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    Hi guys! My 2 cents on the topic: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EMfgEuGXkAIr0tj?format=jpg&name=900x900 Besides the jokes, I think Cinema 4D is one of the greatest software that I have used and now is affordable even for my location. When I open Blender, all the navigation and stuff make me feel I got into LADA car (it is old soviet cars)it can drive you in every place but in the most uncomfortable way, when I use Maya, I feel like I am driving Alpha Romeo - beautiful but it breaks every 10 km., when I use 3Ds Max (my first 3d app) I am feeling I am in a tank - I have 2 handles for everything, when I use Houdini...well like I am in CERN, I am accelerating particles to make a cube, and I accidentally make a hypertorus packed with monkeys, which are consumed by the black hole that also accidentally appeared...I end up making the cube with real paper from the garbage in the post apocalypse world that I have created. when I use Nuke - I am using BMW, cool but too expensive and in the winter you don't go out with it... and when I use Cinema 4D - I am in a AUDI! Feels good and takes you where you want to go! The grass is not always greener on the other side!
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    just uploaded a compilation of all the toon FX setups i've done to vimeo
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    Hey! Actually my technical references are pretty basic. i've watched some tutorials for maya, mostly about multiple joint chains in character limbs and such. From there i learned to replicate that in c4d but those were technical concepts since i've no intereset to work with maya. i've also checked some tutorials from cineversity but i found those a bit superficial. Cinema 4d has some interesting rigged human models you can find in the content browser, plus they added some cartoon models from Ace5 Studios that have a different type of rig, much simpler, and also a facial rig that is very cool to learn. I usually break that into components and do some revearse engineering. That's my way to work. For the bird i used this video from The Mill just for inspiration. It's just a breakdown so they cut out all tech parts. i also found something about the mechanics of wing feathers, but never related to rigging and absolutly nothing in c4d. The guys at the Mill made an incredible work and we tried to do our best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkagLUbs95Q In the end our bird was like this: http://glimpsevfx.com/portfolio/leroy-merlin-robin/
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    you mean those glitches?
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    I wanted to do something original and something different for our gender reveal, so last year I 3D modeled and animated a animation that we watched in a movie theater. I created two versions with a boy and girl version so I also did not know the ending until the day of. It was created in Cinema4d and rendered with Octane. Let me know what you guys think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdQRAusxtkw I also started creating some fun mini VFX shots https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd4OQ7QVz_53yLT5y6t9RNQ
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    Hello all, I had a plugin to create studio backdrops that ceased to work, so I made my own. You can get it for free here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/m12a5u23b6x67l0/BazStudioScenes.c4d?dl=0 Might not be perfect but it works, enjoy !
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    Yea to be honest I wouldn't use either of the techniques you provided examples of above flat surface or not, mainly because they're ugly:) one would prefer a nice quad patch like the example @Cerbera provided:D
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    that meme made me spit out my beer
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    i've been recently experimenting a lot with cartoon sfx setups like water, fire, smoke, explosions and so on purely with mograph, fields and volumes. no particles, no plugins. most fun i've had in a while, also i'm quite impressed what can be done with just the on-board tools. just wanted so share those here too, since people seem to like them a lot on twitter, hope you'll like them as well. https://twitter.com/everfreshdesign
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    No no you misunderstand me - it was you saying you were a beginner that made me think you wouldn't be on the beta team ! Anyway, thank you for checking out the posting advice, and changing your profile. As @DasFrodo says, if you can attach a scene file that is the best and fastest way to show us your problems, because our answers depend on understanding your whole setup, so we need to see it... CBR
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    i agree 100% with this statement and i want to add a litte more. Even if the tools in c4d seem outdated (and in many aspects they are) try to check some making ofs from big anmation studios. Most of the time they are using old versions of maya , some of them are like maya 2012 or similar. Of course they have TD's in their pipeline to solve and implement custom tools but the the core is always something that they rely on instead of the newest release. C4d sometimes behaves like houdini. We can try and mix diferent modules to enhance certain capabilities. That means that we have to create most of our solutions and there are no presets for this kind of stuff. I love to mix mograph in rigging. It's just amazing . But there are even more things that are really good: Pose Morph tools are super powerfull in the rigging process and really worth it to explore.
