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    Hi All, This is my first time at Siggraph in a long time! Last year I had just started at MAXON and it was too late to attend. I am extremely excited to be going back to Siggraph and with MAXON! It will be busy, but in between meetings I will be hanging at the stand. Please do come by and feel free to say hi. It is going to be a fun show! Cheers Dave
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    Actually, nevermind. I just got it solved by my own. But since it's here already, I'll share how to get days only to print in the string. You can also use some parts of it for logic script building. import c4d import datetime #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): global Output1 starttrial = datetime.date.today() # Date on your computer endtrial = datetime.date(2019,9,1) # Date on when it expires TimeComparison = endtrial - starttrial # Date comparison Output1 = "You only have " + (str(TimeComparison.days)) + " days before this rig expires..." #Print as String
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    @cinomadic - I made a dual UJ -
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    Hi. When I started learning 3D software it was much more primitive than what I have now with C4D Studio. By the time I got to C4D I had a good base to start with but even then I needed to get comfortable with the software, this is very important. I first like to make sure I can navigate around the software and get a general feel for it. I would most likely be in demo versions at this point as there is no way id part with cash unless I was 100% sure I will get on with the software, and it will really dose what it says on the tin. I learned this from years before where id jump on a sale for software that I didn't gell with and it didn't deliver quite what it promoted. It took me years before I got C4D as at the time I was considering it, it lacked some essential features like native rigging presets and SSS Sub surface Scattering material for skin. I kept coming back asking questions like has this been added yet, or that been fixed. Id seek a general overview of the software like on lynder.com, pluralsight.com where they do a "getting started into C4D" tutorial. Greyscalegorilla.com has such a tutorial where you go through a project using various toolsets and its free. I would have had a main objective before I even got the demo, for me it was character design, rigging, animation. Once I purchased the software Id work on getting down to what I wanted it for and use the user manual extensively. I know from experience that the best way to learn is to spend more time doing, than watching videos, so Id think of a simple project and work my way through it. Along the way Id hit brick walls, this made me learn from the manual, tutorials, or forums where others hit the same hurdles. It would by the end of the project tell me some of C4D strengths, and some of it weaknesses and where I need to invest in some plugins eventually. Once I could get my way around the software and feel comfortable this is where I would target tailored training to my needs, Cinivercity.com has a huge amount of videos. I joined https://cmivfx.com/ and went through some videos on there, but made sure I got through them fast. I would learn a new feature and without delay go off and replicate it over and over again without looking back at the training. Repetition will hold it to memory. By the time I got through a video tutorial, id go off and do the whole thing from scratch without any video guidance unless I got stuck. Once I can do it from beginning to end from memory I know iv got it down. Now I have always believed that to test myself If I know something well I should be able to explain it verbally, and show it physically, if not then there are gaps in my knowledge. If I cant teach it, I don't know it. This is me personally it may not be a rule for everyone. If I had to start within C4D without any prior knowledge of 3D then Id do the following. 1: Seek a getting into style tutorial project-based. This will get you familiar with the software in general. 2: Learn to model. this is going to be at the core of most users unless your aim is to use pre-made assets, but you still need to know some modeling regardless. 3: Learn to Uv map correctly, and how to finish off a 3d model asset including texturing, baking, and basic usages of sculpting tools as a modeling aid. Steps 1 to 3 will cover a heck of a lot of things to learn including modeling principles, what structures to avoid, Hard surface and organic modeling, SDS modeling, edge flow, Uv mapping, body paint for painting textures. There is a good few years to get these things down or at least a year of full-on getting stuck in to get a decent 3d asset made to good standards but thats at a push in this time unless your just geared for it. 4: Surfacing including how to make your own materials including all basics on reflection, refraction, sss, procedural textures. 