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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a simple script that takes a selection of points and arranges them into a circle. Also works in edge and polygon mode. Make sure you only select the outer elements i.e. select a ring of points. if you don't do this, the plugin won't work. Copy the script into your scripts folder which you access via the Script menu on the toolbar. Restart C4D and you'll find the script in the Script menu. Do your selection then run the script. Resize the circle of points, edges or polygons using the scale tool. You can change the default size of the circle by editing the script.
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    This update introduces support for Metal 2 on Macs and greatly improves the application's overall performance. This service release improves the stability and performance of Cinema 4D and is recommended for all Release 19 users. New in SP2, among other things, is the support for Apple's API Metal 2 on Mac systems, which greatly improves the performance of Radeon ProRender. In addition to general improvements that affect almost all application areas in Cinema 4D, modeling and MoGraph features in particular will benefit from this service release. A complete overview of all improvements in SP2 can be found in the changelist (PDF). https://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-news/article/cinema-4d-service-release-19-sp2-available-immediately/
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    i recently bought new sneakers, the ones doc brown had on when the russians came for their plutonium. also i'm working on a new more detailed character which needed some cool sneakers. so i asked @VECTOR to take on the challenge to model those sneakers for me, and of course he couldn't resist. ;) so here are a few renders and some wires, hope you'll enjoy. rendered with redshift. smoke and fire made with xp4.
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    Added another model to the pack! I am currently working through this model pack and seperating all the base objects so that you can apply materials on individual objects. New updated includes the material files for both OBJ and FBX. These new formats can be used in #Unity and #Elements3D
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    Hmmm lets get things back on track, with this Turntable for anyone who hasn't seen it over at the tie interceptor thread
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    They are altering the deal! Pray, they don't alter it further!
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    Working on the next update ...
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    So I finished another Lovecraft animation for my series. I tried some new tings in this ones, like more effects wrk and using the autorités for the main character. It also takes place mostly outside which is new for me with these projects. I tried to push the soundscape a lite further as well.
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    Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
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    Man.... you deserve a nomination for solving the TOUGHEST QUESTION of 2018!!!! (with Cerbera's approval of course :-) ) Wow I just iverted the order in my object manager of the two elements in the attached screen capture and the problem is gone. I haven't checked if everything matches between the engines yet and neither have I for the frame rate issue, but the viewport problem is gone which leads me to think that all the other ones may be gone too. I'll do a check as soon as I can and let you know. A big thanks.
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    This would probably have been easier with a video/GIF, but here is a 5 step process for creating custom tabs:
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    Did you double-check the Priority settings on the Align to Spline tag and the Xpresso tag? Depending what you've got set up, one should be prioritized over the other - otherwise the calculations conflict and your object's PSR would become inconsistent. It wouldn't shock me that C4D might calculate those things slightly differently between render engines, so that a conflict only arises in one. The fps thing is really weird, though. Are you using "Previous Position" to create a delay in your Xpresso? That would inherently change the output when you switch your frame rate because it would be looking back half as far.
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    Time for another one I think. This time let's make a diamond-cut whiskey glass in just 23 easy steps :) CBR
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    Version 1.0.0


    a Corbel for architectural visualization
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    no problem, hopefully dan will see i tagged him and post his material, as he goes into quite a bit of detail whats what
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    I'm so going to use that term all over the place. I love it!
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    :) Glad to be of service. Yep, always check your normals when splines are involved. I could advise you loads on making that better in Cinema's Renderers, but I have never so much as even loaded the Arnold demo, so you need someone else to help you there... CBR
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    This will help, particularly with blurry reflections that aren't showing any detail from multiple reflections. Personally, I prefer to increase the Ray Threshold before I cut down reflection depth. 0.1% Ray Threshold means your computer is still calculating a ray until it gets down to 0.1% brightness. I routinely bump this up to 1%, which can have a significant impact on render times when using transparency and reflections. The nice thing about this method is that it cuts out rays that impact your scene the least, rather than arbitrarily stopping a ray because it has bounced X number of times.
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    Excellent :) Go to your profile, and just at the bottom of the title bar there is a little button 'Edit Profile'. CBR
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    Here is another Xpresso setup that automatically takes into account Render Settings Output size. Multiplier User Data is to be offset the distance from the camera.
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    If you want to push those conrods using the hinges, you should put the hinges in the balancer lever. In this file I've moved some axes around, made the balancer a collider and I'm moving it with some XPresso math. The wheel has damping. Still needs some alignment, but it moves . . . Machine.c4d
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    Hello, The answer to your question lies behind collision shapes. To understand what I mean press CMD(ctrl for windwos)+D ---> Dynamics--->Visualize and enable it. Now play the animation and see how is your collisions are reacting. To fix it select all of you dynamic tags and in the collision tab change the shape from auto to moving mesh if the object should be moving or a static mesh if it shouldn't. This will make the simulation take more processing power but uses more accurate calculations.
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    Thank you! Now I can rotate the ancle. What is the Right.Hip.Pole, Left.Hip.1.Pole? Do I need them? How do I generate them?
