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    Just the fact we can sit in front of our one machine and with one brain manage to turn out anything at all that approaches what the cream of ILM and 100 million dollars got you thirty years ago is pretty impressive. And even more excitingly, in thirty more years we will probably be huddled in front of fires eating rats and sheltering from the climate apocalypse, very much building on the promise of Terminator 2.
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    So any timing for the release? I would love to unwrap a few things during my holiday and I’m not talking about Xmas gifts.
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    Thank you MAXON! It's really nice to know we've been heard. So so glad that you have returned one of the features that separated C4D from the crowd xx
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    Yea I certainly do, although mine fits in my pocket, it seems phones these days are getting towards the size of tablets.
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    Here is a link to a short film I completed recently. It took a few months as it was a passion project produced between normal freelance jobs. There's a project description on vimeo. Below are some WIP stills that show the early development.
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    The weather outside is frightful....
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    Try the attached scene 1 01.c4d
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    Excellent - always nice to hear when a plan works and days get saved, and even nicer when OP thinks to mark their thread solved ! Gold standard forum-ing there my friend CBR
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    Love it! The pixel / retro look is really, really well made, especially the reduced color palette. Are you able to show more of it, like full size animation via YouTube / Vimeo instead of those *.gif files? Really interested to see how the effect looks uncompressed.
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    Wow, thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I knew that my approach was wrong. I’m not blaming the SDS in any way I was just expecting too much from a badly made shape. I will try this out tomorrow and write back if I struggle somewhere. Thanks again!
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    Apparently there's some issues with offline help on Mac. We're chasing them down. Stay tuned.
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    So, your problem is in geometry of text. If you look carefully in first picture, there are very long polygons which create those 2 parts of text. Basically, soft dynamics works best with even geometry. Changing parameters of intermediate points will help much more to dynamics... But at the end, maybe the best solution could be retopo whole text to polygonal object with even distributed mesh as posible and dynamics apply on that object. (Ofcourse in case you don´t need it keep setup parametric...)
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    I'm generally reluctant to recommend 'cloth' because I know it's likely to lead to days of torment... but...would inelastic cloth with a tear map work?
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    Is this more of a practice on how to accomplish this? Otherwise I'd suggest the use of the Convert Selection command.This can also be used via Python (MCOMMAND_CONVERTSELECTION) with SendModelingCommand(). By the way, are you aware of Plugin Café? There MAXON pays a team to answer questions like these and often the answer can already be found there right away. Having said this, we (sorry, I didn't mean to MoClone myself, I was thinking of the community of this forum) could certainly also talk you through this here. The thing is, C4D doesn't really know the concept of an edge, there are only points/vertices and polygons. Edges are implicitly defined due to the order of points which form a polygon. The Neighbor class you are already using provides some helpers to make this a little easier. Yet, it's no one liner. Actually the docs of the Neighbor class already contain roughly the code you need in the description of GetPolygonInfo(). So, if this is more a learning thing, I'd suggest to start there. Cheers
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    Oh, sorry, you misunderstood. Please send them just your own issues and thoughts. I wouldn't want mine to falsely multiply. Seeing this thread we'll overlap anyway. At least for the Script Manager maybe we could get an option to autosave the script on pressing the Execute button. At least users wouldn't loose any scripts by stupid mistakes anymore. If we then could get the option to have external scripts also in Python Generator and Tag (and so on), this autosaving could help there as well. Is probably an easier change than asking MAXON to tackle Pyhon's global lock (which is the real problem behind those lockups), which may not even be technically possible or feasible. Regarding c4dpy: At least if you are Windows, it's well worth taking a look at Visual Studio Code. It's more an editor, than an IDE, yet with nice features. In PluginCafe Donovan also demonstrates the use of PyCharm with c4dpy.
