inspired by a Pruduct video for a network router or something. Im not sure. I cant find it anymore.. Didnt do much lighting. "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film.
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    No no, let's try and do a bit better with thread titles - you gotta make these things searchable later - ie describe the problem in the title ! Well, there's the painstaking proper way, which is almost certainly too much effort to seriously contemplate, or there's the lazier faster way, which is fine if you don't care about intersection (and I don't see why you would in a stylised tree like this). That would involve quickly building a series of 'tetris stylee' blocks, starting with a cube and using the quantize functions to extrude out identical sizes in random directions until you had 5-10 different blocks, and then you'd mash them altogether with a cloner, cloning in Object mode into the volume of any old sphere. That should get you close... Here I am changing the random seed in the cloner with that setup, which is how you get variety between trees this way... I'm sure there are many other ways to do this sort of thing too, so no doubt someone will chip in with another 1 or 2... CBR
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    Wow, thank for the fast and accurate replies. I'm going to be all over that. Yeah, I'm calling them stitches, but I thought it's actually glue and now I know the actual thing. Thanks again!
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    Yep, what he said. They are not so much stitches as micro holes that have then been press welded together slightly melting the plastic. CBR
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    Best way would be to add them as a bump map. You could use a procedural preset in C4D like Tiled lines, or search online for stich alphas. Add that to the bump chan. Dan
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    Hi, i made a quick video. I hope it helps It would be too long for me to explain (my english is not that good)
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    Many Thanks for that. Truly appreciative, I will take a look right now. amazing
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    You want Prores 4444 with Alpha
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    Cinema 4D uses its own GUI code to allow common handling for all supported operating systems. So, not all standard OS specific behaviorisms are supported. I do not think that the Windows Alt functionality for menus is available. I don't even see how this can be practical in a GUI where you may have a menu in any window. In my layout, I have the main menu, the viewport menu (in a tab, even), the OM menu, the layers menu... to determine which menu to open, you'd need at least to point the mouse at the proper window, which in case of the main menu means that the mouse is as good as on the menu anyway... If you really miss Alt-something combinations, you can define them yourself through the customize command window. Alt-F~S can be set as two-key shortcut for Save, e.g. (you will lose existing Alt-combinations though - Alt-F currently opens the F-curve display). This will require a lot of manual work, though, as you'd need to define a shortcut for each menu item. And I do not exactly recommend keyboard shortcuts that use changing qualifiers (in this case Alt/not Alt) because it's hard on the fingers. Myself, I have indeed defined tons of shortcuts - not industry compatible, but logically sequenced - starting with one key for the functional group, then continuing a shortcut for the actual command (like - R for render, then I for interactive render region, or V for viewport, or T plus more letters for Team Render). That means quite often three-key shortcuts (more keys are not really practical) but they are easy to memorize. Or you just use the Commander window. Or the star menu. Or...
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    Hello everyone, This is my Test Film of a little City Szene, made in Cinema 4D. (Isometric Style) Isometric City with Wind and a newspaper flying through the wind and a "Gulli" where smoke comes out
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    Hello Ben Welcome to the cafe, look forward to seeing your progress. Dan
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    Hi Ben and welcome to the cafe May your learnings be rewarding, and your renderings spectacular ! CBR
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    Thanks, Cerbera, that is exactly the response I was hoping for. I'm quite sure I didn't turn those off on purpose. in fact I'm not sure I have ever turned them off. I must have done it accidentally and not even realized. Things worked as expected once I turned them back on. Mike
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    Much more likely to be user error than a bug... See in the animation power slider bit - the 5 buttons near the bottom on the right, position, scale, rotation, parameter and Point level ? One of those that you need (position) is not blue, so that is not recording when you hit new keyframe. I would bet that is the issue but we'd need the scene file uploaded to be sure. CBR
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    Yes, just upload it here to the thread ! CBR
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    That's a shame - I was just getting round to this one ! Btw - when you find the answer before we do, always post it to the thread so others can learn from what was wrong, and we will know if this thread is in the correct section... Cheers CBR
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    Use blend mode and Effectors / Fields to blend between two states of the cloner input: clones data_0001.c4d
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    Hi The latest scene made in C4D and Corona Renderer. You can get it at www.vizforyou.com
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    Chris Schmidt's long-awaited 3-parter on advanced cloth wrinkling has commenced. Part 1 up now... CBR
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    Working on some random sci-fi material, just trying out new tools. Hexagons make everything look sci-fi! Not quite happy with the edge wear yet. Thoughts?
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    Thank you @Igor for contacting us - honestly, the sponsoring idea is really awesome and we are happy to join and be part of this community as well - much appreciated. I am going to introduce myself in the proper thread and I also will upload some of the renders our community and we did using Cinema4D, Octane and World Creator in combination. Since we are currently developing World Creator 3 and pushing things where we can, I hope it is also OK and welcome that we keep you up-to-date with the development progress. Also of interest might be our upcoming shortfilm (mid March 2020) that we rendered in C4D / Octance. Since we are addicted to terrains and landscapes you can expect a lot of content, like renders and animations from us Stefan Kraus - BiteTheBytes GmBH
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    Just came from work and what I see! So AMAZING news... Thanks so much to you Igor ( and to C4DCafe crew too), simply don´t know what to say. I had a pretty tough day today, but this made me really happy.
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    Hopefully everyone will appreciate what amazing news this is for cafe peoples ! Massive thanks to Igor for sorting it out ! World Creator is properly amazing btw - can't recommend enough. CBR
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    Got something new! Made this for my girlfriend for Christmas, printed on Plexiglass (60x40cm). Rendering took ages because 60x40cm @ 300DPI is kind of a ridicilous amount of pixels Rendered with Physical Render and inspired by Rik Oostenbroeks awesome Artwork.
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    The subdivision is not to blame here In fact I don't know why you are trying to use Subdivision this way. The optimal way to make that target shape is not via pointy lower res geo and subdivision, or with ngons of any description - SDS wants quads to work predictably. But do we need SDS at all ? We don't need any maths either. Why not just make 1 'petal' segment (from a 15 sided disc primitive then delete all but 1 segment), and then insert enough loops into it so you can describe the perfect 'petal' curve yourself, then array that with 14 copies to give you the perfect form like so... I divided each 'petal' into 6 so I could describe the outer curve, but you could use more segments if you need better rounding without SDS. So this is about the minimum geo I need to describe that shape without the subdivision. But we can still use SDS Object if we want, but then we'd need to ideally quadify it first, like so... note I have down-stepped the loops from 6 to 2 to 1 so we keep our polygon density even. I also added some selective SDS edge weighting, to get those razor sharp corners between petals under SDS without the bother of higher segmentation or control loops... Anyway, now that just goes under a connect (which welds the array together), and SDS and you're done... Oh, and in my quest for quad excellence, I might have re-patched the centre to lose the one remaining complex pole... this is now approaching what we could reasonably call perfect / ideal topology. CBR

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