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    To answer a few questions. If you sell perpetual software with out a subscription or maintanence you can't by US law release brand new functionality. Feel free to read all the details by researching Sarbanes-Oxley law. Came out after Enron. So if you want to continuously offer new stuff you need to recognize the revenue over time in specific ways. It isn't an excuse it is a very very important thing to get correct in your accounting. That is why people talk about subscriptions as a way to give developers more flexibility to release stuff when it is done. Now, relative to Nodes and Redshift. We have a Nodes SDK ready that we have in r21 and have given to multiple developers, it won't be generally available for some time. Redshift has it working but there are some bugs they want fixed before they release it so it works better. We are working on fixing those bugs and then we will release it, current plan is soonish. Cheers Dave
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    Same thing with Autodesk. They have around 3 major point releases each years and they usually have more new features than a whole release from MAXON. Just check Maya 2019.2 which included the new Bifrost visual programming language.
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    Hi Rick, I don’t know your internal system for editing the help, but I know a thing or two about web-development. Actually it sounds like your current internal system needs improvement. You need a custom Content Management System for your online-help anyway. It’s not that difficult to build in a way to spit out a set of static html-files from the whole project. Then this package has just to be wrapped into an update for Cinema 4D that shows up on startup as it did in the past. This could possibly even be automated to a sensible degree. What I’m saying is: It’s not rocket science to get the files for the offline help out of an online-CMS. I actually know programmers who can do stuff like this with custom-CMSs. If some people like the online help, why not make a checkbox in C4Ds preferences? If checked, the internal (!) help browser loads the whole bundle of files offline into the Cinema 4D-directory. If not, the internal(!!!) help browser refers to a url. Both, the downloaded html-files and the online version could refer to the same CSS-file (how it looks) and be lean and mean. Or look at intentionally different CSS-files for a darker colour-theme within Cinema 4D. No rocket science. The system just has to be build (or extended) one time. Actually, if you need somebody in Germany who can build the web-part of this system, write me PM (if this is a thing with this forum software…).
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    Hallo DasFrodo, You can just drag the volumebuilder into the fiel list in the field force. It helps to either add a normalize layer in the volumebuilder or to normalize in the field list in the direction tab if you activate remapping. The default volume vectors are quite short. Regards Fritz
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    I recently had this same issue. It's not easy, because for label artwork even very small distortions in the UV mesh become very obvious. My soloution was to make a straight version of the label. I then duplicated it and used a bend command to distort it to match the artwork file - made it editable - flat projected the AW onto it. Then used a pose morph to re-correct it back to the straight version while retaining the UVs of the bent version.
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    An open letter to MAXON CEO David McGavran David, I'm afraid we need to talk. I've came to Cinema 4D on r12. My first 3d program was 3ds Max, but a few years using it I felt it's stuck on evolution and I decided to move. Since then, Cinema 4D is my trusty and beloved home, the best piece of software I've got on my computer, the thing I rely on, my leaving and career relies on. I trusted it not only because of the features and quality it's got, but because the MAXON team's vision of the future, the attention they have to their work and management relation to community formed around. I was one of them when C4D was known as "not serious" amongst many 3d artists, I'm one of them now when it's (still) rocking 3d world. In recent years since MAXON announced the shift to a new core architecture a was waiting passionately to see it. Finally we stepped through the Rubicon and an unprecedented power uncovered to our vision, promising so many new things to expect! And now... Now it starts to seem like all that glory made by devs is going to crumble under a pressure of new freaking management approach. I know where you've came from, Dave. But the things Adobe did to their policy is the reason we leave, run away from them and try to substitute their products as much as possible as it's dangerous to rely on them nowadays. And the former MAXON relation to customer and the whole community on the other side are the reasons we adored this company and growingly loved Cinema 4D. I am SHOCKED to see these precursors of some very ugly changes to MAXON policy in recent time, this weak and humble evolvement of program in the last release, exactly in the such important point of it's history, when it shifts to top league, promising such a great functionality I'm afraid we would not see already. You could call me "headlong" for saying all of this, but nope - I saw such thing already (Canon, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk) and I have a distinct feeling of what's going on and what's coming next. Get me right, it's not personal (yet), you may be awesome in person, but where you start to lead us to - ISN'T WHERE WE WANT TO GO. And THERE IS a choice, and despite it would be a harsh shift like leaving a childhood home, we will shift if you keep it going. Not tomorrow, not in a year, but we will. Remember the death of "immortal" 3ds Max, you know what I'm talking about. I feel worrying for the YEARS AND YEARS of my hard work learning and mastering Cinema 4D. I feel worried for my entire career I relied on Cinema 4D. I feel the move you're taking is DISHONEST to us, the whole community, about like XSI murder by Autodesk felt. I, personally, considered subscription option, despite it's pretty pricey (but It's your right to set pricing, ok). But seeing the movement of recent time I opted not to. No because the release is weak for a major number, no - because I don't want to support the movement in that direction. I don't want MAXON to go there. You're clearly taking the Adobe route. They told us the same - "constant updates with no need to wait untill release will let us push more cutting-edge features right on your table, increasing development pace will push the boundaries of your possiblilities and creativivivity way beyond today's standards" and so on and so on. What did this spaghetti on our ears turned into? You know by yourself - sluggish, buggy, unreliable software, from release to release bringing NOTHING we needed, nothing we were asking for DECADES (as folders in AE timeline for instance). For the price many times more adequate, growing constantly with no reason. Subscription? This isn't the key. I'm glad it exists, despite it's pricey I think, but it's on your side. It's good there is an option, this isn't a problem. The problem is the whole approach you try to take. "The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world" as MRalph said. Let's face it, "online" is simply lidicrous here. "Online" - is a steel wire you tie us to yourself. Adobe did so, and as a result - constant stream of money made them not a software developers, but rather a typical rentier. That is what you try to do to OUR world, right? Recently I wrote an extensive list of improvements for C4D, spending my working time and thoughts to have a chance to make it better. Because I love it and wish to it to evolve. And I was sure if I mail it to MAXON, I have a chance to be heard, as our goal is the same. Now I feel like soon there would be no one to listen to us. Not even considering that, just like Adobe does. Isn't it a right time to stop and take a step backwards, Dave?
