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    Hi folks Please vote which training should be made available first - thanks!
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    This XPresso should scale all objects so they have the same Y height. I'm assuming you don't know XPresso, so I made a short video bb_start.c4d bb_end.c4d
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    and final image rendered in Cycles 4D
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    this is my final version critique, hints and tips very welcome
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    a Sci-Fi spaceship corridor work in progress
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    Thanks folks, I guess this settles it then :)
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    Live presentations from Siggraph starts about more than half of hour. So it´s time to make some coffee (a lot of), some popcorn, small barrel of beer maybe :) for someone, settle down comfortably and enjoy... http://www.c4dlive.com/ Today presentations and presenters: ------------------------------------------------------ 9:30am "Fields and the Evolution of Mograph" with Tim Clapham - helloluxx 10:30am "Greyscalegorilla’s Favorite Cinema 4D R20 Features" with Greyscalegorilla 11:30am "Simple Mograph Techniques for FUI Design" with Marti Romances - Territory Studio 12:30pm "A Three Year Journey in C4D" with Bhakti Patel - Facebook 1:30pm "R20 Features and VFX Workflows" with Josh Johnson - VFX Daily 2:30pm "Tactile Design with C4D" with Dean Giffin - Swivet Studio 3:30pm "Creating Rocks And Terrain in C4D" with David Brodeur - Locked And Loading 4:30pm "Character Dev and Animation Workflows in C4D" with Brandon Parvini - Alchem Designer
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    Hi folks :) We are proudly announcing our first R20 training - MoGraph fields. Dive into new fantastic field system from scratch and gain massive advantage in your production capability and workflows. We start from basics, explaining field parameters and usage, cover multi instances and build upwards to subfields, openVDB and advanced projects where fields are utilized in all areas of CINEMA 4D. We explore fields in MoGraph, deformers, tags, CA environment, Xpresso, particle and OpenVDB context. Every aspect of CINEMA 4D gains from fields and as such they will be vital part of the production. Lessons are faster paced, packed with tips and tricks along with advanced and unusual application of fields. Lesson outline: 01_What_how_why 02_Basics 03_Remapping 04_Field_types 05_Slope 06_MIN 07_MoGraph_context 08_Deformer_context 09_Tag_context 10_Xpresso_context 11_Particle_forces_context 12_OpenVDB_context 13_Subfields 14_Folders 15_Effector_weighting 16_Random_to_Word 17_Radar 18_Fish_school 19_Boat_wake 20_Box_rig 21_Icecream 22_Flamingo 23_Lava_Lamp Duration: 3 hours Training is download only and can be purchased directly via Cafe store here: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/store/product/17-r20-mograph-fields/ Here is one complete lesson for preview purpose: 22_Flamingo.mp4 Hope you enjoy this one, a lot of work went into it :)
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    Since UV components not move together with geometry components, only way to fix that is "re-project" UV map. On flat objects (like floor) it could be few click solution.
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    I'm not proficient in Poser but have plans to learn the program for now at least it gives a bit life in the scenes
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    You could try some keyframed damping on the girder at the end of the movement (dynamics tag, force) - a bit like this damped.c4d
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    Yes, the registered version is fully functional. The unregistered version has limited features and as such is meant to discourage people uploading it to other fora ... and taking credit as the plugin being "their work". Since registering the plugin is free, I don't see why anyone would be using an unregistered version ... unless they don't have a legitimate and valid Cinema 4D serial number to provide.
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    Thanks both! I sort of made progress with it - the project settings helped to a decent extent but hinges are still stretchy if pushed! I think I could get away with it as long as i keep everything slow so it's not noticeable... Hinge bounce has always been at zero. I think I may well end up faking it TBH as the hinges are being such a pain! I've attached the project file as far as I've taken it, if it interests you. pendulum test v2.c4d
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    Do you mean in the viewport or on your render? What file format and fps (do they match?) are we talking about? You sure it isn't on overlapping polygons? etc.. etc... (aka.. more info needed to answer this).
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    I guess I have given plenty of time for those having downloaded the beta version to allow to provide their feedback. Time for this plugin to be released to the public. It has now been made available in my "C4DS plugins" blog. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/blogs/blog/57-c4ds-plugins/ If you'd like to comment, make suggestion, ... please continue doing so in this thread.
