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    A new UV editor ("U haVe ...")? About time. Now I can finally stop adding features to Seamilar.
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    We've been heard! Thank you all and thanks MAXON!
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    YEEEEES!!! OFFLINE HELP IS BACK! Oh thank you MAXON! We've been heard!
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    I doubt very much that Blender adapts their development plans to target C4D users specifically. Stuff like an improved Outliner were on the wish list of Blender users for a long time. That the 2.81 came out relatively fast after the 2.80 is more due to the fact that the 2.80 took longer than expected, and there were features in the backlog already being developed but not making it to the 2.80 so now they start to appear all over. I am fairly sure that we will see more of these in the 2.82, and that the 2.82 will get out speedily as well. It is pretty natural if Blender developers have their sights on other DCC programs as well, to check out what's on the market and what users really desire, but I doubt they even need to target specific competition. They are already growing. The needs of an open source program are different. What will get interesting: sooner or later, Blender will need a serious and thorough core revamp. Which will break many many things, and require a concentrated centralized effort, instead of just tacking on a new feature. I'm curious how well that will go, and when it will happen. I whould certainly hope for a program philosophy that combines the strengths of C4D, Houdini, and Blender itself, but sadly these are not always valid combinations Huh. I have worked with instable software, and it is a nightmare and a money sink. Stability and reliability are fairly important, and you can only achieve these with the right structural development method. Imagine you develop a character for animation, and when almost done, you find that under these specific circumstances sadly the jiggle deformer doesn't work at all (when all the documentation and all your previous tests told you it would). And you really need the jiggle deformer. And it's too deeply entrenched in the program's structure to be farmed out to another DCC app. So, you go back to your director and say... "Boss, we can't have Father Christmas' belly jiggling, the program doesn't do it". Uh. Not good. Yes, features are important too, and users are falling for the shine and gleam of many a feature. That is a downside of the market, actually. The possibility to safely and variedly combine features is actually more important in my eyes than singular features. ...I think that we're not even close to the optimum, in any program (maybe Houdini...), and that the "optimum" in that respect will ultimately look more like a programmer's IDE than an artist's app. Duh. Dunno. Not sure what to think about that. Personally, I hate subscriptions and will avoid them like the plague. (I don't hate paying for new stuff or even maintenance, but the concept of "pay forever or you lose everything" is a peeved poor choice, and I will not do that.) But currently there are still Perpetuals for C4D, and I'm on the fence about what message moving away sends. Will MAXON rethink their (projective) pricing and make the Perpetuals affordable on the MSA level (we don't have final R22 prices yet)? Will Perpetuals stay forever? I'm not going to warm up the whole discussion again, but I would like to express "Hey MAXON, I'm willing to stay on board but I don't do subscriptions and expect Perpetuals to be handled with the same attention and a comparable pricing as the subscriptions you think you can push..." Not just "Hey there's Blender too, goodbye thx". There are, after all, serious losses involved with changing the app. Although, in the end I wonder how this all will play out. Maybe I should start programming a MoGraph-like feature for Blender. Think anyone would be interested in that? May take a while as I haven't yet looked at the Blender API.
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    Hello; I recently wrote a little plugin as motivation in the Python: Spoonfed course. As this is still in need of a bit "nurturing", I publish this version for everybody for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31945362 What does it do? When invoked (preferrably by a keyboard shortcut), it opens a dropdown menu containing all polygon selection tags of the currently selected polygon object. Click on one to set the selection - don't bother searching the Object Manager for the proper tag again. I made this plugin because the plethora of little orange triangles in the horizontal tab mode gets really un-manageable after a dozen or so; the vertical tag mode eats up a lot of space in the vertical; and the methods to re-color or re-icon a tag are - while helpful - not sufficient and take too much work with many tags. In the future I may publish a refined version and more related scripts controlling the selections and visibility - these will, however, most likely go into the $2 tier then. https://www.patreon.com/cairyn List of older scripts and plugins available in the Python: Spoonfed project: (Note that $$ listed are not plugin prices but Patron tiers!) Joint Walking (Scripts) Put these on keyboard shortcuts to move through the joint tree. Allows to move up in the hierarchy, down (with a menu to select ambiguous children), to the next or previous joint. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31813681 Type Template Selection (Scripts) Select tags or objects that share the type with the currently selected tag or object. In case of the tags, you have a script that works only on the current tag's object, and one that works on all selected objects. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31617497 Object Selection (Scripts) Select the currently selected object's parent, direct children, siblings, cousins, or its top ancestor with these five scripts. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31572219 Select Point by Proximity (Script) Coincident points make it difficult to select one specific point out of the set. With this plugin, you can select the point's polygon instead and get the nearest point on the polygon selected - you just need to be close to the desired point to determine the result. $5 Tier Download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/script-select-by-31302799 Description: https://www.patreon.com/posts/script-select-by-31302699 Time Handling (Scripts) Go forward or backward in time: 2,5,10 frames; by the second; or to the start/end of the preview range. Patrons only (starts at $2) https://www.patreon.com/posts/python-spoonfed-31172559 Switch to Next / Prev Camera (Scripts) Switches the viewport from the current camera to the closest one in the Object Tree, or to the editor camera if there is no further camera present. Free https://www.patreon.com/posts/open-source-to-31104070 Collie ProjectButtonBar (Plugin) A full plugin with dockable dialog that lists all currently open projects. Optionally, you can see the pathes in full or shortened display. Allows to switch to another project quickly. $5 Tier Download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30897175 Description: https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30830191
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    After only three months following the last 2.8 release, 2.81 is released with a barrage of new and improved features. This release main highlight are the dramatic improvements to Sculpting! I won't be needing to switch to 3D Coat for many things anymore. The list of new features and improvements is too long to repeat here, but some highlights: complete overhaul of the sculpting workflow, new sculpt tools and masking tools greatly improved outliner usability (similar to C4D finally!) Cycles: preview passes in the viewport, and various new nodes (noise generators, math & vector math, etc.) Eevee (the realtime GPU renderer) received major optimizations and new features, such as soft shadows, and much better visual matching with Cycles Nvidia RTX support (up to 50%-100% faster GPU rendering in Cycles) Intel Open Image denoising new remeshing: OpenDVB and QuadriFlow Grease Pencil 2d drawing: new brushes, convert curves to GP, isometric guides range of new transform and snapping options, including mirror any axis anywhere for mesh editing and vertex/weight paint modes. Finally it is possible to move origins directly! overhauled Poly Build tool for retopology tasks thousands of bugs squashed There is much more. An exhaustive list and video demos here: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-81/ And today marks another historic milestone for Blender (at least, it is for me!): custom bevel profiles were integrated in the master, ready for the 2.82 release in early 2020! FINALLY. I really missed these when working in Blender compared to C4D. I downloaded today's 2.82 build, and it works fine for both destructive bevels in mesh editing mode and non-destructive bevel modifiers.
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    Dave is drunk posting again
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    Thank you MAXON! It's really nice to know we've been heard. So so glad that you have returned one of the features that separated C4D from the crowd xx
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    Hey Everyone! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to send over your resumes and portfolios. I've received a lot of really great applications over the last 6 days and have been reviewing each one of them as they come in. Many of us here at the studio are just returning from the Thanksgiving break this week, so you can expect to hear from me with Rate inquiries or additional questions either late this week or early next week. With that said, if you haven't submitted by that time do not worry; we're always on the lookout for talented freelancers to work with on various projects! Talk soon, Shib
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    The improvements to the Outliner is a big one for me. It is amazing the number of features that Blender puts into a 0.1 release after a 3 month period. By comparison, this number of features is what MAXON would call a full point release after a year of development. Is the the difference that MAXON has stronger quality controls and extended testing whereas Blender does not? If true, you can hold onto that strategy as long as the market places a price premium on stability over new features. They want both (why wouldn't they) but they also don't like waiting for new features. There is strong evidence in other industries that access to new features is always more important. Just look at the telecommunications market in the 1990's. You had a big bellwether global telecommunication equipment company, Lucent, that built products for 15 year life with a protracted product testing phase to insure rock solid stability. And for good reason: telecommunication products were critical to pretty much everything (banking, emergency services, business, etc). Stability, not cost or features, was at the core of Lucent's product development culture. Well, along comes a whole bunch of telecommunication start-ups during the 90's that were pumping out products with the philosophy of "be first to market with the new feature and let the customer debug it" and guess who won? Well, Lucent, with a rich history of technological innovation in Bell Labs