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    I... am... speechless, at such awesome work! Big congrats JBatista! I gotta say, seeing how much talent is displayed within this forum, it kinda gives this extra injection of inspiration about C4D, and it proves that someone, that knows what they are doing, can really push the capabilities of the software really far! I love the idea of reverse engineering. I've done a very long time ago.. with Flabo, our good friend Flabo from C4D. And by some weird distraction, I havent downloaded the presets on C4D on this last version, and you are right, there are amazing rigs over there There is even a t-rex!! Thanks for sharing this with me JBatista, I appreciate it! Obrigado
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    Cinema 4d has good tools for rigging. Besides 3ds max and a bit of maya i dont know much about other packages but i feel very confortable rigging in this one. Obvisously i would like some improvements in the skinning system, maybe a multi layer system for the weight painting and a better constraint system that wasn't much of a drag with priorities. Unfortunately i'm mainly a generalist and i only rig occasionally, so there are a lot of skills (including learning python) that i miss. However it's good to work in a system that have such potencial and it helps a lot professionals like me that are not fully dedicated to rigging. For example i watched some rigging maya tuts and i find that if your are not a python user, you don't go very far... Perhaphs blender is better, but like i said it before, don't know it very well. Another thing that i really like is that we can mix mograph tools with rigging tools and provide some cool effects, and i dont see this kind of interaction in other packages. Here's a an example of some of those rigs i've worked, and to show that c4d is a good tool to use. A lot of xpresso but no python at all. enjoy:
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    c4ds rigging tools are much more capable than most people think! we do have a few limitations because of how our object system works, but most things that can be done in maya can be done in c4d as well.
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    Probably to do with your old version of the software. Our FBX import started getting good somewhere around R19. CBR
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    Thank you! Hope to see some new work from you soon too.
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    Looking good bro! Glad to see you're still going with these
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    Look for the script log in the Extensions menu; all your actions are recorded there. You just need to clean up a little, like removing the call for the script log which is also logged
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    Hi everyone, I've been using C4D for about 1 year now and I am trying my best to improve my 3D skills in order to use it in my graphic design projects. Nice to meet you all!
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    Hello and welcome to the cafe. 3D covers a wide range of skills, what area are your interests in? Dan
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    BRILLIANT! I would have never thought about starting with a disc! Thanks, I'm working through it now and hopefully by the time you're back on I have some progress made. I can't thank you enough.
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    Funnily enough I am also on a client job at the moment in which I am forced to use Boolean Operations, but unlike you, I can't go back for better STEP reference I am getting things to work with a rather assorted variety of tricks and bedevilment, some of which seem to have no reason behind them whatsoever, yet *touch wood*, I do find myself winning most of the boolean battles I face. In short my top boole tips are: Do anything you can to avoid using them at all. But if it is unavoidable... Aim for a solid boole first, so you get the inside of say carved lettering, but if that is not possible, for example if one of your source meshes is open, then still do the boole, but you will only get an intersection, and have to model indents yourself from that outline, which is still helpful. Make sure the mesh you are cutting into has regular, even distribution of polygons and enough density. Always break the phong shading along intersection lines If things go invisible... Move the source geo slightly. Move the other mesh slightly. Change the interpolation in any spline based geo to uniform / natural, and vary subsegment numbers Have all the options in the boole object ticked to start with... If that fails, turn off HQ, but then set and use proper phong edge breaks. Better to turn HQ back on, and instead change the topology of the source meshes until it doesn't fail any more. This can be as easy as sliding 1 vertex or as complex as re-topologising an entire section, but if you are patient you WILL find something that works... Spin edges to avoid counter-flow junctions and complex poles. But not if it's animated booleans. That sh1t is just not predictable or reliable and there's really not much we can do other than find another way CBR
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    First of all the top of this cylinder is flat - fully planar, so it doesn't matter if there are triangles or complex poles, even under subdivision. There is no functional difference between the 2 quad options you have shown - they are all kite quads at the centre, and either is an equally acceptable solution for quads on a planar surface. However, both of these ways are rubbish under subdivision on a curved surface - in that case neither will do because you can't be having the complex pole that remains at the very centre, which will result in artefacting during render. In that case then this is the answer for quad solving - it can cope with curving in any direction, and has not a single complex pole anywhere ... CBR
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    Well, the thing is, if you're using mocap(which is the intended use for that template) it was needed to work that way. If you're not using Mocap, then use the Advanced Biped rig. If you are using Mocap you could still do it by either parent constraining or psr constraining the IK controller to another object that you can treat as the IK control. Just make some object, and put the tag on the mixamo ik arm controller.
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    Oh yeah, you would have to set the cloth belt again at the new position to fix that... CBR
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    That is some impressive work. Love to see more of the breakdown even further, such as other tools used such as render engine, post work e.c.t. Thats got to be the most realistic animation iv seen come out of C4D, very nice indeed. your other projects on your site done with C4D? Dan
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    Thanks a lot man !!!! very kind of you. I needed to figure out a way to make it nice and metalic again after what you suggested but I think I made it ! thanksssss !!!
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    Hey man how's it going? The reason the render is black is because you have a highly reflective material applied to your object, with no background or anything for that object to reflect. If you Create a new basic material through the create tab on the bottom there under your timeline, apply that to your object and you'll see that it now appears when rendered.
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    More interior work with Corona renderer.
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    Without a scene file or more information we have no idea what you're doing wrong. Consider attaching a (simplified) scene and someone will probably look at it
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    Z-Depth can be used for different kinds of effects that rely on the depth information. These include but are not limited to DoF (what you already know) and fog effects for example. When you want to add your DoF in Post with Z-Depth you DO NOT use DoF in your final renders. The entire point with Post DoF is that you don't have to invest the additional rendertime to do it properly in the render. It does have it's limitations and does not look as good as "real" DoF, but in many scenes it works just fine. EDIT: You import the Z-Depth into After Effects and apply the Camera Blur effect on your main footage. Then you use the Z-Depth as "Mask".
