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    This was the other option I mentioned to add around the hole with Substane Painter. https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/3930 Dan
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    Hi French Creative AD, I work in motion design and digital advertising. Started 3d more than 20 years ago with 3d Studio. Switched to cinema 4D 10 years ago. Now I mainly use the software for prototyping, proof of concept, style frames and short animations. While, given enough time, I can generally produce what I need with cinema, I hope to discuss in the cafe about workflow optimisation, time saving tricks and neat features with experts from all over the world.
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    Here is such a example of what you can do if you have clean edge loops. bullet hole modeled.c4d
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    You mean show Vector displacement? If you mean that then you either need to use something like Zbrush to produce the dense mesh needed for such a task or find a vector displacement of a bullet hole online. You could try to sculpt the peeling parts In C4D but that could get difficalt. (more so if you have Ngons) Personaly If it was my project and would have planned ahead how I could form the volume of such a holes exit via modeling then add a map to that. Adding a standard displacement is easy. PS: Looks like you didnt follow the method we showed and gone down the boole option, this has now introduced Ngons and has made any futher options void. If you had a nice loop as sugsted you could have extruded peel back on the exit. The hold looks too big also, that gun is firing a missile. Do you need furthger help in doing it the way cebera had laid out as that way is clean, always choose the clean option where posible. Dan

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