since 1954 (9 Nobel prize winners - one for the transistor) no longer exists. After reporting a $2 Billion loss in the dot-com bust it merged with Alcatel in 2006 and then completely sold to Nokia in 2015. So MAXON clings to that same culture on stability that Lucent did when you consider their pace of introducing new features. Just look at the lackluster R21 release along with a price increase for perpetual licenses. I think it is safe to say that MAXON does charge a pretty hefty premium for that stability. Hey, stability is important, but this is just DCC software - not something like telecommunications that forms the backbone of a modern society. So if stability didn't win a long term strategy in the telecommunications market, then it probably won't support MAXON's strategy all that well in the future - especially in the face of competition like Blender. Is it fair to say that people were loyal to C4D prior to R21 for 3 things: 1) stability, 2) ease of use and 3) a firm belief that MAXON would never follow a subscription plan. While I don't know what Blender's development road-map looks like, but I do find it interesting that 2.81 has some features that C4D users are interested in. Based on the backlash to R21 and subscriptions, does Blender sense a shift away from loyalty to C4D and adapted their development plan accordingly? Not sure, but consider that Blender 2.8 was released at the same time as R21 and then 3 months later we have Blender 2.81 which makes it easier to use (in a very C4D way) while showing that they have both an aggressive development pace and are quick to correct stability issues. Most importantly, it is free and requires no server activation. Blender 2.81 directly addresses the top 3 issues that kept people loyal to C4D. Coincidence? Honestly, I don't know. But I think it is a safe to say that Blender is a real, serious threat to whatever MAXON has as a long term market strategy. Stability and feature growth at C4D's price point is not going to help MAXON weather the subscription back-lash over the long term...not when you have options like Blender. Honestly, given that MAXON pays attention to (but does not support) the Cafe, I would hope that threads like this give them cause for concern. Add to that a key instructor, Toby Pitman, saying " Sorry - I can't do subscriptions" in his Twitter feed and moving to Blender should also scratch at MAXON's "belief" that rolling out a subscription plan will "only" result in a short term drop in revenue and that they will make more money in the long term. At the pace that Blender is moving, there may be no "long term" horizon that allows MAXON to recoup whatever losses they incur from moving to a subscription plan. That is a real possibility that MAXON cannot ignore. Dave
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    I you want, post scene file. ...sometimes scene file needed to check/help...
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    In my company we use https://garagefarm.net/ They have 24/7 online help. They support Arnold, Corona, V-Ray and native renderers. Plugins: X-Particle, Turbulence FD, Real Flow, Greyscalegorilla. To start with, you get $ 25 and a limited number of nodes. Then the number of nodes depending on the selected priority. We are satisfied.
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    I'm generally reluctant to recommend 'cloth' because I know it's likely to lead to days of torment... but...would inelastic cloth with a tear map work?
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    Just because there is no dedicated high level "emit particles from a spline" emitter doesn't mean you can't do it. Just emit particles anywhere and put them where you want them to be. See attached scene. emit_from_spline.c4d
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    Do you know any tutorials of a object ripping through a paper? Thanks,
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    Such a great idea modelling it flat then spline wrapping it into a cylinder shape afterwards.
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    I want to learn Blender as well. I have a license for R21, but cannot use it, as I only have a Vray license for R20. I mostly work with R18 today, as I have some other plugins that would need a new license key for R19+. R18 is still working fine. I do not miss the new features since R18 a lot. On the other hand, there is a Vray plugin available for Blender, which means that Blender may be a competitor for all kinds of CG software in future. Functionality can be added easily in Blender, as the source code is available. I see interesting times ahead.
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    I plan to put a big effort into learning Blender this winter. I am on V19 and will stay here until C4D becomes a better product for me again or until I switch to Blender completely. I was very excited about the ability to turn tri's to quads in this new version. Evee is really something, one big problem C4D has in my workflow is that I have to turn off so many things to animate more than 2 characters in the viewport efficiently and Blender might not have that problem. I'll find out this winter.
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    OK guys - a process of elimination and think I've got an ID on the culprit : DEM Earth 4.005 Everything works as expected with that removed. Can anyone else on Windows with DEM Earth 4.005 installed confirm this? Rick, Hrvoje - could one of you guys drop Paul E a message and follow up? It's a crazy co-incidence that Paul and I have been having a 'bit of a chat' this morning about a customer service / licencing issue (completely unrelated to this) - and he probably won't want to hear from me again for a while !! LOL!
