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    no bad blood at all. We sponsor Cafe
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    We are building out a new support system internally that will handle feature suggestions and reports as well. I would tune into to the Sept Motion Show for updates on some of these for sure. https://www.3dmotionshow.com
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    You should probably try with a cube, then put it under subdivision. Then you can use the knife loop tool to cut into the cube, this will give you a rounded shape. In fact you dont even need loops, if you make a SDS with 3 levels of subdivision on a cuboid, you get this.
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    I am surprised that MAXON dont have more direct involvement with the Cafe. A community centre where you can come and get direct help with a problem, get the news, maybe a giveaway, a competition, a route to speak to the bigwigs would surely be worth its weight in gold to a product like C4D. Literally the only reason I am a C4D user is because of the Cafe, and because you could get help from Nigel (sometimes pretty acerbic help, but you learned to enjoy that pretty quickly). Now you can pretty much rely on Cafe mods and regulars to help with problems in a way you simply can't with any other software. I wish Substance had a place like this, or Octane, or any Adobe product, you name it. Maybe I have missed something and there is already an arrangement? We are so close - I am posting just below Rick and Dave themselves and this kind of engagement is great, long may it continue.
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    Hi Didar Im not gonna diss mograph at this point, especially as the issue is probably more due to lack of knowledge on both our parts if I may be so bold. Re your last issue concerning percentage of clones, I believe that was solved after coming up with the correct settings. Theres probably an Xpresso solution whereby you could assign more clones to a given segment of a spline but Im not smart enough for that, in the meantime here is a kind of mad way to do it tho it is quite fun and does remain procedural to a large extent. Just like Bezos taper and spline wrap above but before doing that you stick the plane in a Moroni fracture and change the source to a shader version and put a grad in there, with this you can control the spread of fracture / segments along the plane. Add more points in the Moroni for more pieces, you can even add in a matrix to cut it up further. Then clone onto poly centre again as you now have much more polys at one end than the other. A bit clumsy but might get the job done. Deck Adjustable Distribution cloner 01.c4d
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    I had the same idea as @deck, cloning on plane surface tapered and wrapped along spline...
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    thank you so much guys, i totally went about this the wrong way. always interesting to see how professionals approach such simple models. thanks again !!
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    I think if I was gonna do that I would go for a setup like this, using as many planes as you want in a connect object and cloning onto that. You could go surface mode and use the seed to juggle things about, but here Ive used poly centre with some random and push apart. This way you can control the No of clones appearing in any given spot with the subdivisions on the planes which gives quite a lot of control over the whole thing. Deck Adjustable plane cloner 01.c4d
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    Yep - the mistake here was thinking you needed to involve a spline at all... this shape is perfect for Sub-D workflow. Deck's method is absolutely fine for this, but there are other ways to go too. For example... Here's an Oil Tank with an FFD under it, doing the stretch, and everything subdivided to L3. I did also quadrify the poles, as should you if you make it this way, with the dissolve command. Btw - the above is an S22 viewport screenshot, not a render ! The lesson here is look how few points are necessary to actually describe that shape, and look at the topology of this versus your spline / extrude version. Hopefully it should be obvious which is better and preferable to work with. It should also be noted that even using the newer delaunay caps topology option it is still very difficult to achieve an immaculate curve such as this, which you should take as your primary indication that splines are unsuitable for making this shape. CBR
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    I am still seeing the same issues. But when switching to the IPS theme, then no problems. Switching back to 3.0 theme -> problems.
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    Uh, a little more effort maybe? You don't seriously expect us to help you if all you could do was put up a title that doesn't tell us anything, in the wrong forum, and a file attached?
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    Hi Adrian, Deck & Cerbera. Thank you for all your replies and tips. Carbera I'll go back to the drawing board and try tackle it using your technique with the plane as I started that way but as you said I thought it was too high resolution to be manageable. Will post an update with how I go. Wish me luck Cheers, Chris
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    Hi there, I am right now working on a customer computer (Dual Xeon, 1080TI). I have R21 and S22 installed. No Plugins and everything patched. I have quite some stability issues (freezes) with S22 while R21 runs ok. Do you have the simular findings? Or is this just a special computer related hickup? Thanks Jops
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    Hi Rick, just a stupid Noob’s question about features: why are there so many popular plugins like HB modeling, whose features are not integrated in C4D? Is this because the features are not deemed “strategic enough” or because there are real technical limitations that you can’t overcome without disrupting other parts of the program for the time being? I know nothing about tech stuff and programming but when I see that there is a “point to circle” script that saves me hours when I need to punch 20 holes in a surface (quite typical in hard surface jobs), I just wonder why such a script couldn’t be added by default to C4d. thanks
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    Check Volume Builder and Mesher: Volumes Cheers P.S.: What is C4D version "5" in your profile? Certainly not the one you took the screenshot with.
