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    I'll chuck in a couple from my interceptor wip
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    Oh is it my turn already ? OK, here's my half way stage on full-body DV. No arms yet ! :) CBR
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    Weh hey :) OK then - I'll start off with some embarrassingly lo-res renders of my Tie Fighter from the original trilogy. Not a patch on @VECTOR's impending Tie Interceptor, but we all had to start somewhere :) Here's bit of wing detail on those.. CBR
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a simple script that takes a selection of points and arranges them into a circle. Also works in edge and polygon mode. Make sure you only select the outer elements i.e. select a ring of points. if you don't do this, the plugin won't work. Copy the script into your scripts folder which you access via the Script menu on the toolbar. Restart C4D and you'll find the script in the Script menu. Do your selection then run the script. Resize the circle of points, edges or polygons using the scale tool. You can change the default size of the circle by editing the script.
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    Back on the characters now, and picking up from where i left off last year, i made a new female head but ended up never using it, so the last few days i've been reworking the head, changing some proportions things like that im super happy with how she's looking now, i've also just finished building a base mesh body, of which i'm now gonna enjoy stylising , so pics of that should be up soon :D
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    Avid Star wars fans @Cerbera and i decided to create a thread where we can dump all our Star wars related artwork, (there's gonna be a lot of it) including wip's and completed pieces, ranging from the original trilogy right up through the prequels to the latest outings, ranging from Storm troopers, to Battle droids to Darth Vader :D Talking of which i'll kick this off with my Revenge of the sith version Darth Vader helmet, freshly rendered, i decided to be quite subtle with the wear and tear on this, opting for a little dirt on the eye pieces and elsewhere on the helmet to break up the surface a little, i've included a 3k version to show it off a little bigger, just click it a few times to get full size :D
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    Time for another one I think. This time let's make a diamond-cut whiskey glass in just 23 easy steps :) CBR
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    due to ongoing requests i bit the bullet and recorded a tutorial on toon shading yesterday. sorry for the bad audio, while the speakers of my macbook are awesome, the microphone apparently kinda sucks. i need to get an audio interface. and a couple of adapters probably ;)
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    Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
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    i recently bought new sneakers, the ones doc brown had on when the russians came for their plutonium. also i'm working on a new more detailed character which needed some cool sneakers. so i asked @VECTOR to take on the challenge to model those sneakers for me, and of course he couldn't resist. ;) so here are a few renders and some wires, hope you'll enjoy. rendered with redshift. smoke and fire made with xp4.
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    Added another model to the pack! I am currently working through this model pack and seperating all the base objects so that you can apply materials on individual objects. New updated includes the material files for both OBJ and FBX. These new formats can be used in #Unity and #Elements3D
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    Hello Dave and all! We are working around the clock to deliver the best products possible for you guys. Forester 2 is shaping up to be a quite a substantial update, with more features than we originally intended, hence the time it's taking to complete. I still don't have a definite release date, but it is coming. The landscape generator will most likely be released around the same time, featuring custom shaders and erosion simulation. Although we are not verbal about future updates, if you check our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3dquakers, every once in a while we release some technology preview images that hint at possible upcoming features. So yes, it is taking time, but it will be worth the wait :) Charbel
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    This update introduces support for Metal 2 on Macs and greatly improves the application's overall performance. This service release improves the stability and performance of Cinema 4D and is recommended for all Release 19 users. New in SP2, among other things, is the support for Apple's API Metal 2 on Mac systems, which greatly improves the performance of Radeon ProRender. In addition to general improvements that affect almost all application areas in Cinema 4D, modeling and MoGraph features in particular will benefit from this service release. A complete overview of all improvements in SP2 can be found in the changelist (PDF). https://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-news/article/cinema-4d-service-release-19-sp2-available-immediately/
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    I'm on a roll tonight, so let's have a look at that timeless mystery classic, the SDS Helical Screw thread... 'n', in case you're wondering, can be any number you like. CBR
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    I made a two last changes. I added three different trees and changed some rocks. While looking at the last image, something seemed wrong. So I pulled up some photos I took in October and realized that there are many different trees in the woods. It's hard to tell in the summer because they are all green. But the different trees become visible in the fall with the varying colors of the leaves. Mark
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    In this 40-minute video we are going to practice hard surface modeling and create a Victorian-style window using blueprints as a reference. You can download a Cinema 4D file in which the references have already been set up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/enlkn3oqkn113ft/C4D start file.zip?dl=0
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    Hey Cerbera, thank you for taking time to think about it, I just found the solution in the help documentation. It's as easy as making all objects children of the instanced object, and choosing "Random" in the hierarchy drop-down.
