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    i've been recently experimenting a lot with cartoon sfx setups like water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on purely with mograph, fields and volumes. no particles, no plugins. most fun i've had in a while, also i'm quite impressed what can be done with just the on-board tools. just wanted so share those here too, since people seem to like them a lot on twitter, hope you'll like them as well. https://twitter.com/everfreshdesign
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    Hi Thanulee, Thanks for the feedback. Yes it is a bit tricky have to install both the plugin manager and the plugin itself at the moment. But once you have both the pluginmanager and your plugin installed then you just need to click the Activate button on the right. Then enter your key there. This is also detailed on the Plugin Manager page as well: https://www.plugins4d.com/pluginmanager I will be making a quick video on this soon to help as well. Let me know if you have any more issues. Cheers, Kent
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    It's a known limitation rather than a bug I think. Fadeouts should be done with materials ideally. The display tag was only designed to give quick viewport feedback really, so I was surprised it worked even with Cinemas native renderers. I don't think there are ANY TPRs that would support this but interested to hear from anyone that knows different, or maybe Redshift could gain that ability now MAXON have acquired them ? CBR
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    Rough and ready test to see what options there are so sim and render are low quality https://youtu.be/LjyjxyMO3SA
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    The settings in the link worked and we got it fixed, thanks again!
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    I think this is something in the Nvidia settings. Looks exactly like the bug I used to get. I posted some screenshots of the settings here hopefully it resolves your issue
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    I had this issue years ago. It was an incompatible driver. It was the newest at the time, but especially for Software like C4D newest doesn't mean best. If you don't have the newest try the newest, if it is the newest try an older one.
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    Hey guys. I wanted to share for anyone that might be interested that our patreon page is now live: https://www.patreon.com/yetipictures We will be doing mostly Xparticles/TFD/Realflow/Mograph/Dynamics/Fields/Octane. Thanks a lot!

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