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    you mean those glitches?
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    he posted it in the facial rigging thread a couple of days ago
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    Do you have a cool human rig tutorial reference JBatista? I can only imagine what a complex task must be to rig a bird! Do you have the result of your adventure if you can share?
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    It's because you haven't made the spline properly for use in a lathe. The center-point must remain open, so the vertical line here needs to go. Just untick 'close spline' in the options to make that so, and if that removes the line in the wrong place, then you can change that by selecting the right point on the spline, r-clicking and choosing 'set first point'. CBR
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    Unfortunatly i also find very few tuts on this subject. Most of my rigging solutions are a translate from other softwares but with a lot of tweaking by my self. Also, most advanced stuff is difficult to find anywhere else. I can still find some stuff for human rigging but for other type of animals or creatures its almost impossible. I have already rigged a bird and that was crazy difficult because of the wing feathers . I found nothing usefull on that subject. I feel that if we want to create more advanced solutions we have to find ourselves the way to do it.
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    Yep, dynamics doesn't care what the Normals are doing, but Cloth very much does... CBR
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    STOP PRESS.. ah, seems I gave you the wrong explanation there, removing the tag did solve that problem but I did then wonder how it would work when moving as you implied, I don't do much animating and none with characters, so I checked that and obviously you do need the collider, but then the same thing happened when dynamics kicked in. So on further investigation it turns out the normals on the body are inverted, which explains everything, so once you reverse that it does indeed work as expected and also reacts properly when animating. Deck
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    Its the cloth tag on the body, once you delete that it all works as expected. Deck
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    The 3 rig set up I learnt from Cineversity, and another version of it I done with constraints along with some basic espresso but the easy way is to use Morph targets to blend between two rigs. 1: Skinned rig to character, 2: IK rig, 3: FK rig. If I can find it, Il post it up for you to break down, its rather simple but complete. I think I then moved on to Foot rigs, again Cineversity. There is a very good resource that I think not many know about from Posespace website. Its a complete women's articulation of every limb (Mandy Complete), it shows the natural limits and its in form of video clips, if you ask to purchase the whole lot they do it cheaper. Dan
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    It stopped being compatible with Cinema around version 19 or 20 I think, but not really an issue seeing as our native symmetry has offered exactly the same functionality for the last 5 years or so since the addition of centre-line clamping & poly deletion etc... CBR
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    @FLima You got nice result there. For proxy hair its nothing special, it just fills a void to help the look dev for the face. A sphere pulled into basic volume, the primary form, then converted to dynamesh, still quite low poly. Using the move tool to form the silhouette then secondary forms are added. Zremesh it then sculpt into the details. So its Volume, primary forms, Secondary, then detail. Its good to have a reference as the mind can wander off to another style and it looks wrong. S curves are so important, I never leave a straight edge unless that's required but I will always add a S curve to counter balance weight and form into rhythm and flow. Topology wise if you look at page 1 your see I lay down the essential loops first, then fill in the gaps. Its good idea to keep the loops with even numbers then you wont end up with a triangle. The hardest thing with doing it this way for beginners is attaining volume in 3D space. Working from front and side views can start off ok until you look in the Perspective view and see it lacks correct volume and contours. The way around this is not a short term solution, but Zbrush helps a great deal as it teaches you how you perceive volume in 3D space. Anatomy is also essential as without it its like feeling your way around a dark room, hit and miss, and thats frustrating when you think you got it down, but next time things dont go so well, this is a sure indication you just got lucky. Stylized you can get away with a lot in this regard but you have to push appeal so its still good to understand anatomy even at a basic level. Anatomy teaches volume and contour, and that teaches edge flow, and then half you retopology decisions are already grounded. Once you can add loops, be in control over where poles are added for directional changes, how to reduce, or increase edges to say a wrist, or neck your off to a good start. This is why I start with the palm of the hand as the hand has to have the right number of edges to fit to the arm, and if it dont you need to plan how your going to reduce it evenly. Dan
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    I feel the need to explain my Avatar then -- "Blender Gives us Options". I am not a Blender evangelist but changed my previous Avatar (I think it was a picture of me and John Knoll) when MAXON announced their subscription plan and hiked prices again. I have nothing but admiration for the developers, project managers and the software quality team (the unsung heroes of the MAXON corporation). But as a hobbyist, I fear that MAXON's subscription program and higher cost of perpetual licenses over the previous MSA program is hurting the hobbyist. This did not sit well with me as a loyal Studio user for the past 10 years. The hobbyist wants to own the software whereas the commercial user wants to lease it and their pricing programs favor the commercial user. Therefore, MAXON has forgotten us and/or taken us for granted. So the point of the Avatar is to serve a reminder that MAXON should NOT take any customer for granted because Blender is becoming a force in the industry. For me, C4D is on a tremendous trajectory and I am excited about its future. I just hope I can afford to be part of it. Dave
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