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    A new UV editor ("U haVe ...")? About time. Now I can finally stop adding features to Seamilar.
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    In my company we use https://garagefarm.net/ They have 24/7 online help. They support Arnold, Corona, V-Ray and native renderers. Plugins: X-Particle, Turbulence FD, Real Flow, Greyscalegorilla. To start with, you get $ 25 and a limited number of nodes. Then the number of nodes depending on the selected priority. We are satisfied.
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    I'm generally reluctant to recommend 'cloth' because I know it's likely to lead to days of torment... but...would inelastic cloth with a tear map work?
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    Just because there is no dedicated high level "emit particles from a spline" emitter doesn't mean you can't do it. Just emit particles anywhere and put them where you want them to be. See attached scene. emit_from_spline.c4d
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    Thank you MAXON! It's really nice to know we've been heard. So so glad that you have returned one of the features that separated C4D from the crowd xx
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    After only three months following the last 2.8 release, 2.81 is released with a barrage of new and improved features. This release main highlight are the dramatic improvements to Sculpting! I won't be needing to switch to 3D Coat for many things anymore. The list of new features and improvements is too long to repeat here, but some highlights: complete overhaul of the sculpting workflow, new sculpt tools and masking tools greatly improved outliner usability (similar to C4D finally!) Cycles: preview passes in the viewport, and various new nodes (noise generators, math & vector math, etc.) Eevee (the realtime GPU renderer) received major optimizations and new features, such as soft shadows, and much better visual matching with Cycles Nvidia RTX support (up to 50%-100% faster GPU rendering in Cycles) Intel Open Image denoising new remeshing: OpenDVB and QuadriFlow Grease Pencil 2d drawing: new brushes, convert curves to GP, isometric guides range of new transform and snapping options, including mirror any axis anywhere for mesh editing and vertex/weight paint modes. Finally it is possible to move origins directly! overhauled Poly Build tool for retopology tasks thousands of bugs squashed There is much more. An exhaustive list and video demos here: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-81/ And today marks another historic milestone for Blender (at least, it is for me!): custom bevel profiles were integrated in the master, ready for the 2.82 release in early 2020! FINALLY. I really missed these when working in Blender compared to C4D. I downloaded today's 2.82 build, and it works fine for both destructive bevels in mesh editing mode and non-destructive bevel modifiers.
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    We've been heard! Thank you all and thanks MAXON!

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