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    Here's a scene file I created more than 10 years ago (time flies) which I used to insert greenscreen keyed video footage into 3D environments. With the use of the userdata I could then move the keyed live action character into my 3D scene. I extensively used this setup for a short story I created. Camera_Resize_RefPlane.c4d
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    is there a reason why it has to be all one object?, also you've extrude some edges out to make the attachment on the side, which is going to cause you problems if/when you want to add thickness to it
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    Yes, standard lights do work with GI, and correctly so provided that GI Illumination is turned on in the light settings. Additionally, you should remove the standard non-GI component of the light by either turning off its Diffuse Illumination, or unticking 'enabled' in the basic properties of the light - it will still be seen by GI. CBR
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    yea you could cut in a load of edges or start over and model it from scratch without using booles/mesh boolean plugin, and model it with standard hard surface modelling techniques
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    This is a little guy i'm working on' i'm planning on animating him just simple stuff walking, jumping etc for practice.
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    As cerbera suggested, put the cuts in then extrude, no need to leave big fat ngons in a mesh like that for no reason, whether its on a flat surface or not
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    Admin stuff first - please update your profile - 16 demo expired 3 years ago, so it can't be that... Anyway on to your problems... Unfortunately this has been built without any regard for polygon modelling rules. None of the tools that could add thickness here will work with a mesh full of ngons like this. You need to connect edges so that you turn ngons into quads (4 sided polys), like so. You can do this with the line cut tool. This is one option for what the end of it could look like, and when it does, extrude will work. CBR
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    I've had to stay home since my daughter has the flu and watch hours of some series on Netflix about Lego Ninjas (what a dad has to do.). Then I saw some scene of a floating island, got out my laptop and started to create. The structure is something I found on DAZ and the trees are Lauberwerks. Rendered with Corona. The water shader on the pound doesn't look right, may work on that a bit. I'm not sure why I'm posting this, outside of being board. I guess I could watch the Olympics once she falls asleep, I have been using Redshift a lot lately, but for whatever reason, Corona looked a lot better. The latest beta version is amazing and I'm certain that I will be purchasing it when it comes out. The render quality is comparable to Maxwell, but at least 10 times the speed (even when I render Maxwell in GPU.) Mark
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    So a few weeks ago I had made a post (here) requesting some help with achieving a certain effect in the materials. Cerbera helped me out extensively with it, so I thought I'd be cool to come back and show what it was for. Basically this was practice in taking something from a concept drawing/sketch, and successfully modelling it. The drawing came from a friend of mine, everything else is me with guidance from him. I would say that at this point it is 98% done. That last 2% is in corrections to little things like the top "emitter burn" looking a bit off and some things to do with the UV maps. Here I present, the Static Beam Energy Saw The vast majority, probably 90%, of the model is done with SDS modelling. Initially it took me only about 8 hours to do the entire thing, but after some feedback, nearly everything was remodeled. The polycount is a number I dont even want to say, making up a total of 410 objects not including instances under cloners and such. I want to do a little animation of the beam activating (in 3D), but I have to still figure that out. The only thing I have that can possibly do this is TurbulenceFD.
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    Yeah, hiding the code helps them learn a lot.
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    There are good quads and bad quads - unfortunately it is not true that any quad will do ;) You should also seek to avoid concave, coplanar, and degenerated quads. Good quads are convex at every corner, that is to say no internal angle is greater than 180 degrees. Here's a file I use with my modelling students to explain what these things are. Only the green one below is any good - all the others have problems. Polygon Errors.c4d CBR
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    Based on the suggestions, I changed the HDRI, modified the rocks on the retaining wall, created a new shader for the island, and created a new shader for the water in the pond. Thanks for everyones suggestions! Mark
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    I can tell you how to sort it out in Cinema, but no idea how you'd get it out to Unity ! Blendshapes is what we would deal with using PoseMorph, and if the tyre model is much more than a primitive then you would probably need that to record point level changes to the mesh and have slider control between tyre states. Posemorph does this. Or, if it is just a primitive, then you can control its parameters via a simple Xpresso setup where you'd connect the inner radius (for example) of a tube to a user data slider you could place in the viewport, probialy via a range mapper. So that's maybe half the answer, but you'll be needing someone with Unity experience to tell you the rest... CBR
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    Although you're almost guaranteed to be pointed towards Maxwell if you ask a question about realism, the reality is that these days most of the render engines will give you realism. Maxwell, Vray, Arnold, Octane or even C4D's own Advanced Render. The only things to chose between them is methodologies and speed, Maxwell tending to be slowest, then AR, then a toss up between the rest, depending on what you're doing. Although I'm a long time Vray user, of late I've been gravitating towards Arnold simply because it's simplicity makes it a joy to use. Not jewellery, of course, but same sort of thing. Rendered in Arnold... I'd also echo what Cerbera is saying above: Modelling is going to be terrifically important for something like jewellery that will always be shot close-up so comes under close scrutiny. Any deficiencies in your modelling will undermine your realism and no amount of rendering will pull you back from that. The watch above is as much about the modelling as the rendering.
