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    Dumb question time. Why can't Cinema 4D have a perpetual licence with annual maintenance i.e. MSA then also a monthly / annual subscription plan for those that want to rent Cinema 4D / don't want the hefty outlay of buying a perpetual licence. Don't give me any BS that it can't be done. The Foundry offers both for Modo. Everyone is then happy.
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    It seems that every software provider wants to go to subscription. This may be good for companies and probably some freelancers, but others that do not use the software often may not like the costs. They have a perpetual license and today they may skip a new version, if it does not provide the right features at a reasonable price. I have an MSA today, that will end after the delivery of R21. At the moment I work with R18, as I have some plugins for that version and there is no need for me to use a newer version at the moment. So let's see where Cinema is heading. I'm not into motion graphics, but more into characters. So there are a lot of features in C4D that I don't really need. Best things are the new nodal material system and new modeling tools. Still waiting for an improvement in the Bodypaint sector. I have a similar issue with Vray. They changed the model to subscription as well. I still have a perpetual license for all versions up to R19. If Vray Next supports the nodal C4D material system, I might subscribe to Vray to be able to use it with R21 and later. I love C4D, but there is Blender 2.8, which is constantly getting better and Chaos Group is working on a plugin for Blender as well. There is even a plugin for importing Daz characters to Blender. As I do some programming myself, I could add some functionality here as well. I wrote some scripts for C4D already, but in case of Blender, I have the source code to understand, how I can integrate the plugin in the best way.
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    What you have here is two issues from what I can see. 1: dynamics need to be cached for a consistent frame to frame consistency, and 2: the Displacer priority needs to be placed above the hair. After doing this all frames rendered the same as viewport. Dan
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    With a top down black and white C4D dynamics can do it. First I made the mograph thing in the null called original clone. Then I did a current state to object because it wouldn't play dynamics from the initial state in the dynamics tag if I didn't. If you want more clones it can be set in the original mograph object then turned to current state to object. Now I turned down the friction and put a vibrate tag on the plane so they can slide around like they are on water. All that needs to be done is put the texture on the logs and hit render. logs on water.zip Edit: I tried set initial state with the mograph cloner again and it worked out fine. This means you don't need to do a current state to object. Not sure what was wrong before.
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    I think it’s really cool and kudos to MAXON for shaking things up a bit and doing something that will get C4D in front of a lot of new people. Looks like it will be a really fun day.
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    Conveyor Candy Transform with Logo from Airbusch1 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph] In this Cinema 4D tutorial we'll transform chunks of chocolate into disc-shaped candy pieces using Cloner Blend and Sort Mode. Then give our chocolate confections a bright candy coating using the Shader Effector, and the Multi-Shader to assign specific colors to each candy piece coming down the conveyor. And before the candy is finished, we'll imprint each candy morsel with a C4D logo! Lots of fun stuff in this tutorial and I think you will learn some interesting things about coloring clones and using the Cloner Blend Mode! So let's get started You can also view on my website airbusch1: https://airbusch1.com/2019/08/11/conveyor-candy-transform-with-logo/
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    I don't see C4D dying at all. But I do see it changing. Hobbyist users will migrate to blender. But those interested in making a career out of motion graphics and 3D will stick with C4D since that is what Studios are using. And any business that uses C4D now will not be changing at all, if anything they will now have the ability to take on more jobs. Subscriptions will allow them ramp productions up and down much more easily by buying a pile of licences for a few months VS having to shell out for full versions which they won't need later. When these studios do ramp up all those artists that know C4D will be called onto these projects. Also there are lots of studios stuck on older versions of C4D. And its hard to justify spending $3500 to upgrade to the latest. So now that subscriptions are here its much easier to tell your boss (as one other poster here said recently that its $2 a day)... "Hey, boss, its only the price of a cup of coffee per day and we get the very latest version." I don't see any larger plugin developers leaving at all. But smaller hobbyist ones may drop away if they are not able to generate an income that offsets the cost of the software. IE Sell one plugin every month at $60 euros. If that happens then it would be enough for them to stay in the game and keep learning and developing.

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