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    Hey Cafe I guess there'll be a few trek-heads here, and I'm definitely one of them. Whilst I'm not a great fan of what they're doing in Star Trek Discovery at the moment, I am enjoying Seth Macfarlane's rival space saga 'The Orville' on Fox considerably more. It was only a matter of time before I felt the need to model that ship, but apparently I am one of the first to do so, because there is real lack of decent reference images and blueprints, so I have been furiously screencapping the episodes until I had enough to work with. So here we are, near the end of stage one, when I am less fussed about immaculate topology than I am finding the basic shape, although I am at least all-quads. There's still a lot of tweaking to be done to get even the main shape perfect, but I thought I'd post a fairly early stage so I can share how it changes as it develops. There's some pretty challenging panelling to be cut in everywhere, so that'll be next, after I've built the main center section and major armour plating panels. I'm trying to do alot of it with OpenSubDiv, but it remains disappointing that I still have to limit this to sections I can texture with standard projection, because it still doesn't work with UV's in R19. Hopefully I'll be taking this all the way to photo-real render, but as I'm fitting it in around other work it may take a little while... CBR
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    So, in addition to my daily work (most of which I'm still not able to show), I do a bunch of personal R&D as a skill-building exercise. I tend to approach it as series of 3 - 6 pieces, before I move on to new ideas or themes. Here are a few favorites from each. All rendered with Redshift, except for the Smudjula ones which were done with Cycles4D. Let's start with some stills! FRACTAE Series: WHOOPS Series: UNNATURAL Series: SMUDJULA Series:
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    Okay...somehow this thread on the awesomeness that is XP4 devolved into a discussion on Houdini in order to assuage the ego's of those who suffer from C4DDS (Cinema 4D Derangement Syndrome). So why don't we all just agree that Houdini is king of the hill and we are all idiots for not using Houdini. Also, for the record in case people need to see it in writing, let me state that people who use Houdini are, by association if not by divine right of birth, just superior people blessed with searing intellects, good looks, and winning personalities. In contrast, C4D users (especially those on this forum) are narrow minded, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Neanderthals who refuse to accept the paradise that is Houdini and cling to the foolish misconception, fed by the propagandized media machine that is MAXON, that C4D actually does get amazingly better with each release. Also, and let's be perfectly clear here, everything and anything that is produced by C4D is pure rubbish when compared to Houdini's ability to not only recreate things perfectly but to recreate them the way they should be rather than the way they actually are because merely copying life if not enough for Houdini. Houdini's goal is to show us a better reality. There --- it has been written in this forum for all to see. I strongly suggest that anyone who suffers from C4DDS and begins to feel threatened by anything that is brilliantly implemented within C4D either by MAXON or by its partners like Insydium read the above paragraph while stroking a puppy or playing with play-dough in a safe space of their choosing. Dave on behalf of C4DLM (Cinema 4D Lives Matter)
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    For download I discovered from these guys: http://www.3dart.it/en/category/download/ Check them out, most of the are 4K, also a lot of good HDRI's.
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    i made this little project to get familiar with redshift, which i bought about two weeks ago. i tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a few things like how to do displacement, volumetrics, fog, blurry transparency and SSS with redshift. the swamp scene rendered 12 minutes at 1080p on a single gtx1080ti, the most expensive thing in there was the SSS, without it the render took only around half the time. if i had rendered that with physical i would have waited half a day for the render to finish. just so much more convenient to go to the fridge, grab a beer, and when you come back it's done. redshift is really so much fun, instant feedback on the IPR, even with heavy stuff. the look dev alone would have taken 10 times longer otherwise. best 500$ spent in a long time.
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    update and probably the final version :D
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    my first redshift project :) tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a lot at once, blurry transparency, volumetrics, fog, displacement, SSS... the only thing i had to fake in post were the underwater light rays, couldn't get them going in the render, the water just swallowed every light ray that hit the surface. any suggestions how to achieve that in redshift?
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    Hi, I'm work in an Internship at an Archviz Studio in Zurich for the last four month. I learned a lot and it's great to work with professionals. I like to share with you my two lastest works I did.
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    Folks, this topic has reached dead end, therefore we are closing it before things start to flame out
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    Hm, that is odd, then everyone in the company, including CEO's don't know anything about it for months Let me simplify - whoever posted this simply invented that story, there is no substance to it at all.