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    I had a go using IK dropbox
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    Paul Everett (CinemaPlugins.com) twitter info "get 20% of all plugins at http://cinemaplugins.com with the code CinemaPluginsBlackFriday" There´s no any info if it´s BF only or thru BF-CM
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    30% off Rizom https://www.rizom-lab.com/rizomuv_store/
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    Laubwerk Friday to Cyber Monday Sale Germany’s digital botany software company Laubwerk announces this year’s Friday to Cyber Monday Sale 2019, from Friday, Nov 29th to Tuesday, Dec 6th, featuring 25% off all products. This year we’re offering very attractive bundle prices, with discounts up to 55% off! Single Plants Kit, bundle of 2 different Plants Kits– 25% off: BF2019-25 Bundle of 3-5 different Plants Kits – 30% off: BF2019-30 Bundle of 6-8 different Plants Kits – 45% off: BF2019-45 Bundle of 9-12 different Plants Kits – 50% off: BF2019-50 Mega bundles: 13-15 different Plants Kits – 55% off: BF2019-55
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    Re model. Re modelling this should take ten minutes.
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    Amazing! Cheers for doing that, really interesting. Here's a quick preview of it working as a rendered output: I removed the gravity and placed the particles within two planes with no friction to try and keep them confined in Z depth. Things i'm still working on: - restricting collision movement to only two axis (x & y, not z) so it fills out a bit more without any depth (rather than the solution above) - the sound effector isn't reacting as sensitively as I want for the bigger balls, it's missing some notes. I think the solution here is to make a better pseudo track for it to run to with greater frequency changes in the beeps. - I ideally want the balls to disappear on dead air, so I still need to figure out reducing their scale to nothing when there is no sound frequency. I'm having some trouble with the range mapper/sound effector in getting the result I want. Cheers
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    It certainly includes X-Particles maintenance - took the opportunity to extand mine into 2021
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    Yes sir, international freelancers are certainly welcome! You can send over some samples of work (website, links, etc) to me at m.lambert@duggal.com
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    Nice idea! I didn't know we could sahre our stuff there. I'll definitely be uploading something from time to time.
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    Thanks, I am doing that as we speak. It's actually faster than the QMC + IC option! But indeed still quite slow Now that we're on the subject, do you know any good recourses for learning about best practices for render speed? ( am completely self taught in C4d, so 'm probably making tons of mistakes
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    @bezo I like your artistic touch.
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    You are welcome, glad it helped. Well, C4D has always been a hobby of mine since its Amiga times. Really just a hobby. I was fascinated by computer generated imagery and simulated physics. Yet, have never been able to produce anything anybody with a clear conscious would call art, because... probably because my brain doesn't work this way. I studied electrical engineering and worked as a system design engineer for almost 15 years (mainly C and VHDL programming). Around that time I decided to shift my focus onto something I like better and to try to hire at MAXON. Therefore I thought, it wouldn't hurt to have developed a plugin before. I took my year's vacation, MAXON's SDK documentation and the SDK examples and worked myself into it. Not that it helped with getting hired by MAXON (it took three more years to get into there), but for a reasonably experienced developer it was certainly possible to learn enough to get three plugins working (of which I released only two to the public and their functionality got redundant with MAXON's next major releases...). Only after I got hired by MAXON and worked inside the SDK Team I then also started familiarizing with the Python side. I doubt, you wanted to hear my life's story, but at least that's how I got into developing plugins. And you asked how I got into plugin development... Please, don't get me wrong, I certainly do not want to say, you need to study programming to get into it. Far from it. Actually I think it's more important to understand certain principles of C4D. Then, if you are able to program in Python, the SDK documentation and examples should get you going quite a bit. And finally, I think MAXON is quite generous in this regard, there's MAXON's SDK Team (and I'm not mentioning this, because I was in there) who provide free support to everybody in the Plugin Cafe forum. These guys usually get your problems solved quite quickly and nicely. Nowadays there are also other nice resources. Did you see @Cairyn's spoonfed series? Recommended. The links somewhere here in the forum. If you are planning to reach an age of 150, you may also wait for me to release my long planned YT tutorials on C4D Python development. Unfortunately there's too much in the pipe to get to these. Last note: I do also teach C++ and/or Python plugin programming for C4D to interested people (and also to not interested people who are forced by their boss to do it nevertheless). Maybe you are interested. While I usually do not do this for free, it is on a pay-what-you-want,-are-able-to-afford-and-deem-worthy basis. No strings attached. PM me, if you are interested. If enough people in here are interested, we can also do a Q&A chat session.
