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    From the album: Rasputin's Gallery III

    Imported V4 character, clothing I modeled in MD, other objects I modeled and textured natively in Cinema 4D. Rendered in Corona, 150 passes. Of chief interest to me was trying to model that 1940's hairstyle. With Cerbera's help, I modeled those shoes using the Sub-D method... the first time I'd ever tried that method in all my years of doing C4D. Cerbera was right: it's a great way to model, especially organically-shaped objects like shoes.

    © © Rasputin (2020)

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    From the album: Modo

    Modelled with Modo mainly. No imported parts. Everything modelled by me. There's a handful of parts modelled with Cinema 4D. The decals were done using Affinity Designer. I've got the real Lego Harley Davidson.
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