5: Lighting including basic lighting principles in which photography will teach you allot. 6: Composition, camera set up, and rendering settings. Steps 4 to 6 will take some time too but your begin to gather some knowledge on these as you go but its good to set their own a dedicated time period to get stuck into these areas. It wont take one pass it it, its a refining process that everyone goes through even after years of doing it. By the end of it you should be up to modeling an object with good edge flow and polycount, all Uvs done with texture maps complete ready for rigging if needed. This would be a good time if you wish to learn rigging. Dan
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    I'd say your initial poly density should be something in the region of this sort of thing... CBR
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    Hello, and welcome. Ideally, you should have included the shapes within the retopo, this is the best way to make best use of retopo. To sculpt along a spline you need to activate the snapping tools from the bottom the left of the UI and make sure Spine Snap is on. Your going to need a faily high level of sculpting Sub divisions to get it clean. Your also need a decent UV map on the model to make a displacement or normal map. Doing it this way will loose you the full flexibility of selection sets for multiple material groups. If it was me Id do retopo again. Dan
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    1- https://vimeo.com/348649449 Compressed vers. of original. Made and rendered in Cinema 4D. No plugin, no external render. 2- https://vimeo.com/348653756
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    The old bosses never were much interested in becoming public figures. They prefered to work in the back. Dave is a very different kind of boss and i expect him to be a lot more visible. He is definitely easily approchable. As for the announcement, it'll be something good, trust me :D
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    Sure thing... Diamond Form Pillars.c4d CBR
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    Surely R21 will include UV tool enhancents? MAXON can't go yet another year without any UV tool enhancements. But hey, if not my Bodypaint tutorials will still be pretty much current for another year :)
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    I am a huge fan of learning by doing. Be it 3D, programming, electronics, technical design whatever. Pick a super small thing to accomplish and then check for ressources that help you achieve it. By ressources i don't mean big tutorial projects. First should be the manual, second a search on the internet for existing forums help and general information, third a look at existing tutorials that cover the topic and fourth a request for help on the forums. Good luck :)
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    HI This is called Retopology, and is done with C4D Polygon pen tool. Here is a video I did on this. Dan
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    I hate to pour oil on what you might think are newly calm waters, but you haven't really matched the roundness of the ends to the reference - yours is still much more bulgey and sloppy than the one in the first photo, which has really quite tight cylindrical ends that don't bulge at all either down the length or down the height of the box as they do on your current model. Were you to send this to the manufacturer I have no doubt they would return it telling you it wasn't accurate enough. Don't wanna sound like a stuck record, but I have shown you how to make this properly in a way that will more exactly match the reference... CBR
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    Thanks folks for the amazing insights, I'm definitely going to retopo it again with Cerbera's attached example in mind. I really never did model before, I maybe did circle+spline loft sort of thing before then give up, but now I love the challenge. I probably watch 3 hours of tutorials everyday after work, better use those grey cells before it's too late. Before reading your replies, I ventured with proximal shader as a displacement, but it is so unreliable and slow, plus the engravings aren't equal. I will probably have to research Edge Flow before attempting retopop it again. Oh and by the way I have purchased HB modeling bundle. Amazing! Will send WIP once I get back home and work on this baby again :) Thank you so much everyone! Matt
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    Thank you for your answer. I will change the joints hierarchy, hopefully it works fine then.
