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    My first attempt on modeling a bicycle
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    Hello It has been a while and i wanted to share my most recent creation. I call this Slums 2092- I edited the E30 BMW with custom Body kit and then added suitable environment and character
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    3d sculpt and polypaint of one of my character concepts. Really fun experience, my most complex sculpt ever. His name is Osh Kakith, he was a high priest and ruler of a destroyed ancient civilization. Their destruction came from the elite wanting immortality, they ran risky experiments which turned them into mutated beings, and put their whole civilization in ruins. It was made with Zbrush and Keyshot. © All Rights Reserved Use only with my permission.
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    Artwork made with Corona renderer for cinema 4d
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    First test of RS animation: converting a Vray scene to RS.
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    Here's a place to show off renders you've completed. Whether it's Cycles 4D or X-Particles rendered with anything, here's your place to show off finished work.
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