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    Thanks for the comment. You are right. I will do better in my future tutorials.
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    I agree with CBR, nice idea for a video but i also agree i would have just cut straight down through the centre of the rounded rectangular hole, and if necessary added a little cut in the centre on the other side of that rectangle, although you'd then have to deal with the complex pole on the right hand side if you wanted to be picky
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    Thanks for making this - there are not enough tuts that adequately cover this subject. It is hard to do well. But in the first example, that is probably the least efficient way of solving that tri. Much better to cut out to the left, adding just 2 new edges, or down from the circle through the button adding only 3. Doing the latter would have the subtle advantage of demarcating the ends of that button cutout (they are missing 2 edges that would be between them ideally) and evening up those poly sizes somewhat... I'm afraid I do also have to say that the way you solved that hand-arm was a very long way from ideal, and I can't help but worry when I see people teaching that sort of solve as if it were best practice... CBR
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    That, my friend, is an excellent explanation of that :) Good job ! CBR