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    Wow, thanks guys! this is really helped the problem, Im gonna quote this as the current answer to my problem, you guys explained it perfectly, my fuselage of bad geomatry's faceting is gone!
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    OK, just to round this off, further research has revealed that this is an existing bug with displacement and selections, and MAXON are aware of and working on it. I don't believe I am allowed to say when a fix will be, but I think I can say 'continue to do your updates'. In the short term the fastest solution, work-around-wise, whilst keeping the displacement, will be to split off that part of the mesh into a separate model so the displacement can't affect your main shell. CBR
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    short answer is: pretty much everything but ease of use.
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    So, perhaps we should split out the bit you are using displacement with into a new object, and solve it that way ? After all , those things won't be contiguous in the real world, which is how we should be building these things in 3D (generally speaking)... CBR
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    You are right, but I fail to see how the displacement would help with realizing the car paint? As far as I know you can't stack "volumetric" layers of materials with displacement, it just deforms the actual geometry... I think the SPD is just wreaking havoc on the topology somehow and that's what's causing it, even though it's not all over the model. I just tested this; if you have a single model and you apply a material with SDS only on a certain amount of polygons the main effect will be there yes, but it destroys the topology of the rest as well. Looks like this: However, with "round geometry" active it looks like this: So yeah. Either enable "round geometry" on your SPD material or get rid of the SPD entirely if possible. That's definitely where the facetting is coming from. EDIT: Another way would be just to seperate the model that needs the SPD material entirely from the rest of the model.
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    That'll be it, but maybe he needs that for his clear coat materials plan to work ? If so, we should look at the settings in that displacement to see if any of the options therein help... I am thinking of things like 'round edges' etc... Still slightly confused though, because there is no displacement in the main shell material, and that is where we are seeing the faceting right ? So that shouldn't be affected by displacement elsewhere... CBR
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    Found it! In the material "Sci_Fi_Rubber_Panel_01" you have displacement enabled. Once you disable that the facetting is gone
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    Lols - yes, SDS and curved surfaces is exactly the situation where you should be allowing none of the above other than 100% regular quads We could also talk about the wiseness (or not) of using SDS weighting here, but all that aside... Here is your model, no materials (clay render), phong angle increased to 60 degrees, edge breaks turned off in phong tag. Do you agree we are not seeing the faceting problem here ? CBR
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    I have updated the plugin to provide an option (via cog wheel) to ignore the outer edges of am open-ended mesh as being detected as UV boundaries. In general you would want to turn all UV seams into edge selections. In case of open-ended mesh objects, the mesh boundaries would be detected as UV boundaries ... while these aren't actually UV seams. The new option will (by default) allow to ignore these boundaries. On the other hand you might want to turn all UV island boundaries into edges, no matter the if these are UV seams or not. You can do so by unchecking the new option. This is the behaviour of the original version 1.0
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    Now I see there´s a new update of plugin. With this update you can create thumbnails of every single material in your library, so materials can be searched "visually" instead of reading/searching names... https://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/tgs-texture-manager/
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    I´m under Eset, for me working without any issues, no reports, no warnings...
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