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    Having a web server behind the help gives us a lot more options in the way the help content is provided and what we can offer. As such it is the base for furthe rimprovements on the help. The Online only situation is just a temporary thing. I honestly did not expect it to be such a big issue.
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    I just took a look at it. I'm not sure why this happens, but it's at least related to your material. This doesn't happen with other basic materials. Looking at the models, you have some awful normal-orientations there so I would start fixing that first. Wrongly oriented normals can have an effect on how an object / material renders.
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    lolcats The realism of reflections comes entirely from the detail and contrast in whatever you are using for a sky. The default physical sky is not very detailed at all, so if you want to use that for refs, then you have to make it so using the numerous sky controls. There's a weekend gone right there ! The real advantage of the Physical Sky is its sun controls and the fact that you can easily move to any time of the day or night and get a reasonable start to your directional and ambient lighting. In your case though, and where you want a nice quick easy result, then either do what Dani said, or use any old HDRI with proper dedicated sunlight as well, which Cinema offers via it's sunlight or directional light types. Even though sunlight produces quite a hard shadow, it is still best to use area shadows on these lights (as opposed to raytraced or shadow maps), which are more realistic. CBR
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    From what you're saying I can already tell my scene is a mess LOL. I've really just been bullshitting my way through the scene. I'm definitely interested in a Skype session and will PM you shortly. Can't wait to topologize some girl's butts .
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    Hi, You could use Shader Effector with position parameter altered and animate it's strength over short time - 2-3 seconds. In Dynamics body tag set Trigger to: At Velocity Peak. Hope that helps spread.mp4
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    Mimito, you still fail to say "thank you!". A master is giving you guidance, talent and time and you mimito are not happy about it. Grow up mimito!
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    This is not an Arnold issue. The Birthrate values for Editor and Renderer in the Emitter are radically different, and should be the same... CBR
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    Hi You have a number of problems as follows. 1: Your character is not in zero world space, its off on the x axis by -0.415 cm, not ideal at all. When you make a character you want to set the pivot point at its feet using the Axis Centre tools at -100 on the y axis. then zero out the x.y.z. Optimize the mesh to make sure there are no floating points. Next freeze the mesh position. The scale of character should be right also. Then start to add the rig. 2: while the right arm is not weighted as well as the left the topology is not optimal, The characters top seems to have too many polygons, while the articulation points on the elbow have too few and are triangulated for some reason, either way it will still bend but a extra loop either side of the elbow and wrists articulation will help. 3: You didnt rig with symmetry on, plus the whole rig is off x axis because your model was also. You dont always need symmetry on, but when your models limbs are symmetrical it makes it easier. The Clavicle joint position for the shoulder should be in line with the arm pit, as its not the arm pit area will have bad deformation. The Elbow joint position is not located at where there is a loop. Plus you need at least one loop either side of the articulation loop to hold the form of the mesh better. Same for wrists. There is enough loops for knee, if not too many compared to the too few on the arms. There should be a more consistent polygon distribution throughout the mesh. If your aim is low polygon then you need fewer for legs and torso and dreadlocks also unless you need extra detail there. If you want to triangulated then why are some mesh parts not, and why triangulate it at all, you loose your ability to add extra loops or modify the model? Unless your intending of simulating the torso clothes there is no need to have a body under them, its more polygons not needed, and more intersecting issues you dont need when weighting. Once you put the mesh in zero world space, put the joints in abetter position, add a few more loops your see the arms with auto weight much better, iv tried this by doing the above, removing the weight tag and rebinding it again. Your get away with the mesh just about, but its not ideal, hope you have the non triangulated version still? Dan
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    Hello I invite you to my website where you will find free 3d models, tutorials and interior and exterior scenes. Everything in Cinema 4D, Corona, Octane and Vray. www.vizforyou.com All models are made in Cinema 4D R17. They are optimized mesh - Nurbs and Subdivision Surface functions. Free Models:
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    Really nice models/renders, only what disturb me is shining interier lights. Since outdoors looks like in midday, when everything is lit by real sun, strong shadows from interior light could not follow the reality. (maybe in case there are not real windows but some wallpapers only on the wall... But it just my opinion.