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    Great Job Kurt, thanks for posting back your results. Dan
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    Does it have to be dynamic ? You could fake it with an XPresso memory node. In this file the lower girder X position is 15F behind the top one. IRL the lower girder would rise slightly when the top moves - to keep the chains a constant length. fake.c4d
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    it's good to have Blender installed, if you want to have a look at Blender Cycles Node setups from other artists, so you can rebuild them in cycles4d. As far as I know you can't import blender cycles materials, so you have to rebuild them.
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    On your dynamic connectors (Hinge) turn the bounce down, but more importantly, Go into your project settings (Ctrl D) > Dynamics tab > Expert tab, then double the steps per frame and Maximum Solver iterations per step. Hope this helps.
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    Sorry to bump this up, but I cannot in good conscience leave this thread without closure. I'm happy to report that I was able to get the rig to work (not without constant crashing though; even in skeleton mode. EDIT: Fixed that by turning off Open GL), and here's the result: Not perfect, but not bad for what's essentially my first time at IK rigging. I have yet another one of these videos to do (working on it as I type this) and I'm now enjoying (not) trying to find out why I can't rig each leg with the foot and toe as a second link in the IK, but that's another story. Thanks again! -Kurt
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    If you've been looking for a good, stable job with a (mostly) normal Mon-Fri 8-5 work schedule. Have I got the job posting for you! This opening is for a full time Audiovisual Engineer position in a military contracted service corporation, dealing with military training and support on Fort Campbell, KY. Candidate will be assisting in script writing, directing, producing, filming, editing, creating motion graphics, 3D modeling/animating, and other production tasks associated with multimedia support. Must be self-motivated, talented, enthusiastic, highly organized, detail-oriented, and have a well-rounded understanding of photo/video/3D production processes. You'll be part of a seven-person team. The ideal situation is that you'll join me and one other guy doing mostly 3d and motion graphics and the other four will be shooters/editors. HOWEVER, due to the dynamic nature of this work, you will also be doing some shooting and editing. MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN (sorry). More details here https://jobs.creativecow.net/job/897310 It if you have any questions, I can try to answer them for you.
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    PSD morphs have been fixed, Thanks, MAXON. Dan
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    MAXON release SP3 for R19 This service release improves the stability and performance of Cinema 4D and is recommended for all Release 19 users. SP3 includes general optimizations throughout Cinema 4D and in particular improvements in Alembic and Python support. A complete overview of all improvements contained in SP3 can be found in the official Changelist (PDF).
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    The most significant thing here I think is your tag not having any thickness, therefore can't really have any dynamic collisions. Once thats done Ive changed the hair solider to regular collider body, but on the sweep not the spline as thats creating the geometry . File below No doubt you would have got it if the tag had thickness. Also rotated it to proper in the hole. Deck hanging_tag 02.c4d
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    I would choose the classic modelling approach - not hard at all, simple mesh to keep it under control. (scene attached). Build only half of it as maliohammad pointed out. triangles.c4d
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    Pacific Vancouver, BC, Canada (PDT)
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    Hello, the top surface is symmetrical in 2 axises, so you can use that to speed up the process. As for the triangles just draw spline similar to their shapes then use the Sweep object with a n-gon spline set to 2 sides and a small radius. This will create a nice row of edge loops around the triangles and the rest is just filling the object with nice quads.
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    No need for Xpresso here, use simple MoGraph to your advantage :) Color_change.c4d
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    Hiya Im not feeling too sharp this morning so the only way I can fathom this one is to split it down into 3 groups, with two separate random eft for each cloner. If you set all 3 up to clone onto an object, in this case a plain, you can then use the plain to increase the grid for all 3. See if this works for you, cloned onto poly centre, I had to adjust the height of pots in cloner to appear above the cube. Not to elegant but gets the job done. Deck SnP random seperated.c4d
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    I solved this. I have the effector in absolute mode. Switching to relative fixed this issue. Hi Cafe, I have a problem with the new R19 Noise Falloff effector. It appears that my cloner will not animate the noise parameter effector unless I animate offset first, which oddly, 'activates' Noise Speed, but does not affect the noise offset. Without animating the offset, noise speed has no effect at all! Normal or weird? Attached is a file with both scenarios included. A has a functioning work-around for the effector noise animation but requires offset be arbitrarily animated. Scenario B is how things should usually work, but does not actually do anything beyond the first frame. Any thoughts? Am I missing something or this new feature acting oddly? I can get my work done using the animate offset, but it seems like a kluge to me. Thanks for taking a look. Pyro noise falloff test.c4d
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    Hello and welcome to the cafe! Render settings (ctr+b)--> save--> alpha channel (enable this checkbox) And change the file format to something that supports alpha. If it doesn't work, we will need you to describe what are you getting exactly.