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    Cutman, you know from my posts and interactions with you that I've kept an open mind towards both your Houdini comments here and in general stuff you've debated at other times... but you've got an itchy trigger finger that you seem to be either unaware of or eager to use. If I might: You're absolutely right that some people truly defied their own logic (expressed previously towards you) when they decided to read this thread and post — knowing that they usually disagree with you and that you were going to posit Houdini as an alternative platform to C4D. I mean, did ANYONE really NOT think he was going to do that when they first saw the thread title? I sure did. Doesn't take a fortune-teller to know what's coming. So either you're open to the harsh feedback we knew would be a part of his larger set of points, or you're not. If you're not, either don't read it or don't respond. On the OTHER HAND... any software-specific forum is likely to end up a bit of a "safe space" for that software — it's the nature of the beast — people invest a lot of time and money and stick with it so their inclination (as a group) will always be towards the glass is half full. And they won't take well to being told forcefully that their platform sucks (whether it does or not). However, where you go wrong is less the force of your initial arguments than your temper (IMO). For this thread, you go through all of your points about Houdini (no problem), your related criticisms about C4D (no problem), and your decision to jump ship (no problem). Nothing wrong with a long-time member sharing that info IMO. I'll probably do the same thing if and when I move to another platform, just to let people know what alternative I found and why it was compelling enough to make me bolt. But as soon as someone calls you out for being "tired of your complaints" about C4D, BLAM! You don't just respond in kind, you hammer them. And from there every thread follows the same pattern. The group seems to be drawn to this dysfunctional pattern over and over. I actually found this one kind of amusing because I saw it coming two weeks and many miles away. But typically none of us (yourself included) enjoy this type of outcome, so my unsolicited and possibly useless advice is to avoid the urge to put people in their place via sledgehammer. Whether they deserve it or not is another question, but ultimately it doesn't matter — it's not the kind of medium where putting someone in their place actually teaches them something, thus altering their behavior... instead it just builds animosity / passive aggression over time. But to get back to it, not only was I curious to read your Houdini experiences but I hope in a few months after you've used it some more and see the product more fully — warts and all — that you'll post more observations good and bad and how you're feeling about the switch. As long as its done dispassionately (including any responses to challenges), it can be useful to everyone. Hell, it might even be useful to MAXON.
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    IG-88 has been a small obsession of mine, and probably due to the terrifying dream I had as a child that he was chasing me attempting to kill me (of course after seeing ESB about 10 times back then). I do realize this may cause some controversy with some Star Wars purists (me being one of them) I wanted to flip the scenario between IG-88 and Boba Fett, hence the "Alternative Universe" title. I do plan to expand on this with other ideas, but wanted to do this just to do it. This is my first Star Wars based fan art and plan to do more as time permits. Hope you enjoy
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    For the hands you can use my setup fk controls script from cineversity. Youd select the joints u want control over and then run the script(select them in proper hierarchy order). It doesnt give you sliders but controllers instead. That is my preferred method for fingers at least. I am slowly trying to work on a mixamo control rig template. I just have trouble finding the time to get it to completion. But be on the lookout for it on cineversity Hopefully in 2018. Also working on a plugin that will let you transfer mixamo weights that way if you already had a rig but wanted mixamo to auto weigjt it you could easily transfer it to your rig
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    Honestly, as much as I used to prefer OSX, once I started focusing on 3D, it became clear to me I was going to have to switch over to windows. Not because of the OS but because of the hardware. Apple simply does not make pro hardware anymore. Their computers are overpriced and underspec’d in pretty much every way. I eventually built a very fast, main 3D PC for the price of a mediocre Mac. And windows doesn’t bother me as much anymore. All the adobe stuff works just fine on windows too. If you need mobility, there are a handful of great PC offerings. Razer makes the most “Mac-like” PC laptops. All that said, I get it. It’s hard to switch. If you are hard set on a Mac, just go for it. But just be aware of the limitations you’ll be running into. Good luck!
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    Here is a quick update on the project!
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    This week's bit of Python WIP is legoman playing whack-a-mole. There's a null on the vehicle that targets the mole, then the vehicle turns by that H angle and heads for his quarry. When distance to mole is < some value, the mole jumps to a new location. The sounds are played by sending 1's to sound nodes from the Python at the relevant time. I recorded the sound in real-time using Audacity and 'what you hear' from my sound card, with 'all frames' in C4D off. The resulting wav was only out by 2 frames, which I fixed in After Effects using time stretch, so the sync's not bad, considering. If you don't already use Audacity audio editor, I recommend you check it out - it's free, and Windows + Mac. http://www.audacityteam.org/ might amuse someone
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    another product video for my main client, it's particularly fun to make product videos for this brand since i created the logo and claim and the whole CI as well. also their products are really high quality, always more satisfying to do advertising for good products.... rendered with c4ds physical renderer.