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    Yes, the Magnet tool, with the right radius settings could sort that out from where you are now, but it would be difficult to keep all the UV points even that way. So a better option would be to select all the top points of the UV and do 'Border to Circle' which will make a decent arch with them you can non-uniform negative scale so it matches the curve of your label. Repeat for the lower points separately and use 4,5,6 keys (move, uniform scale, rotate) to further adjust them until it's all lining up in the perspective viewport... CBR
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    Personally I think that's BS and just a convenient excuse. The Foundry has no problem putting out 3 versions / updates of Modo each year and I pay an annual maintenance.
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    In Cinema that's called (rather more appropriately IMO!) Collapse (U-C), although Weld (M-Q) does mostly the same thing in this instance. So you'd just Inner Extrude (I) that big n-gon one more time to add another edge loop, then use Weld or Collapse commands (r-click menu) to reduce it to a single point. The difference between the 2 tools is that Collapse ONLY collapses to a single central point, whereas Weld offers additional control in that you can choose the point it welds to. CBR
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    A quick word about texturing. Make sure you keep different save files for the various stages of this, as it makes sense to do the texturing as we build the main leaf. I'll be back at some point to show you that, but the key is to texture each part BEFORE you collapse it down with others. So in the case of this, you want to texture the first leaf before it goes in the cloner... This could be as simple as a mirrored gradient or you could properly UV map a photo or prepared graphic to it if you really are going for realism... CBR
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    Okay...If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: PLEASE STEP OUT OF YOUR ECHO CHAMBER and stop listening to yourselves. Start listening to your customers. Never consider an action that benefits MAXON unless it ALSO benefits your customers and be darn sure that you have asked a good cross section of your customers if that action really is a benefit. The whole thread just shows how out-of-touch MAXON is becoming with the real world as you embrace the "modern on-line world". It also shows the massive shift of corporate culture going on within MAXON. There is a very obvious theme throughout all of your actions of putting MAXON's interests ahead of your customers. That is a losing strategy. We all see it and my hope is that you step out of your own echo chamber long enough to see it for yourselves. Dave
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    And what happens if e.g. I stay with R21 Perpetual, and MAXON decides to no longer support older versions? Let's say they are at R25 and don't want to support more than 3 old versions, AS THEY ALREADY HINTED AT? Then, my R21 is not only no longer downloadable, but my existing installations also don't have a help system anymore b/c MAXON kills the online help? And while I may st Not to mention situations where you simply DON'T have online access? It's nice if you live in NYC or LA and never get any issue with your online access, but some people would like to be elsewhere or even traveling where the internet access is not stable or nonexistent. Yay, working on a transatlantic flight for 12 hours, no internet here, no help... awww. Putting something as essential as the help (which you may need any second of your workday) online only where you may or may not be able to see it is a BAD BAD BAD idea. What's next, back to stupid terminals and putting everything in a cloud? Oh yes, I see. Also, what about "a few isolated requests"? Up to R20, the help WAS offline, so where should any requests come from to MAKE it offline? It was the default, of course you're not getting requests for the default. If you're lacking requests, here, have mine: MAKE THE HELP ACCESSIBLE OFFLINE AGAIN. (And "Agile"? Really? If your development method necessitates the delivery path, you're doing it wrong.)
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    unfortunately yes. The longer I play with this turd R21, I regret having payed the MSA this year. I should have saved the money.
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    Hello, I'm one of the Product Managers here at MAXON, and the one who managed the new deployment system's creation, so I felt I should reply. The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world. Online connectivity is something people assume nowadays. Having the help online greatly increases our flexibility and speed of deployment, especially for the numerous languages we support. It’s the modern agile approach and we are embracing it. We’ve had a few isolated requests to have the Help made available in an offline form and we’ll investigate now the R21 is out. I'm sorry you feel this release is below par, that's certainly not how we view it, nor how I testers have felt. Kind Regards, Ralph
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    Oh boy, so they not only don’t give us anything substantial with R21 but they even take away stuff that made Cinema 4D better than the other guys?!

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