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    Hi, after getting this character out of his car for the next episode shoot, i decided to rebuild and improve the original rig. This is what i have so far:
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    For anyone interested, this was the set-up with the tracer object. Very handy for doing cables, rope and other bendy things. cable movement update c4d cafe.c4d
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    I contaced the support and got a newer Version of R21. Now it is working. Maybe its was bacause I have a new (unsupported) Intel Ice Lake CPU. ( i7 1065G7)
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    Aha! That works. Thanks for the tip. I thought there was a randomize all colors, but maybe that's from the old CDTools back in the day. Or I'm just old.
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    I just tried what I written in my reply and it works, ace now to rig this thing, with me luck!
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    Use Transparency to do the fade, which operates independently of alpha. You can keyframe 'Brightness' there. Or you could try a display tag, which has a key-able Visibility Attribute that works with internal Renderers. CBR
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    Take heart: Great art and talented artists will always find a way. I had the great opportunity to talk to a traditional matte painter from the golden days of photo-chemical/mechanical special effects (his big claim to fame is that he did the opening title shot for Ghostbusters). He also did matte paintings for Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The guy is talented. I met him at the MAXON Power Integration tour in Boston so he made the switch to digital. But what struck me from talking to him is that the shift to digital was a frightening change for the SFX artists of the day. And this guy new them all...all the greats (even Denis Muren who is the grandfather of digital VFX). The artists were all terrified (which is understandable) but what struck me is that even some of the seasoned VFX supervisors were scared (accept for Mr. Muren of course). Change is always scary. I used to study the old techniques as I have loved VFX since the 1960's when I was a young lad. What I have found is that knowledge of the old techniques provides useful insights in how to make things look real in the digital world. Hey, the old timers faced the same issues in the toothpicks and rubber band era of VFX too! Knowing how they solved it in the physical world helps replicating reality in the digital world as well. Well...new tools create new opportunities and possibilities. Just look at how many people are in the industry today as compared to the 1980's. DCC is a multi-billion dollar industry. Re-topology may be automated by the AI demons you fear, but hard-surface sculpting may now become an even bigger new industry than it is today with new tools and techniques you never would have considered unless you were pushed into it. Hey, you would never use boolean tools because right now it is easier to just polygon model it from the beginning then mash it together and fix it later. But what if you could use boolean modeling tools in ways you never dreamed of and get perfect quads with outstanding mesh flow because some AI was able to make it work? Your tremendous knowledge of quad modeling is only going to give you an advantage because even should an AI system do it for you, you will have a deeper understanding of what those algorithms need as you work with the new tools/techniques that these new capabilities create. That insight will help you push these new tools further than you could if you didn't have that knowledge and that will allow you to once again stand out as a gifted modeler. So have no fear. You are exceptionally talented modeler and while the tools may change, your talent, knowledge, experience and insights will always be in demand. So don't fear the change....just go with it. Dave
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    Hey everyone. I made a py script that does this same thing but this is compatible with R20. Have fun! - Shawn Toggle Grid SA Studios.zip

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