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    Open preferences and in Timeline/Spline gadget set the track color to what you like (presumably track color). Then you can override each track color from attribute manager
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    Hi, check my new project "Bentley" the model is not mine, it is free with weak topology and I do retopologies on an ongoing basis. I am looking for a concept for the environment, I will be grateful for ideas, greetings. Work in progress #Cinema4D #Corona
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    Oh, then you can simply select the non-planar polygons one-by-one and scale it to zero on the Z axis. Be sure you are in local mode and hold shift while scaling to snap by 10% increments. It's possible that this would cause other polys to become non-planar, so it may be a case of fixing all the surrounding polys as well. Maybe there is a way to do this to all polygons simultaneously? Can't think of a way... In the future, if you're modeling with quads for a low-poly look, then you will want to be in Polygon mode when you're editing your mesh. Or you could just use triangles, which sometimes look better for low-poly stuff (and can't be non-planar).
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    I don´t say "no no" :D It´s just note. When he enable in Attr. Manager/Mode/Modeling/Mesh Checking, those polygons with triangles would be marked as non-planar...
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    ...we could say you have non-planar polygons...
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    I finished 2 of them already! They are sort of adult oriented in that there is bleeped out bad language. Not sure where that falls on the "mature content" scale. The second one is shorter and less funny since you know what to expect, think. But overall i like the world o built and the look and colour palette.
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    Just to wrap this up: This is the final solution, the client was enthusiastic with this, so for me it's fine. I cannot say that the result is what I was looking for, but for now it's ok! pass: anteprima
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    On to the next short in this series. likely the last. The farmer I had made before, I have a small supply of generic characters to draw on now for projects to make things go faster. I did discover he had a strange "crotch issue" entered in the pelvis joint that I can compensate for by rotating the pelvis when it crops up but I'll have to rework his rigging and weighting after this is done to avoid that in the future.
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    The wood was too easy. I kist took a square format image of a texture, grouped all the fence elements and applied it to all of them. Its actually a rack but stretched out across all those objects, it looked like the wood I wanted. I also used the point set, set to crumple on the wood so nothing would be exactly straight and even. I am really liking the look as well and now I would like to more stuff like this. (visually).
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    I am getting close to the animation part. My normal voice guy doesn't want to work on this so it will be all me this time and I'll have to use some audio tricks to make the voices work. The dynamic joints in the ears have been trouble to work with for some reason but I think I have that solved. Working on depth of field stuff and camera set-ups until I can record the dialog.
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    That is possible, but there is no automatic way. Each texture tag has offset parameters, so the simplest way to do that would be to select all the polys of one 'side' drag the material to that, then make a new selection and drag the same material again, giving you a new tag you can offset differently, then rinse and repeat for remaining sides. CBR
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    Hello, and welcome to the cafe Admin first - pls don't upload Tifs, which are unnecessarily massive, and don't preview in the browser. We want Jpegs or pngs only please. But what we really need is the C4D file so we can actually see your entire setup. Please do upload that ! There are lots of ways to combine objects in Cinema - actual modelling being the most obvious, but you could also try the Connect Object and even a horrible Boole, which may get you the result you want... It takes a little while to get used to S'n'T - don't be discouraged if you can't find the answer immediately. Have you watched any of the beginner tutorials for it on YouTube - there's loads of good ones... CBR
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    My Gif Tips are like buses. nothing for ages, then 2 rock up at once. Today, we're modelling Corinthian Columns in this 2 part extravaganza, and we're doing it properly. First we'll do the main columns with lovely SDS poly modelling... So enjoy that... part 2 next. CBR
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a comprehensive tutorial series on to rig a character using Cactus Dan's CD Character plugins. There are 7 videos totalling almost 6 hours. You do not need to be a Cafe member to download these tutorials. Note: There are 7 files to download. 683mb in total.