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    Hi, you can make a selection object for that: select all your controls relevant for your character in the object manager (and also add keyframe selections on all animated channels for each object), then go to select> selection filter> create selection object and all your controls will be summarized under this object that will pop up in your object manager. After that you can just double click on the icon of the selection object and it will automatically select all of your rig's controls so you can easily set a keyframe. I would recommend to do this while rigging for every rig, as it is something you will most likely need for every animation, for setting the first pose at least
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    Great solution, thanks Cerbera.
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    CBR, Thank you for the extensive insight, exactly what I was looking for, worked like a charm.
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    There are parametric ways to make that with a formula spline. Here's what happens for example, if you take the default formula spline, extend its forward periods to the amount of points you want, and then spline wrap around a circle (you'll need a second smaller one of those as a rail) like this... Once you have the number of points set you can change the radius of the circle until the start and end points of the formula meet up... CBR
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    There is nothing wrong with snapping in Cinema, particularly later versions, and it can help with this to some degree. However, by far the best method of avoiding light leaks is to use contiguous geometry, so don't build walls out of separate objects unless you absolutely have to - instead make a whole room out of a cube (for example), where you have reversed the normals so that its inner surfaces become the 'outside' of the object so to speak and you make all the walls, the floor and the ceiling out of 1 cube (or rather I should say 1 object). That containing geo can also have thickness if you want to double insure against light leaks, but it's the contiguousness of surfaces that is the biggest factor... Here's a quick example room with 2 windows and some extruded thickness I knocked up from a single cube, that will only let light in through the windows or the missing front wall... Of course you can still build anything inside the room out of separate objects - skirting boards, windows frames, coving etc because all that remains nicely contained within your leak-proof outer shell of a building... CBR
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    Looping is quite hard in XPresso - need to use python. In this file I calculated the gap and positioned each text word at previous position + previous height + gap words align gap.c4d time to read up on Python lists
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