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    Hi! @DMcGavran , @Igor,@srek, & @RBarrett Besides better responses to bug reports labeled as 'Suggestions and Ideas for MAXON,' is there any progress on the collection of user Feature Requests for future versions of Cinema 4D? I've been talking to different animators who participated in the #MovingColin contest who have some really good ideas on ways to make character animation in the Timeline better after the experience. I suggested the Bug Report route to them to get these ideas to you, but I still feel like this is a poor, black box way to submit user feedback. A dedicated web site would be great, but something as simple as a Feature Request forum on C4DCafe with polls & discussions would be a better temporary solution than the bug report model: more formal than a Wishlist thread that gets outdated & forgotten with every release, more effective as market research, more user-friendly in the presentation of an idea, and of little-to-no cost to MAXON in the meantime. It sounds like you're aware of the need & benefits, I just was curious if something is being implemented as it has come up again. With much gratitude, thank you!
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    More and more users are switching to Blender not because of pricing, but because of what other users are accomplishing with it. In studios it's become quite normal to see Maya and Max users adopt Blender in their workflow. The community is thriving, and this is very attractive to new users as well. The attractive pricing (free) only serves to help adoption, but I think it also has to do with the simple licensing: Blender doesn't even need to be installed to run. Compare with the C4D trial: in a move to make it even more hostile to potential new users, MAXON decided to time-limit the demo/trial and put it behind a registration. Personally, I have way more fun modeling and working in Blender now than I ever had/have in Cinema4d. And I am not alone in this... It's a very robust and quite user friendly 3d app. The tabs I really love: quick switching to sculpting or UV'ing with one click. Tabs were something I also loved in Lightwave. The viewport is an absolute joy to work in. C4D feels very clunky to me compared. Yes, there are rough edges, as there are in any software. C4D is no exception either. The main difference at this point is that Blender is actively being improved making great strides, while C4D seems to move along at a snail's pace. But perhaps with C4D 23 a break-through will finally happen? We can but wait and see. I believe Cinema4d is losing and/or will lose ground because of its abysmal licensing and pricing, unless MAXON changes it. Compare with Max and Maya Indie (even though it can only be used on projects worth less than 100K) for $250 a year, or Houdini, Blender: all have much more attractive pricing schemes. AutoDesk is feeling the heat, and their response to the Blender upheaval in the market is probably too little and too late. Heck, even LightWave seems to attract one or two new users that would have picked Cinema4D instead, but were rebuked by MAXON's licensing/rental plans. Especially in tough economic times like these MAXON's licensing is akin to a kick in the face when you're already down on the ground. And exacerbating the situation is that Cinema4D users, while paying a premium upkeep, need to invest in an external particle plugin, external render engine, and other plugins and apps to keep up with the competition. Something needs to give.
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    Do you mean mixing like this? https://code.vonc.fr/texterrain When you look over whole page, you could see how César mixed textures...
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    Inspired from Netflix/TVN's It's Okay Not to Be Okay. The mini stories were just as interesting as the main arc. Making this piece is my attempt to move on from the series. Hopefully. C4D. Substance Painter. Cycles4D. Instagram You can check the actual animation from the series here. It's somewhat Tim Burton-esque style
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    Hey everyone - I think many of you know me - I've been part of MAXON and around this and other C4D communities for 20 years. For the past year or so I've been part of the Product team helping to communicate what you as users need and prioritize development for Cinema 4D. First - you're absolutely right that we can improve in the way we collect ideas and the feedback we provide when ideas come in. I try sometimes to reply to ideas that come in via the support form, but that system isn't well designed to avoid duplicate ideas, discuss ideas and communicate status. It's a top priority for us to implement an improved system. Second - thanks to the folks that mentioned the difficulty of the task and timing involved. It's important to keep in mind that there's two types of ideas - major new features and smaller workflow tweaks. Major new features are especially tricky to fit into the roadmap, and typically we've got those mapped out a couple of years in advance. It's always great to hear your priorities, but typically we've got a pretty good idea of what we need here - it's a matter of piecing the puzzle together in the proper order to ensure you always have the best C4D possible. It's especially great when you point out the workflow tweaks - like @Intenditore. We're often able to fit these into the road map a bit quicker, and these can have a huge difference in improving your efficiency and enjoyment of Cinema 4D. @Intenditore - thanks for your specific suggestions. I'm very familiar with your suggestions, and sorry we haven't directly responded to your feedback. You've got some great ideas for improving the animation workflow. BTW - some color coding is already possible though a bit hidden. In the Timeline prefs, you can change Track Color from "No Color" to either "Pos/Scale/Rot" or "Track Color". The last option will allow you to set the color in the AM when selecting a track. Cheers, Rick
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