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    I'd like to say third time's the charm, but these are way too much fun to work on, so I can't make any promises...
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    zeden Thanks. Here is the Pelican rig first animated test: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vVOdDQTm8HI
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    Something I've been playing around with off and on between projects. I modeled the built space and environment, then modified pre-fab objects and custom textured most of them. It's mainly just an exercise in composition, light, and color. I'm not an interior designer. I'm usually modeling/rendering designs by others, so it was fun taking a stab at it with an eye towards my personal style. Critiques welcome.
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    Hi I had a quick look without going into much depth, and there are some very important things you have missed, and that start with modelling. This mesh is not suitable for animation its a mess to put it bluntly. You need to forget about rigging and animation if you intend to use your own models like this, and learn how to model correctly. Second issue is the scale of the mesh, its way too big unless you wanted it to be over 4 meters tall, thats a 14 foot tall person. While you can make a giant in C4D lighting, hair, dynamics will all react different and unless you intended to make a 14 feet giant, get the character down to real world scale, but not this one, the mesh is no good for animation, too many polygons, too many triangles. tons of polls where 1 verticy is shared by 5 or more polygons, and stretched triangles, some over lapping. The model needs to be constructed with care and attention to form and function. For form you need to have some basic anatomy understanding and have some kind of plan, or design. For function you need to have animation ready limbs with loops of edges in the right places, elbows, shoulder, knees, groin, ankles. Third issue is you have a double skinned mesh meaning you have the body and clothed as the same mesh one on top of the other. The clothes either need to be dynamically driven as a separate object not something C4D does well, or you do away with the main body and keep just the clothes, head, hands, and feet. C4D comes with some example rigged characters that show this. You can have clothes over the top of a body but it makes weighting harder and is only needed if you intend to change clothing for the character. Model starting with a low polygon mesh keeping it clean free of Ngons, Triangles where possible especially at bending points of limbs/articulation. Get the mesh the right scale, symmetrical, and in zero world space. Go for either the body naked, or the clothes with no body. Place all joints in the centre of the mesh limbs not placing spine towards the back of the body like a real body. Dan
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    Hello, and welcome to the cafe... There's a number of ways you could go about this, but my favourite would be SDS poly modelling, probably using symmetry. It is standard practice to make the boat in the same sections that it would be made from in real life. So the hull could be one mesh, the deck another, the cabin and windows all separate meshes etc... SDS enables you to work with a low polygon cage whilst getting a smoothly subdivided result. Unfortunately this takes several years to be very good at, and modelling a boat like this typically requires that you are well familiar with Cinema's modelling toolset. However this is quite a simple shape, so shouldn't be too tricky. But while it might not be hard for someone that knows all the tools, the subject of SDs modelling is vast in scope, so I can't teach you that in one forum post, only recommend you watch a comprehensive set of modelling tutorials that will show you how best to proceed. These can be paid-for ones like those on pluralsight.com and lynda.com, or free ones that are all over youtube. I recommend this quite old but still good series from Sheppard O'Neill to show you the basics. Note, in his older version SDS is referred to by its old name, 'Hypernurbs'. You'll need to watch most of the videos. Then you will need to watch a good tutorial on the new R18 knife tools, which are not covered in the series above, like this one... Once you have a good understanding of the poly modelling rules , and are familiar with the modelling interface and the tools, you will know how best to start your boat, and we will be here to help you solve any specific issues along the way. I did also find you this helpful 'speed art' video of someone modelling a boat vaguely similar to yours - you can slow this down to x0.25 if it moves too fast for you to be able to see what he's doing, but he essentially starts off by box modelling the hull, then adds other SDS modelled parts much as you will need to do yourself... Or, here's a totally different way to create a hull, this time using splines in a loft... Best of luck... CBR
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    i prefer to use the true symmetry plugin. while still not perfect, you don't have to cut your model in half and you can work on either side and the changes will be mirrored to the other...
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    From time to time i'll go back to an older project or character to improve it some, or just to develop it a little further, Steven was a character i came up with when i first started 3d so he's been through a few different incarnations this one being the latest, C&C welcome.