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    Hi all, I'm having difficult time getting the joints to bend with falloff, I have a weight, skin tag. I was following this tutorial: but I believe its made with R19. Is there something new that needs to be added with R20? Thanks in advance!! joint falloff.c4d
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    Is this more of a practice on how to accomplish this? Otherwise I'd suggest the use of the Convert Selection command.This can also be used via Python (MCOMMAND_CONVERTSELECTION) with SendModelingCommand(). By the way, are you aware of Plugin Café? There MAXON pays a team to answer questions like these and often the answer can already be found there right away. Having said this, we (sorry, I didn't mean to MoClone myself, I was thinking of the community of this forum) could certainly also talk you through this here. The thing is, C4D doesn't really know the concept of an edge, there are only points/vertices and polygons. Edges are implicitly defined due to the order of points which form a polygon. The Neighbor class you are already using provides some helpers to make this a little easier. Yet, it's no one liner. Actually the docs of the Neighbor class already contain roughly the code you need in the description of GetPolygonInfo(). So, if this is more a learning thing, I'd suggest to start there. Cheers
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    Yes,the head joint rotations ; H,B,P is all animators need for animating the characters head.The eyes on the other hand are parented to the head joint so the AIM constraint tag (which is the same as the Target tag) gives the animator the ability to animate the eyes rotation to look to another direction independently from the head joint rotation. In my over twelve years of animating i never came across any other way of head rotation rigging method. However, you could link the head control x,y,z to the h,b,p of the head joint via Xpresso but this will only complicate things and could create some lagging/gimbals when animated.
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    Or check node presets, maybe car paint or metal with small adjustments should be enough
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    Oh, sorry, you misunderstood. Please send them just your own issues and thoughts. I wouldn't want mine to falsely multiply. Seeing this thread we'll overlap anyway. At least for the Script Manager maybe we could get an option to autosave the script on pressing the Execute button. At least users wouldn't loose any scripts by stupid mistakes anymore. If we then could get the option to have external scripts also in Python Generator and Tag (and so on), this autosaving could help there as well. Is probably an easier change than asking MAXON to tackle Pyhon's global lock (which is the real problem behind those lockups), which may not even be technically possible or feasible. Regarding c4dpy: At least if you are Windows, it's well worth taking a look at Visual Studio Code. It's more an editor, than an IDE, yet with nice features. In PluginCafe Donovan also demonstrates the use of PyCharm with c4dpy.
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    I emailed yesterday but did not get a response, not that I would expect that yet. @teknow you saw a similar post, but was it from the same company/person? @Shibby seems to be legit if he indeed does possess the @duggal.com email address. They seem to be a reputable company in New York, NY, although I hadn't heard of them before.
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    Being a bit old school, I don't actually need an IDE for Python, yet an external editor adds an extra level of security. But please enlighten me, which modern text editor is not able to change and adapt to a text encoding? My personal editor of choice: Certainly Sublime Text 3 (at least on Win and Mac). To which I switched shortly after buying a lifetime license of Ultra Edit. Doh! UE itself is not bad, but nowadays it grew too big and feels sluggish, yet it would be my alternative if you are a more visual, UI focused person. It's certainly one of the most powerful editors, feature-wise. On the other hand Sublime feels so fast (as long as you don't work on multi Megabyte files, in which case Ultra Edit is probably better, and so is its hex mode) and focuses on the important stuff. On Linux I have to admit, I'm still the Xemacs and vim dino. But I tend to use Xemacs really only for text editing, neither web browsing nor playing minesweeper...
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    Hi, mostly valid points, I agree with. Did you forward these to MAXON? I'm working on my own list and maybe it raises awareness, if enough share the same complaints. The only point I do not completely agree is the Command Line. It's still in R21 and you can add it to your layout as you like. Yet, for me it got redundant, as I have way more power in the Console (e.g. the possibility to quickly test multi line statements in there, I like a lot). In the end I guess, that's a matter of taste and I agree the Command Line should stay for those who prefer it. For the editor... well, lets ignore its flaws for a moment, because you mentioned the external editor option (which currently unfortunately works only for the Script Manager). I wouldn't just see this as a workaround for the internal editor, but also and more importantly as a workaround for another problem. C4D has no watchdog built in, so whenever your Python (your script) runs into an infinite loop (come on, we have all been there...), C4D freezes without any possibility to get it back nor to save your last edits. Not so with an external editor. And since C4D senses changed scripts, the use of an external editor is just one additional click ("file changed, do you want to reload?") as a trade off for lost code. Leaving aside all the other convenience functions you get from a modern editor. I say this over and over and especially for Python beginners (not talking about you Intenditore) this can avoid a lot of frustration. Your post made me think, if I should come up with a plugin, allowing something similar in Python Generators or Tags. Maybe I'll come back to this... By the way, at least for me here on Win10 (no screen scaling, no HiDPI) for long lines even the scrolling and cursor positioning is off. It doesn't follow, if the cursor leaves on the right side. And when you click there, the cursor gets positioned a centimeter off. Sometimes not even with the scrollbar I can reach the end... Yet, for me remain the positive changes. While (or rather because) no longer synchronized (e.g. multithreaded output can get mixed up), the Console Output got way faster, which makes it much more usable. And also the possibility to arbitrarily copy&paste from the console is a big plus for me. So, my feelings are really a bit mixed here.ö Cheers
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    Enjoying doing some product design. Here is a wine glass I'm working on. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema 4d.
