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    Finally able to share a project I recently finished for Trident Gum’s latest ad campaign in Puerto Rico. The project consisted of a main 15-second animation to be aired in television and digital platform, plus a handful of individual loops to be used in social media stories, etc. Storyboarding and concept was done by McCann Worldgroup’s San Juan team, as well as all the final narration and audio. I was in charge of materializing all of the storyboarding into actual moving images. All done in Cinema 4D and using a bit of X-Particles here and there. Rendered with Redshift.
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    Alright, one more before i crack on with the inside, the fun part is definitely playing around with the renders, makes all that tedious panel modelling worth it :D
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    Already sent a ticket with my legal version and waiting on a response. Only advice I've gotten so far was to try other versions which I do not have legally to see if the problem continues. I agree using illegal versions is wrong but when my own legal versions isn't working correctly I checked with other versions. I only intend to use my versions once the issue is resolved because I much prefer the version I own. I just wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem.
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    If this was me doing a fake coffee pour kinda thing (and I couldn't be ar$ed to install Navie FX !) I'd lose the dynamics altogether, and just use a standard emitter to fire a constant stream of particle spheres into the cup. At the same time I'd have a loft made of 2 circle splines that I'd keyframe with the top circle rising and scaling up so it looked like the cup is being filled. If you had less regard for geometry you could also do this bit with a boole. Lastly I'd set the emitter so that its particles died by the time they were under the rising liquid surface, and then metaball that, with no dynamics to worry about, where you should be able to tweak Metaball settings (and tags ideally) to get a pretty reasonable 'pour' mesh. You could enhance the bit where the pour enters the coffee surface using a gaussian (animated) noise-driven displacer deformer with a centralised spherical falloff. CBR
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    Yes, it's a Python script. It is on this forum by @douwe: Note: Your code above is missing two lines at the top that are also required: import c4d from c4d.modules import mograph as mo
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    You asked this same question late last year. Did none of my suggestions in that post of clearing cache db's/preferences work? It is very suspect that GSG can't help you with this. If it doesn't work, ask for your money back. They have a 60 day money back guarantee https://greyscalegorilla.com/guarantee/
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    Ah, no worries. I set up a different interior scene and attempted to light that as I think it is good practice. I found this tutorial helpful in this he recommends turning the angle of the lights to 0 degrees to prevent those dark lines. Is that not advisable? I will try the Omni and practice. I was indeed having the blowing out issue with the physically accurate falloff, even with interior lights, why does it do that? I read somewhere to use inverse Square Clamped too which did fix it. I'm learning a bit more each time. Just need to get this project out next week and practice in my own time. I'm thinking Render Farm with GI because it seems that GI seems to be everywhere for this kind or interior...
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    You can also use Vuforia and Unity. Vuforia is now built into Unity 2017.3 so no need to import scripts. Both are free.
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    Nice work Nerv showing us all up again;)
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    Have a look at the Wikitude website - I've used it before and found it pretty easy to get to grips with, and the staff/ support was great. Cheers, Nick