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    you should put your character in a neutral A or T-pose first before you start rigging. other than that your mesh looks a bit too dense from what i can tell by looking at your screenshot, if it's your first time trying to rig and weight a character this will drive you nuts. better start with a more low poly mesh first.
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    i'm on vacation, so i choose not to care.
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    That would also be the sound of me of defecting to Modo, Houdini or Blender ;) I will never take part in Autodesk's monthly rental scam scheme. CBR
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    Hi everyone, Thought I'd create a new topic for once. I've had this idea for about a year now but always other projects came in between. For a change, this project will be completely modelled inside C4D. Not sure about the texturing but it will probably involve some zbrush or Substance Painter So like the title says, this will be a fat viking and its still a surprise what it's going to look like and what objects it will involve other than a double sided axe ^^ In the end I will try to give it a toy/cartoony look.... yeah like those of that other guy you might have noticed around here..." @VECTOR" :D Never done a cartoon figure since I always strive towards realism so this should be fun. "bear" with me with this one :P
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    This is no help to OP, but during my research I did find this video, in which this guy really goes to town with his massively animated tree, so posting it here for no other reason than because he's done a really good job of it... CBR
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    See that's the exact attitude i was referring to, clearly you're unable to have an objective conversation without reverting to name calling and arbitrary comments. i'm not offended at all, no one's pretending that c4d is perfect, or that there haven't been shortcomings, or that other packages may have superior features, no one's denying the amount of features improved and new in the .5 release of houdini , compared to the content of full yearly released packages. It's your attitude towards people that bothers me, and your consistent need to bash anyone with anything remotely positive to say regarding cinema 4d, it's not about having a c4d safe space as you put it, it's about members being able to come on to the community without having to have a consistently negative experience because cutman has decided to go on another one of his rants against MAXON, as frankly it's starting to get old.
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    Hi everybodyI can finally share the project I did this year for August Horch Museum and o_konzept agency Zwickau. It´s fully modeled Trabant car including a tunning package. It is used by an interactive way, so a museum visitor can improve the car onto a tunned one.All the renders you can see here are my personal shots only, if you want to show more, visit the museum. I did also other artworks there.Modeled, shaded, textured, rendered, CINEMA 4D (+Affinity Photo), Postproduction - BlackMagicDesign Fusion, rendered on AMDThreadRipper 1950. I do love the beast. I hope you like it,Enjoy!Pavel PS: full resolutions are here:http://c4d.cz/galleries-vehicles.aspxor herehttp://c4d.cz/shared/galerie/15/studio01.jpghttp://c4d.cz/shared/galerie/15/studio2fronttun21.jpghttp://c4d.cz/shared/galerie/15/studio2fronttun11.jpghttp://c4d.cz/shared/galerie/15/trabihdri011.jpghttp://c4d.cz/shared/galerie/15/trabihdri02a1.jpg
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    Not sure if it has been said, but the most important feature for me I just found out by accident. It's quite simple but the Create Point Tool now does not destroy the UV on a Polygon! So you can Add points on textured models. This was a feature request of mine. Also with the R18 knife tool this works great. It is great for working with Textured models or using a Texture to mesh modelling technique, which would have been possible only with frontal or projection mapping before.
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    I also wanted to know if the new XP4 will be compatible with Redshift, though with the Black Friday sale of Cycles (40%) I decided to buy that as we know it will integrate out of the box with the new upgrades. Insydium haven't said what it can or can't do etc and they don't need to. They are showing us sneak peaks, and we will know more when it comes out next week. Don't understand why everyone is being childish saying what they should or shouldn't say and do. At the end of the day this is a massive update and the first iteration of the new ExplosiaFX and we should all be happy about the amazing things that we can do with that. I have only just joined the XP party (thanks to all the new stuff in v4 tempting me to make the purchase) and am loving 3.5, though the possibilities are mind blowing and everyone should just be happy and excited for the things we have currently seen in the previews. Who knows what they haven't revealed yet.