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    Unfortunatly i also find very few tuts on this subject. Most of my rigging solutions are a translate from other softwares but with a lot of tweaking by my self. Also, most advanced stuff is difficult to find anywhere else. I can still find some stuff for human rigging but for other type of animals or creatures its almost impossible. I have already rigged a bird and that was crazy difficult because of the wing feathers . I found nothing usefull on that subject. I feel that if we want to create more advanced solutions we have to find ourselves the way to do it.
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    Yep, dynamics doesn't care what the Normals are doing, but Cloth very much does... CBR
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    Its the cloth tag on the body, once you delete that it all works as expected. Deck
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    The 3 rig set up I learnt from Cineversity, and another version of it I done with constraints along with some basic espresso but the easy way is to use Morph targets to blend between two rigs. 1: Skinned rig to character, 2: IK rig, 3: FK rig. If I can find it, Il post it up for you to break down, its rather simple but complete. I think I then moved on to Foot rigs, again Cineversity. There is a very good resource that I think not many know about from Posespace website. Its a complete women's articulation of every limb (Mandy Complete), it shows the natural limits and its in form of video clips, if you ask to purchase the whole lot they do it cheaper. Dan
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    OK that clarifies things. We are getting the same result, but I had never seen it in its torus form - when I first opened it it was already partially inflated, but playing inflated it further, and then every subsequent restart did the same, so I presumed that was correct, which I now see it isn't... I have to go out now, so can't explore further, but may have time to come back to it later... CBR
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    Same here, it's a bit like visiting an old friend that you don't really hang out with anymore, but you still care about knowing how they're doing.
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    not at all what i want to say. i think i literally stated that a couple of posts before. i just wanted to prove you wrong when you were saying it’s impossible to create decent results containing character animation with c4d, which i find quite insulting to a whole group of people. i think i‘m done here, since you obviously don’t want to hear anything about it, otherwise you would have to admit to yourself that your problems are not the softwares fault.
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    must have missed that... that's awesome. @Fastbee google my name and you'll find some stuff... most things were rendered locally, since most of my stuff is toon shaded and renders within seconds anyways, but i also rendered a lot of more photoreal animations on farms, and yes, i know about issues with preparation times, but my shots are rarely longer than 5-10 seconds each, so those are usually neglectable. if c4d was as bad as you say regarding character animation, how come successful studios like aixponza, believe, nebula, bomper and many others use c4d for their character stuff? are they all stupid and you are so incredibly wise that they all need to listen to you? i know a rigger who rigs in any software, maya, max, houdini... on a very high level. and guess what? he actually likes c4ds rigging tools. again, i think blender is a fantastic piece of software, not arguing about that. also i'm not saying c4d is perfect. but this thread is about c4d facial rigging, and all you do is complaining that you can't accomplish anything with c4d in that regard. ever took into account that YOU might be the problem and not c4d? ps: there's an official blender forum i believe.
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    you can try to open them in R21, select all and copy to new file, save, and try opening in S22.
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    Bloom is the Keyword you're looking for.
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    I used to come to this site all the time back in the day. The people here helped me a lot and I have in turn hoped to have helped lots of people. I guess it is that, plus nostalgia that brings me back, and hope that the next version of C4D will finally be the big one. With every release though still no big one. The reason I'm pushing it here is to help others find the wealth down a different path. One day they will realize they were starving for scraps when they could have been feasting like kings. All the road blocks that C4D put up for me are gone with Blender. I'm having more fun with 3D now than I've probably ever had in my life. I wish others can also find their 3D joy no matter what programs they use.
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    Are blender forums so poor that no one uses them ? What is this craving with people trying to push blender in a cinema 4d forum ? There is clearly some personal psychology going on here..or maybe it is just that blender forums are a waste of space and users feel the need to tell us how wonderful blender is in this forum
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    You can't change the project frame range for every take, but you can create a unique render setting with different beginning- and endframes for each take you want to have.
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    You just can't beat the Cafe..now if it only could serve Amsterdam ..extras ..
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    I think you have finish your project already but..just for to know, there's another option....I you have (I think you must have) a subscription to Cinema4D, you automatically have access to cineversity and you can have all their plugin for free. There's one in particular that is designed to create this kind of animation "CV-Dynamic Connector" is very easy to use and you can create this animation very fast I hope this is useful for the future
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    Coming from being a Vray user I found Corona to be a decent contender but not at the level to vray in terms of features, and options. As for Prorender its going to be of real benefit for those who are new to C4D or those whom have not already invested into a 3rd party renderer. Not all systems had high end graphics cards and on my laptop it wont use Pro render without issues down to my GPU. Its a W.I.P but has had some nice additions added to it in r20. In the future I can see Pro render being used by new users as ones main renderer especially as 3rd parties seem intent on renting their render engines. Redshift is the only one left that is not rental and has all the vast features and is well supported. Dan
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