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    Hi. For some reason I did not get a notification that I was mentioned, otherwise I would have not known had I not had taken a look at this post? From memory the sculpting within C4D is a process in which is to get maps generated. Never would you want to animate a sub divided mesh suitable for sculpting, these two process are separate. As soon as you start sub dividing the mesh from the sculpting tools a sculpting tag goes onto the object. Its frozen for sculpting, no animation will work. Now if you go to the properties of the sculpting tag you have a freeze and deformation option, this will let you still animate, but as I said animating a high res mesh is not ideal. Ideal process is to work on a copy of the mesh in its default pose. Sculpt it, bake the maps, then apply the maps on your low res mesh with a SDS tag on it. Dan
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    We should ask @spiralstair. I bet he knows ! :) CBR
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    Try this Python Lightning Generator. It is a free download file https://www.dropbox.com/s/kap7rhvx8to21hc/lightning_python.c4d?dl=0:
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    There's the problem. The cloth sim doesn't take the SDS into account unless it is applied to the base mesh by being made editable, which is fairly pointless because you might as well have turned up segmentation on the original plane ! If you want to subdivide cloth live then you need to use Cloth SDS and add subdivision there, which IS taken into account in the cloth sim. CBR
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    Thanks @Cerbera for posting these. Awesome thread happening! For anyone who thinks the GIFs are too fast or you'd like to study a specific frame, download the GIF and watch with a video player capable of viewing GIFs. I use Potplayer (Windows only). It allows pausing and frame by frame as required.
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    Hey Fastbee, it's not a plugin for sale, I'm just using Python & standard C4D features. The basics are that I'm using the Interaction tag with python scripting in the 'scripting' tab to drive a wide array of pose morphs. The drag areas are defined by polygon selection tags - the interaction tag is designed to be triggered this way. Then you are defining which morphs are driven how much by what direction of mousedrag from these areas. The interaction tag provides specific python hooks for these kind of things. I have seen a tutorial kicking about for driving the interaction tag via Xpresso instead but I can't find it right now. In this case, I found it was actually easier to use Python for me & it completely side-stepped the complications of priority issues with Xpresso in a complex (ish) rig. You can also make the drag-zones explicitly visible by using duplicate non-renderable geo with a different material applied.
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    Quad cap fill is one of the tools available in HB MODELLING BUNDLE. You have to pay for it. Unless someone here can point to a free alternative? EDIT: some good tips from CBR, many of the methods (spin edge, screw thread,...) have been shown in Making it look great 11 : Hard surface modeling tactics for c4d which I consider to be the best modelling tutorial for c4d and I've seen heaps of them - free and paid. This one, I never regret spending my money on it.
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    I'd like to say third time's the charm, but these are way too much fun to work on, so I can't make any promises...
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    Hi everyone, I will be slowly getting back into defining this club after a brief break. I was very busy getting 4D Publish 1.7 done as well as working on client projects. The last 2 updates to 4D Publish were all about painting. But I also added in some sculpting tools as well. I am not trying to spam my own products here, but since sculpting and painting is one of my favourite things to work on, and the reason I started this club, there is no harm in showing you these tools. To begin with there is a new brush called the Sculpt Projection Brush. I built this mainly to preserve the shape of the eyes when sculpting by placing a sphere in where the eye socket is. But this has a lot of other uses as well. You can use any mesh as your object to project the sculpting onto. I also added in a new object to easily allow you to animate your Sculpt Layers, its called the Sculpt Animator. Then there were lots of editions to the painting tools. Which also now work with the Sculpting tools, using sculpted areas to mask out textures and more. And lastly I wanted everyone to be able to paint directly onto Reflectance Layers. Including having a much more intuitive UI for selecting what you are painting on. This was even more important now that R19 supports the PBR workflow. So now you can paint directly onto PBR materials. It works great, R19s OpenGL improvements make the painting experience silky smooth and it looks fantastic with the viewport enhancements. If you have R17 or R18 you can also paint on Reflectance Layers and it is also very fast, you just need to press an additional "Paint All" button on the Material View. I am developing these tools for people like yourselves who would like to sculpt and paint in Cinema 4D. So if you have any features that you would like to have you only have to ask. Everything can be found over on www.4dpublish.com Cheers, Kent
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    ELITE TOPOLOGY CHALLENGE LEAGUE TABLE _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSITION MEMBER WINS 2ND PLACE 3RD PLACE POINTS _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 @esmall 1 0 0 8 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 @King of Snake 0 1 0 5 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 @MidnightCow 0 0 1 3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHALLENGES September - Mini fly hook challenge WINNER : @esmall 2ND PLACE : @King of Snake 3RD PLACE : @MidnightCow October - Protein shaker challenge WINNER : 2ND PLACE : 3RD PLACE :
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    Version 1


    Dynamic spider web rig i built based off of SImon Fiedler's original. Enjoy!