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    Don’t we all love the guy who pops out of nowhere to ask a question and then doesn’t even take the time or courtesy to reply back after he’s received a thoughtful answer. I say some sort of acknowledgment or maybe even a ‘thank you’ is required operating procedure for anyone seeking help. People providing help are getting nothing out of it 98% of the time. At least honor a fellow human’s generosity for helping you. I think we sometimes are morally obliged to *not* help certain people. We owe it to ourselves to not be abused by the laziness, greed and opportunism of others.
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    Sorry for the late reply guys, just seen this and it appears you have sorted everything out :)
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    I get you I'm trying my luck a bit more with Bodypaint then, I think it's not too bad BFF, have you tried this? https://github.com/GeometryCollective/boundary-first-flattening
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    The C4D exporter to Unfold3D https://gumroad.com/discover?query=unfold3d
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    That's a great shame dude, but I totally understand, and thank you for all the effort you put into developing what you did... CBR
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    Thanks a lot for the kind words, Cerbera! And for buying the tutorial back then. :-) It's really nice to still get positive feedback for these videos after all these years... Thanks again!
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    It's so easy with the thumbs up. One click is all that is needed.
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    We should also mention posting in the right category. I have to move 98% of the threads from new users in the cafe every time they post ! CBR
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    This was one of the very first tutorials I ever bought, and it was a large part of what got me interested in Arch-viz modelling in the first place. Good to see it here - although some of our tools may have changed there's still a ton of useful techniques in there, and a level of precision in modelling that you don't often see... CBR
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    This is a gold mine! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day ahead!
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    Beautyful... Thank you very much Wolfgang
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    There you go. All the janitor work has been completed, or so I hope. Website is up and running, ready to accept visitors. Mind you, it's a very basic place to be. No fancy embellishments, nor bells or whistles. It's just a placeholder for information about the plugins. Simple, down-to-earth, "no chi chi" ... but I hope you all still like it. https://toolspixels.be
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    Preparing for the public release ... website is all up. Existing customers have received priority and opportunity to upgrade. It's now (almost) time for everyone else. Still finalizing the finishing touches for a nice deal.

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