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    Hi C4D Cafe I'm new to the Cafe, and C4D and currently working through modelling tutorials. I'm using demo version R20 and have found an anomaly when trying to 'extrude selected' polygons along a symmetry edge. I have both the 'clamp polygons on axis' and 'delete polygons on axis' boxes ticked, but I keep generating a dividing polygon along the symmetry edge. I can delete the unwanted polygon when using right angles, but it's causing me an issue when the symmetry line is on a curved edge. Attached is a screenshot where I have selected the edge of the unwanted polygon. Any help would be much appreciated, I've given today to trying to find a solution but have come up short. Thank you
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    This is too damn funny. HiFly must be my cosmic twin. I was going through the exact same same tutorial yesterday and having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I kept wondering what modeling step I was doing wrong and then I finally rewound the video to see that the instructor had different settings with the symmetry object. Once that was changed it worked perfectly. Toby Pittman and Making it Look Great training is...awesome! Cerbera + Toby Pittman =learning heaven.
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    Ahh, I really appreciate you looking into this and for the work around. Amazing. Amazing. You've made my day, I can get on learning now but the upshot is that I feel as though I at least know the symmetry tool pretty well now after focussing heavily on it trying to fix this issue. Thanks again, especially for the work around. And your time. ;-)
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    Been preparing this animal mockumentary scene the past few weeks. Here's some of the cast so far. Sebastian
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    Found Paula along the way... A little more work on the rigs, scene bocking and finally time for animation...
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    My beautiful wife works as a social worker at the juvenile court, and she uses the signs of safety-tool: the three houses. These three houses are a great way to talk to children about the good things in their lives, their worries and the dreams they have for the future. She made an example sketch for me, so I had a very good idea of what she wanted. I made a new sketch (below) because she really likes the old skool pencil-on-paper style. I thought it would be cool to make a 3d version of the house, so here it is!
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    Thanks a lot guys! =) @natevplas: Sketch&Toon? Ha, no thank you! =D Never fancied that, way to tricky and complicated for me! @CApruzzese: Thanks! I saw this trick on a video of @Neil Stubbings: using spheres, connector and hair. Did cost some time to get it right, but works pretty good.



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