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    here is the finished image...from a lighting perspective anyway! lol
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    I get your point, for how I interpret this though, the tracer object generates a hypothetical spline and does not follow an existing one, so the spline options and its final shape are subordinate to the time and space given in order for it to be created. If there are no frames available to define the position of an object between 2 frames, then that position is just hypothetical and the moment you print out your frames the trail is optimised to match that frame rate, because the final defined spline never existed in the first place, it was just a possibility but was never actually "physical" and in that lies the difference as to why if you actually use a spline to sweep on , you would not have this problem. I find this whole thing very interesting as it resembles the dynamics found in the simulation theory of our reality based on quantum mechanics resarch, the basic concept is that reality is just information and the possibilities are infinite; these posiibilities based on probabilities get "rendered out" the moment we need need to verify that information, if you do not need that info ( or if does not have the space and time to be generated) it is simply not generated. Long live the tracer object and its infinite possibilities!!! :-))
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    gave the raspberry a little do-over. think it's much better now. my wife just came in and surprised me with a real version of it! tasted almost exactly like i imagined it, in fact a little bit better :D
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    This, and the 2 that follow it will show you everything you need to know about UVing. People often slate the UV tools in Cinema, and sure, they aren't the best in the world, but @PrivatePolygon is totally right that they are more than capable of UVing anything if you put the effort into learning how it works. CBR
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    Thanks to Chris Kuhn, Alex3D (NightFeaver), 3D Sci-Fi Rendering Group, Cerbera, C4D Cafe and many other people, for helping me, and inspiring me over the last few years to get to this stage. The last two images are pretty poor, and compression has ruined most of these renders, but here is the evolution of my renders: As for my most recent render; It was requested that I make it into a video, I've never done motion before, so excuse me for the poor animation. To see the majority of my renders in a high resolution, please feel free to check out my DeviantArt Page: https://andromeda4482.deviantart.com/ Once again. Thanks! - Andromeda
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    For those of you not on the MAXON Twitter feed, here's a new shiny keyboard from LogicKeyboard, with C4D literally written all over it ! More about that over here. It's £90 in the UK, which seems a little steep, but that might mean it's really well built and I suppose we have to pay more because we're a comparatively smaller market. CBR
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    Don't hate me for pointing this out as the modeling work is nicely done and I don't want to detract from the effort you put into it....but I did find this rather humorous.
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    I've been a member here for a long time and using C4D for a long time. Now I'd like to share something I've put thousands of hours into. It's still a WIP, so I hope it's OK to post it here. Be The Rocket is an action style flying video game inspired by the popular Nintendo game Pilotwings. Link to the Kickstarter with a demo of the game below. Higher quality promotional video. I made the whole game myself using CINEMA 4D, Unreal Engine, Cycles4D, Xparticles, 3DCoat, and using assets off the Unreal store. The cover image shown below was done in C4D using Cycles4D and Xparticles. Xparticles was used for the flames out of the rocket and Rocket Bucket. The background image is from the actual game as the texture on the terrain is using some special shaders that scale with distance, but I did sculpt out the original shape of the terrain in C4D. After the sculpting of the terrain in C4D I baked it out to a displacement map and imported that into Unreal Engine where it was further refined for the best game play experience. Everyone here has been so nice to me over the years I came here to share my work. I am most grateful to anyone that helps spread the word about my game or decides to support it. Cheers John
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    AH yes i've been eager to share these! fun little project and collaboration, excellent job on the texturing and lace modelling! here's some wires and clays of the higher poly version :D
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    They are altering the deal! Pray, they don't alter it further!
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    Working on the next update ...
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    Here is another Xpresso setup that automatically takes into account Render Settings Output size. Multiplier User Data is to be offset the distance from the camera.