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    Hi, I figured it out, I ended up parenting a null to the bottom left toe joint and using a global matrix in/out port with espresso then baked the keyframes out. Link below if anyone is interested in the global matrix. https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/19/881482
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    He could bake out a displacement, Normal Map. The Knife tool will do what he wants with the splines. Dan
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    Yep - what he said. You need an edge flow that includes those forms. What you have now may be all quads and regular, so some points for that, but that is not the topology or edge flow you need to describe this surface because it doesn't take into account any of the secondary forms, upon which the whole mesh should be based, from the ground up ideally... To be honest, if the only thing you have modelled before is a fork (which might be considered a month 1 project, a trainer like this is sort of a Year 3 project, so you have made a massive leap in ambition and skill level required. With some effort sculpting could save this, but if you are trying to improve your poly modelling skills, I'd forget booles, sculpting, cloth, or splines, and just do your retopo again so that you incorporate those forms and still keep everything regular quads at the lowest resolution you can get away with, which isn't very low, given the complexity of the pattern... Poly Pen will do this fastest for you. Also make sure you are using symmetry if that is an option - no need to be doing more work than you have to... Top Tip: Once you have laid out some polys, the sculpt tools (which work on regular poly objects too) can be very helpful, specially the Grab Tool, if you use FX Modifiers to add a little smoothing into the tool, which will help keep you regular as you shift things about in a way that no other tool in Cinema can... Lastly, the HB modelling bundle would make this easier still, with its dedicated retopo setup and reprojection options... CBR
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    That was fun, I just plugged in the values from Wikipedia into formula spline :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trefoil_knot 209_Trefoil_knot.c4d
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    I don't get the relevance of the number of teeth. To turn any object 360 deg in 60 frames is 6 deg per frame so just multiply frame by the radian equivalant of 6 deg in XPresso. To make a loop, render frames 0-59 inclusive. 2cogs.c4d at that speed, there will be strobe effects, so stuff will appear to go backwards etc - Hollywood wagon wheel effect... I'm a big fan of Looney Gears
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    Hair is never going to wrap around anything I'm afraid, unless you use custom splines as hair guides that you have wrapped around stuff to control it. The collider functions will at most push it out of the way, not make it wrap round stuff. You may be able to fake the effect using colliders and then the curl or other function of the hair material to give the general impression of it curling over the top, but you won't actually get one lot to wrap itself around the other without those custom splines... CBR
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    I wonder if you could set up the scene with the skull face and hand as desired, then render a depth map to use as displacement on the plane but before that take it into pshop and kind of paint / blend in the blanket areas. May even be something you could do in a layer shader. Not something Ive tried, just a thought. Deck
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    to use the hair collider you would have to push the red text into the green, taking advantage of its dynamic properties, so animate into the hair. Or the other way around obviously, moving green into red. Deck
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    He could try to use volumes to push the skull into a copy of the plane, make it editable, then use the sculpting projection tool to project that into the original plane into a pose morph as you suggested, that way he won't need to sculpt a skull. Dan
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    HI, This was created with the collision modifier:
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    I like the first clip it looks like a watercolor painting, the only thing that doesn't match in my opinion is the bulrushes at the foreground the colors are to bold and the mist /fog is missing.
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    Not sure what this portends, but something is coming. Hopefully it's something good.
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    @Icecaveman It is! I love watching C4DLive for conferences. They have giveaways (which I've yet to win)!
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    R20 was massive. I have a hunch R21 and surrounding announcements might be even bigger.
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    This. I wish I knew someone with strong 3D skills in real life. I think I lost a big amount of time finding problems by myself and the internet. I also think tutorials quality on the internet has greatly improved, maybe I would have an easier time learning nowadays. I started around 10 years ago. At least there’s a lot more quantity. I remember being desperate looking for information on specific subjects. edit : For example I didn’t heard about Edge Flow until not so long ago. This obviously improved my modeling skills a lot.
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    I feel like getting the absolute basics (including basic modeling, animation and the rest) down through tutorials and then just learning the stuff you want (which is how you did it with AE and I did with C4D in general) is probably one of the better ways. Doesn't burn you out as fast and there's little chance of missing some very basic techniques you didn't even know existed.
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    Come visit. I'll show you some cool Scorpions and stuff! Grand Canyon, baby!
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    Ah, you're not going quite South enough to see me - London is closest at around 60 miles from where I am in the Hampshire hills... I suspect you'll like the Scottish bits most of all - they are in some very attractive countryside up there once you get out of the towns.... CBR
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    This time of year beats Christmas. The anticipation...and then the opening of shiny presents.