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    Deals almost done, but here is another I was found. Mike Udin offer 30% OFF in store https://mikeudin.net/
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    Blender already went through two complete overhauls so far: 2.49-->2.5 and 2.79-->2.8 The core got a major update and modernization in 2.8. 2.8 broke everything (plugins, things like accelerated openSubDiv), and now we are seeing the fruits of these updates. It will only get better with each release. Already are plugins available which allow for a nodal modeling workflow, similar (but not as advanced yet) to Houdini. For example, Sverchok : I played with it, and it is loads of fun. If you do, and it is as easy to use (or better) as MoGraph, you probably have a winner on your hands, and could sell it on the Blender Market. But you might also destroy that market for MAXON. Or become a Blender developer and integrate your work in the core! Anyway, I am pretty convinced that someone, sooner rather than later, will implement a similar feature in Blender. Seems a logical progression to me.
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    You can get quite realistic semi-truck anim with dynamics. In this file the truck follows a target on a spline using XPresso steering - speed adjusts to keep up. You can keyframe the target to stop at road junction etc. Trailer is connected with ball + socket and 'trails' around corners. Since a heavy poly dynamic truck runs slow in viewport, my method was to use a dynamic primitive rig and make the poly parts children of the dynamic parts. You can re-use the dynamic rig for other trucks, using transfer tool to move the wheels + suspension to the real wheel locations. xp truck.c4d
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    It is good to see Blender doing well, gaining a strong following and seeing Toby moving away because of subs should send shivers down Maxons back. Houdini latest release has a ton of features, they are improving their modeling tools, they release bug fixes, some times on a weekly basis and do release a .5 version (remember those?) about 5 months later. I am really starting to get hang of procedural modeling, it really makes sense and logical. SideFX support is amazing, I emailed an issue I was having Saturday night at 1900 hrs Central US, and within 20 minutes had a response. C4D is still a really strong package, but with weak release, costly subscription plan and people trying out other packages, MAXON had best up its game to stay in the game. to quote Dave: At the pace that Blender is moving, there may be no "long term" horizon that allows MAXON to recoup whatever losses they incur from moving to a subscription plan. That is a real possibility that MAXON cannot ignore.
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    Hi Im not sure I totally understand your problem, maybe you can tell us what the outcome of the finished result is? When you say "target" are you meaning via Constraints, the Target tag? I guess what Im asking is why do you want "headbone to target a null in front of the turkey, at right angles to the bone." ? Dont you just want to have the heaphones stay on the head and move with the head? Dan
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    Paul Everett (CinemaPlugins.com) twitter info "get 20% of all plugins at http://cinemaplugins.com with the code CinemaPluginsBlackFriday" There´s no any info if it´s BF only or thru BF-CM
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    Joren Kandel ( The Pixel Lab) offer 30% OFF on everything https://www.thepixellab.net/products
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    E.J. Hassenfratz (Eyedesyn) offer 35% OFF on everything at the store until 12/3 https://www.eyedesyn.com/store
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    Caleidos4D Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer - 30% on Architectural Pack http://www.caleidos4d.it/architectural_pack_upgrade.htm more info about plugins (since a lot of users usually looking for displaying dimensions or/and architectural modeling) http://www.caleidos4d.it/plugin_architectural_pack.htm
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    Few more shots of the kettle.
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    I'm trying to do something like this.
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    But now i can't use hotkeys :( Shift + M~N does not work In the global settings, we have a choice of what to do with the points after deleting the polygons. Why not use the priority that is set there?
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    16, In R21, the dissolve function works very strange. Depending on the angle in the phong tag. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/bju6pwc2exjmbql/2019-09-22_19-40-36.mp4 17, If you open the node editor, the material settings in the attribute manager override all other functions. To have access to the parameters of a cube or any other object, you have to constantly close the node editor. Not good ! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/i8zf4dyqne2qudp/2019-09-22_20-38-12.mp4
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    Hey everyone. I made a py script that does this same thing but this is compatible with R20. Have fun! - Shawn Toggle Grid SA Studios.zip
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    Just look out for SCAMS. There was a huge similar post on AMI board and it was a scam. DON'T give any banking information for supposed paychecks or overpayments!

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