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    Here's a scene file I created more than 10 years ago (time flies) which I used to insert greenscreen keyed video footage into 3D environments. With the use of the userdata I could then move the keyed live action character into my 3D scene. I extensively used this setup for a short story I created. Camera_Resize_RefPlane.c4d
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    Man.... you deserve a nomination for solving the TOUGHEST QUESTION of 2018!!!! (with Cerbera's approval of course :-) ) Wow I just iverted the order in my object manager of the two elements in the attached screen capture and the problem is gone. I haven't checked if everything matches between the engines yet and neither have I for the frame rate issue, but the viewport problem is gone which leads me to think that all the other ones may be gone too. I'll do a check as soon as I can and let you know. A big thanks.
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    Thanks @Cerbera for posting these. Awesome thread happening! For anyone who thinks the GIFs are too fast or you'd like to study a specific frame, download the GIF and watch with a video player capable of viewing GIFs. I use Potplayer (Windows only). It allows pausing and frame by frame as required.
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    Hello, and welcome to the cafe He may not actually need a tutor - fortunately there are literally thousands of tutorial videos online for all aspects of the program, and if he's only 12 he's got time to work his way through them for the 3-5 years it will take to learn the software to a professional level. Unfortunately the demo will run out after 42 days, so you should contact MAXON directly about getting him the proper student version. But if you really think tuition is the way to go you should say if this is a paid position to avoid any confusion when people are replying. Typical tuition rates are around $70 per hour. If it is a paid position, I'll move this post to 'The Job Line' for you. I'm in the UK, but do 1 on 1 C4D workflow training via remote screen sharing anywhere in the world for a £50 (UK) per hour if you would consider that. If interested feel free to PM me to discuss further. CBR
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    Version 1.1.0


    This plugin generate the diagram on Cinema4D. Tested on Cinema4D R16, R17, R18 on Windows 10 and OS X 10.11.2 This plugin generates 3D diagram with animated coins in the bars. You can edit many parameters of diagram during generation. You can edit some parameters after generation . This generator allows you to show the name of the diagram, the value of the columns and their names, and also shows the curve of the values change. If the corresponding attributes are not specified, they will not be displayed in the scene, respectively. You can also specify the font of the used titles and their colors. You can also control the speed of appearance of the columns, the thickness and number of coin faces, their color and reflection. You can also show the coordinate axes, their names and give them the required color. The generator allows you to generate an environment that is floor, background and lighting. Accordingly, letting you specify any colors for each of these attributes. Video Help: http://www.alishly.com/products.html Develop by “Azerbaijan Script Developers” Help PDF : http://www.alishly.com/DiagramGenerator_Description.pdf
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    First, the starting position of gear 1 and 2 where overlapping, so that will not work right. You don't really need a fake holder object for Connectors, if you leave 1 field empty it will hold its own position. After I fixed all that, it turns out this whole setup will not work. But after scaling the fan up, here we go... Using 20 teeth for a big gear and 20 teeth for a small gear is not really what a gear should do I think. EDIT: Just see that the motor is also totally place wrong, but it seems to work. @Cerbera, pretty sure the wonky stuff comes from testing the dynamics, screwing with the original position, I have lost starting positions (entire objects fell through floors) by running tests and not even CTRL-Z had could fix that for me. I just like these puzzles. Gears Problemfixed.c4d
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    def main(): global Output1 # and the rest if Input1 == 0: Output1 = True Output2 = False Output3 = False Output4 = False Output5 = False Output6 = False Output7 = False else: Output1 = False # etc note it's case sensitive, indent and colons. Outputs must be global, but can be declared on one line separated with commas true.c4d
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    Hi, i have rigged sliders via xpresso to front and back wheels it's still wip. the problem at the moment is that to animate the front wheels the back have to be zeroed. will have another go later here it is for you to dissect: skateboard_WIP.c4d
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    Recently bought Houdini indie. Had a few breakthroughs and no longer feeling totally frustrated by it. All that said... this newfound understanding of Houdini has made me appreciate C4D even more. Its immediacy is simply unmatched, especially for the majority of the work I’m paid to do. I rarely ever need simulation-based or organic VFX, and whenever I do, XP4 and TFD cover all those bases - while keeping me in a familiar environment. I work so quickly in C4D that it’s actually counterproductive to distract myself with another DCC, let alone one that (although very flexible) requires more of a time investment to get anything done. I’ll keep Houdini around as a side tool, for little experiments or the rare situation where XP4 or TFD aren’t achieving what I need them to. But it’s safe to say it won’t be replacing C4D as my primary platform anytime soon. Anyways, again, my 2 cents / YMMV / etc.