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    I wouldnt replace one with the other, they just have different usages, and you wont get more realistic than Mocap. Purly as an experiment, if you applied a Mocap from Mixamo, would you be happy with thoes results, is that what you wish to attain as close as possible via hand key framed animation? The time frame to get that good, and make your own animation is a long term challenge for sure, but posible if you dedicate your time to just that. Kinect for Xbox is what some use, but I guess what your after is to gain the skills to be a animator, so Animation School will get you there quicker, I guess only you know to what goal your aiming for in the long run, serious hobbie, or to be a commercial animator, and for that you can use a pre made rigged character, but you seem to be wanting to do both the technical rigging and animation so id get the best training. Gnomon has good training, but your find most high end training will use Maya, although it translates to some degree. Iv only ever done rigging to get me by, basic stuff some in Messiah Studio ,XSI, Max, MODO, and C4D. The more I delved in, the more complex it got and that was just rigging. I think just the riggin side alone can take some time to learn, and if your a quick learner and have loads of time on your hands you may be able to do both rigging and animation. If I was to take on both to a high level I wouldnt waste my time with learning bits a peices scattered all over the internet, id go with a place like this. http://www.animschool.com Its good to be a jack of all trades (Generalist), but not if it hinders your chances to be a master at at least one speciality you love. Id first learn all of Bret Bays training down to the point you can remember it all and rig anything. A keen knowledge of human and animal anatomy is needed for realistic animations, for humans check out Pose Space, they have a video set on articulation of all joints, if you ask them they do all sets at a discount. Pose, Form, and anatomy is needed. Dan
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    You can hve that extra knee joint in there. Thats fine. It just seems like ur ik chan goes to the toes rather than to the ankle maybe. I usually treat the foot and toes separate from the leg ik.
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    Welcome to the club You've got a slightly different version of the CR-10 to me. Mine didn't come with the dual z or filament detector upgrades, as they weren't added to the cr-10 until after I bought mine. The good thing about Creality is that they are slowly taking on board what the users are adding to their printers and then making them part of the CR-10 that they sell. Just a small word of warning! Don't believe the set up time of 10-20mins it took me about 45mins to get mine set up! There's a fantastic Facebook group just for CR-10 owners, who will help you with anything and everything. You can find it HERE Some of the first things you're going to want to print off are: Filament Guide with having the filament detector I don't know if you'll need this, but the filament rubs against one of the z-axis lead screws which can make the filament greasy. This guide pulls the filament away from the lead screw, stopping that problem. Duct Fan Mod This basically help to direct the air flow on to the filament, which in turn gives you a better finish. Bed levelling knob The knobs under the bed aren't very big and a bit awkward to get to, so everyone prints these out to make life a little easier! Strain relief bracket The cable going to the bed can sometimes get a little strained which can break the wire connection. This bracket strengthens that connection. There is a ton of other bits you can print out to help, but these are the basic ones to get you started. I found that when it came to bed levelling I was adjusting it ever 3 or 4 prints, so I went and bought myself an Auto bed levelling kit, and now I check it once a month just to make sure everything is ok. Personally I wouldn't bother using the masking tape that comes with it, as you'll probably need to use hairspray or a glue stick to help with adhesion. A lot of users print straight onto the glass, or replace the glass with a mirror. Ikea sell one that's 300 x 300mm, I think it's the lack range! But from what I've heard I still think you have to use hairspray with it! If you read Simmy's thread you'll see I suggested PEI. You can get some off Ebay or Amazon. I got 2 sheets for £25. With the pei you don't need anything extra, you just need to keep it clean with nail polish remover. There's a load of great sites for free models, Thingiverse is probably the main one. Then you have MyMiniFactory, another great site which have regular competitions where you can with merchandise and 3D printers. Yeggi is another great site, it's basically a search engine for printable 3D models. I get all my filament of ebay. I get the cheap stuff for testing out prints and then the better stuff for final prints. The cheap stuff cost just over £10 for 1kg of filament. Depending on which brand of the better filament you get it can cost you anything between £20 and £50 for 1kg. In all honesty there's not much of a difference between the cheap and the more expensive except you get a slightly better finish. I think I've pretty much covered the basics, but if I think of anything else I'll let you know and if you've got any questions feel free to message me. How long have you got to wait for delivery? The waiting drove me mad!!
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    Amen - the greatest success of Apple was the 'think different' campaign in the '90's which brainwashed a generation into thinking that windows was ugly. Seems like the best way to actually think different now is to do what @nerv says.
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    i my still very limited experience (been using redshift just for a couple of weeks now) it's very flexible and you can do pretty much anything with it. check out @nervs work, he even built some cel shaded materials with it. i've never heard of any limitations regarding lights, maybe others know more than i do. another big plus for redshift is that you can use something called a c4d-shader node, that lets you use standard c4d shaders like noises, tiles and hatch shaders for example, you just need to bake it by piping it through a texture node, but that doesn't usually add more than a second to your overall render times. if you want to go for complex toon cel shading setups though c4ds built in standard renderer is still unbeatable, and also pretty fast in that area. regarding your second question: i have no idea. happy shifting.