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    I think I'll start there with something I can follow in terms of its relevance to current C4D indeed. Thanks Cerbera! Definitely know a lot more now than when I started the thread :)
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    Well, ... That was unseen by me... Where was that moments ago? ... You rock... ... Thanks CBR. ... PS: I'm going to UK in august... I hope those lands are nice and friendly. ... Keep up your excelent work. ... Cheers. João Marco
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    Ohh I see, I think. So this is my understanding: So with the loft still active, we can't create a cap because because it is not an editable object. We make the loft object editable in its easiest form to divide, in this case 9 subdivisions (but really 8) segments, which can be easily eyeballed with the knife tool to make into 4 slices, and we get that quality control back once we apply a subdivision surface. Yes. By converting the loft object hierarchy to an editable polygon to it's simplest form, we also make our file size smaller, and the subdivision surface is really only adding complexity (my poor choice of words) during render time. Ordinarily yes, but actually no with a Loft, because if that is still parametric, then there are no polys at all being stored, just splines, which are lighter than polys in file size at least... Subdivison surfaces wants only quads when subdividing. Yes, but that is not to say it won't deal with tris or ngons, just that you will have no control over HOW it deals with them, so best to avoid altogether. By having the inner bevel (image 3), we allow for a border of sorts around the edges so they aren't going in two different directions (image 2) which is better. I'm a little unsure the reasons for this. The reasons for this are manifold and complicated and would take more time to explain than I have right now. I think I need to do more work on understanding basic concepts such as what edge flow is. After a quick google brought me right back to C4D Cafe, I'm considering starting this youtube playlist if it's still useful in C4D 7 years later: It is still useful, if you keep in mind that all the knife tools are different now, Hypernurbs is the legacy name for what is now an SDS object, and some shortcuts are different too in later versions. It won't tell you everything, and not much in the way of reasons why we do stuff, but it will show you a good overview of the basics. Also check out the modelling tutorials on the cafes own Youtube channel where the tools are more up to date, and we can't get a better teacher than our very own @Hrvoje... CBR
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    The only time that happens to me is when I work on a large scene using a cloner with thousands of mid to large poly object instances. This is when multi instance mode comes in handy. I use another commercial 3D application which has a much slower viewport display / OpenGL rendering. Cinema 4D is able to display millions of polys without any troubles.
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    Thanks @Cerbera and @ZChristian this has helped a lot!
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    For those who don’t know, this is how the process of hiring a freelancer goes. What follows is just my meandering experience and observation, your mileage may vary. Pretend you have a project. Lets say you need someone to design a Dinosaur character. First you will think if you know anyone. If you do, you will reach out to them. Then you will ask your friends, or freelancers that work for you if they know anyone. Then you’ll go to art station or some other portfolio site, or maybe straight to google and type in “Dinosaur character designer”, you will reach out to some of the people that you like, ask them their rates, and then if they are all too expensive you will go to fiver or upwork or freelancer.com or whatever other freelancing website exists. Nobody goes straight to a freelancing website, it’s usually a last resort. And it’s a last resort for people with small budgets. Because with the internet the way it is you can always find someone who does whatever it is you need to be done. Try it, try to hire someone who does what you do. I remember when i was just starting out there was this guy at a studio i worked at who kept giving me After effects jobs. I could do them, i had the skills, but it wasn’t really my specialty, i was always a 3D guy. That’s what i did well, thats why i charged more. In after effects i worked slower than most people and really wasn’t that good. But yet this guy just kept giving me after effects jobs. So one day i asked him: “why do you keep giving me these jobs? I’ m sure there is someone who does this better than me, and cheaper” and his answer really changed the way i think about everything, he said “Because i like drinking with you, and if you have more jobs, we can go drink together more”. At first i was like: “awesome”, but then it dawned on me, how many jobs do i miss out on, because someone likes to drink with someone else, or plays golf with them, or has kids go to the same school. It has so much less to do with how good i am at what i do than i thought. To me it was a revelation. So what do I do if I don’t know anyone who would hire me? You get to know them or you get known. My career was largely built on alcoholism. Especially when i was in New York. People all over