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    Good luck. For some things Houdini is easier than Cinema 4D (even in modeling), since it doesn't have to change from parametric to editable to perform certain operations the way C4D does. Some simple things are a bear to do in Houdini (materials, no polypen tool, nonintuitive NPR rendering, limited sculpting, need to delve into VEX far more than one would need to use xpresso and remember completely different set of functions in hscript). If you want to specialize in VFX, it does make sense to move to Houdini, but you will still need to be a decent modeler. I love Houdini, but I renewed my MSA for C4D.
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    This behaviour isn´t changed for R19... When selected key in timeline, expand key preset, disable autotangents and edit directly in viewport...
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    Not directly C4D related, but we built this app as a motion design/interactive design shop, and I want to get the community perspective. Zig is a collaboration app built on a community. The idea is to connect people from different disciplines so that they can work together to deliver projects, from commercials to games to AR projects and events. Small agencies, creative shops, and freelancers can work together. Zig has a filtered multi-project structure that allows everyone to see what's relevant to them no matter how many projects or clients they're working with. We're working on integrations with Adobe apps, and are interested in ideas for other integrations or features. I started out in motion design and VFX concept art before going into advertising and interactive design. The app we're trying to build reflects my experience doing creative work - more social, and focused on professional work. I'd love to get feedback from everyone - whether you have a couple of decades experience or you're just starting out. You can see features and whatnot at www.zigtheapp.com. Let me know what you think. The more feedback we get, the more likely we are to make something useful. Thanks!!
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    Hello everybody! I have just spent the last few hours banging my head against the keyboard. I have finally found the answer, which for whatever reason is never discussed and hard to find in the search. When using open GL in the viewport, you have a limit of 20 lights (8 by default). It is dependent on which lights come up first in the object manager (so the first 8 lights from the top will be visible and then "all" other lights will be cut off). I was working on a project with many lights 15 + and couldn't understand why most of them turned off at a certain point. Then things got even weirder when I started moving the lights around in the object manager and the ones on top would turn on again (usually cinema doesn't care about where your objects are outside of hierarchies). This was so confusing and aggravating I started to think that my program was glitched. Anyway, I just thought I would write this to help anyone else that might be confused and frustrated like I was. You can go into preferences and under OpenGL set the maximum number of lights to 20 if you need, or you can turn off openGL in the viewport all together, or use render region on a low setting to see your light setups. I hope this information helps. Take care. ...........................................................................................................
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    This should be an easy job for the calibrator but when i tested it it was still not quite level. it may be that this image has had some straigneing / lens correction applied already, possibly when cropped. which may be why its not behaving as expected. i would just guesstimate it and stick a camera in and start moving about to line it up. You'll probably get pretty close, its only a straight on box after all. Deck
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    Hi,The reason that the reflection is different in each frame is that you have animated the gradual intensity of both lights, That is because you had the spline interpolation on the key frames. Ok , just select all the key-frames on the timeline for the lights, and change from spline interpolation to linear that will stop the gradual changes in intensity.
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    first off: if you upload files that should illustrate a particular problem, copy the problem (in this case the character) to a new file and send only that, makes things a bit easier, on both ends. to the issues: the mesh of that model is not really suited for animation. too dense and it also has a lot of weirdly intersecting geometry, even at default state. second, your weighting is totally off, for instance you have weights of the arms on your spine, see screenshot. i would go in and smooth out some areas of the mesh with the skin tags deactivated (especially in the shoulder/neck area) with the smoothing brush, and then you can fix your weights (which will take a lot of patience on a mess of a mesh like this). good luck, you will need it ;)
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    Apologies to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Khan...... can't help myself....
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    Version 1.0.0


    a Corbel for architectural visualization
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