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    First of the Redshift for Cinema 4D videos on their Youtube channel . Thanks @merkvilson
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    Giving the apprentice the toy treatment
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    It has been a while now but I finally got some time to continue to work on that project, no much has changed but I thought I give an update. I focus to avoid HighPoly baking for this and do textures in photoshop if I can. For the modelling I use of what I call midpoly modelling by chamfering edges and using the advantage of the Vertex Normal Editing Plugin. You can then have a highpoly appeal by a simple one level chamfered edge. I also use this project so see with how many triangles I end up for the whole scene and if it is still feasible for the lightmapper and how performance is once it runs in Unity. I start to model object by object. In the first step I will do the modelling of each object and the texture blockout. As you can see for the desk I figure out the UV layout and then grab parts from pictures. Later I will replace that with an actual texture and add specular and normal maps. I try to minimize Texture usage and repead as much as I can combined with variation shader techniques, e.g. VertexColor to overlay or second texture maps. For cinema I use X-Ref objects for that. I take my blockout model and convert that into an xref. So I turn my blockout scene step by step into the final scene, using incremental saving of course. Also I try to use genrators and non destructive techniques until I got my final result, then I merge anything down to as few objects as possible. That desk for instance was heavily using the array generator, but now consists of 3 objects and materials (Red shelf, marble plate and the outside). I try to get an accurate model of the environment so I try to count the number of things and guess their size, especially for the building elements. Otherwise you will run into problems later where certain things may not fit exactly. But I only do that on the very broad view and I am not going to focus on any tiny detail. If people watch it for the first or second time and they think this is an accurate replication that is all I want. Also I think the set designers have been very kind and made things repeat and mirror a lot :P
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    This is great, and worked perfectly when i applied it to the spine model. thanks so much for the guidance! Luckily or unluckily I never rigged in maya so i'm not pining for some past usability... but with a few more handles it looks like i'll have the mobility I need for future projects. excited to hook this up with xpresso and hopefully post some WIPs once we purchase the program! (currently on demo)
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    take a look at the file... notice that the up-vector constraints have multiple targets so the joint rotations can blend between them. it's always a bit tricky to get the priorities right, the c4d spline ik isn't very intuitive, and i still have a hard time wrapping my head around it every time i use it. i wish we had the possibilities like in maya here. spine.c4d
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    Episode 7 – xpVertexMap Maker, X-Particles 4 – Release 5th December Create fully procedural real-time Vertex Maps inside X-Particles 4. xpVertexMap Maker works with Object Vertices, Textures, Particles and our new xpExplosiaFX feature. For more information about X-Particles 4, please visit http://insydium.com/x-particles-4-new-features/
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    Found these techniques by Patrick Letourneau for Redshift handy and thought others might benefit from the knowledge:
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    Hi folks, after a looong waiting for this feature to be bug-free we finally managed to see some progress. So for the future, we now will have T&M system where we are going to get back to old habits and award our members with the corresponding badges for all sorts of things. :) Now for all those who want their old awards back from past challenges please find your stuff in the contest gallery and send me a PM with the links and names of the contests and I will award you with the newest sets of awards. Cheers!
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    yeah, the walk cycle is a bit wonky, but hey, the surface of that floor seems slippery enough for it to be somewhat believable :D btw, you can render out a hair pass as post effect and then combine it with the object buffer...
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    Ok, I think enough messing around with this guy for now. I learned a few things and mostly learned there are few more things I need to learn. Walk cycles are hard I know but I sometimes get it exactly right and others - not so much. This one is a not so much but still fun I think. I forget the object buffer excludes the hair for some reason and had to mess around with a few After Effects solutions. Hair is one thing the object buffer should be best at in my opinion!
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    So how many of us are now checking the Insydium web-site every Monday for a new feature update? Only 3 more episodes left until the amazing season finale. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if XP4 was done weeks ago because this is really smart marketing on their part to build anticipation and desire before a release (well....the cool new features are really what's causing this stir but go with me on this and let's credit a smart release campaign). MAXON could learn a thing or two from from Insydium. You guys are now combining amazing products with smart marketing --- I can only imagine what your future holds but it will definitely be successful. For my part though, I have been spoiled by Netflix where they release all episodes at once. Too bad we can't binge watch all the XP4 feature videos like we can with Stranger Things 2....but so be it. Looking forward to next Monday. My bet is that they are holding smoke and fluids until the very end (such masters of suspense!!!). Dave