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    Thanks noseman, I will give it a try
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    Frequently. I sometimes use Fusion, Rhino, FormZ... Another good tool to check out is MOI 3D. It's a simple NURBS based spline modeller created by the guy that originally created Rhino. It sits somewhere between a full blown CAD tool and something like C4D. It also offers 'decent' mesh output - for a CAD type tool. It's a good 'halfway house' for some technical modeling tasks.
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    You have to increase the Noise Strength under the Noise Settings. But beware, too much and the edges may fold on themselves.
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    For concept design, CAD is much faster. A lot of concept artists use keyshot to render, as it can natively import CAD models and texture them. For animations, quad-based meshes are the norm unless the object does not get deformed. However, some artists don't care at all: check out Beeple's scene files of his short films: his hard surface models are full of ngons and tris but he still manages to texture his meshes thanks to simple projection types.
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    Not all camera types are supported by S&T, Gentleman is one of them I think. I do have a workaround: Use a Front camera. Put your model (or whole scene) in a FFD deformer and morf it so it matches the Gentleman's camera deformation. I attached a scene with the setup. gentleman S&T.c4d
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