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    Inspired by the request from this thread: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/109564-selecting-uv-seams I have quickly created a plugin which does detect the UV island boundaries and turns them into edge selection. The plugin will process all selected polygon objects. UVisland Outliner v11.zip
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    Thankyou's to @DMcGavran and MAXON, who are doing a number of things to make working from home an easier / better thing whilst we're all trying our best to remain indoors and not fall over... The highlights there are: FREE CINEVERSITY FOR 30 DAYS ! NAB goes online More on that here... CBR
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    I'm jumping from and old C4D version to R18. How do I do a simple thing like cutting a square hole in a polygon. In my previous version, I used the knife tool set to hole mode - click around to make points on a polygon and done - simple. Now, I can't figure out how to do the same thing with the newer line cut, poly cut, tools, etc. It just cuts from an edge to another edge. I just want to cut a hole within the existing polygon. I'm aware of booles but is there just a simple way to punch a square hole in a polygon?
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    My agent asked me to make a simple, fun animation. 'Something with an astronaut' was the complete and very detailed briefing.. =D So I made him this: Agent very happy now! ^^
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    Hi, i made a quick video. I hope it helps It would be too long for me to explain (my english is not that good)
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    Currently there´s three modes of knife (each mode for specific job) For making hole use knife in line mode (K~K shortcut), make shape of hole, click to first point point. Then just select created n-gon and delete it...
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    Video is of no use. Have you made the cylinder editable ? or is it still parametric..i e from the shelf ? Make it editable
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    If you make the cloner editable, it's easy. This scene uses a Python list to store the collision data doms 3.c4d I'm like the guy who only has a hammer, and sees everything as a nail - I see every problem as needing XPresso + scripting...
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