the place drinking making friends socializing, exchanging business cards inviting each other to other events. And there is no faster way to get to know a person than drinking with them ( if you want a guide on how to properly drink leave a comment, it’s also a skill that takes time to develop). Alternatively go to events that either related to your industry, or if they don’t have them in your area, go to networking events for other industries, you might find clients there. I knew people who bought shares in mining companies ( just whatever the minimal was) and then turned up to share holding meetings and made friends and then got jobs out of that. Don’t like drinking? Get ready to do A LOT of work. Because building relationships with people is a very slow process if there is no alcohol involved, there are exceptional people which can make friends with anyone anywhere with everyone sober, but if you were one of those people you probably wouldn’t need help getting a job. So you have to start making a TONNE of work, and i mean a metric tonne. Start off with just volume, do a daily challenge. Post it on instagram, twitter, facebook, any platform that will let you. You have to get as many eyeballs on your work as possible. And it better be thematic, because people got to remember you for something specific. “oh i know a guy who makes dinosaurs” or “oh that guy who animates cars”. And you got to start posting it like CRAZY. For every 100 things you post, you might get one job out of it. This is not for the faint of heart. Which makes it even more important to pick a topic that you LOVE, because no matter what you pick, there will be people who LOVE doing that specific thing, and you will be competing with those people who will do it better and probably cheaper than you. Then go onto forums/facebook groups and start helping people, start answering questions, start figuring out problems other people are having, giving advice where people ask for it. Join the community. But don’t just post random comments actually participate, this is yet another way for people to get to know you. Also don’t forget to put together a proper website, you want a little piece of the Internet that is completely under you control. Go check out my article about small bussiness. It goes over how to set up a website rather quickly and what parts you need. Your website should convey to the visitor what you are good at and what kind of work you want to do as quickly as possible. Reels shouldn’t be longer than 1 minute, the shorter the better. Put your best work up top. Freelancing websites are really the last resort in most cases, they have the lowest paying clients and the jobs that no one else wants to take on. I know programmers seem to do okay on them. But creative tasks are just terrible. The most important thing to remember, that because this is hard to do, is the reason you will stand out. My favorite quote is “if it was easy everyone would do it”. I hope this was interesting, what should i write next? How to figure out how much to charge? Let me know in the comments and have a good one! The post How to get jobs as a Freelancer ( 3D artist) appeared first on Ace5studios. View the full article
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    WOW your result looks very cool :D However I am going for a Full colour hologram look. this is what i have so far... What do you think? How could I improve this scene?
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    whats up guys, so gonna be putting up some free models over the next few weeks, some older ones and some more recent ones, most of these are characters i've either never used or have recently updated, going to take me awhile to clean up and sort through them, but i'll post up some new ones when i can. Hammy cute little cartoon hamster! hammy.c4d Donut Derick fun little character i made a while ago after watching sausage party :D derick donut.c4d Rory the Robin one of my oldest but still one of my favourite toon characters :D rory final 2.c4d Big Ugly Baby its a big ugly baby.. baby final.c4d Brain dead Banana This is what happens when you eat a bananas head! be warned! also comes with my plastic toy shaders ! Brain dead banana final.c4d Fat Brian Another really old model, i put quite a lot of time and detail into this one at the time, and he still holds up 3 years later fat Brian final.c4d watch display.psd
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    There was suppose to be images attached to my post. So sorry about that! Glad you were able to sort it out and also the helpful info that southpaw posted too. I also went through all the video training they have posted, which is really useful for learning.
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    Few more :) 121_Coil_wrap(MG+XP).c4d 122_L_system_rig(XP+MG).c4d 123_Colored_bounce(MG+XP).c4d 124_Linear_Fracturing(MG).c4d 125_Color_from_mass(MG+XP).c4d
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    108_Sine_Wave_Trace(MG).c4d 109_Winding(XP+MG+CA).c4d 110_Deformer_freeze(XP+MG).c4d
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    Here are some new :) 96_Fly_off_by_3(MG).c4d 97_Fish_school(XP+MG+Dyn).c4d 98_Candles(MG+XP).c4d 99_Radial_colorizer(MG+XP).c4d
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    The EKG one was incredibly clever! Thank you.
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    some more :) 85_Cone_peel_rig(MG+XP).c4d 88_Time_format_display(XP+MG).c4d 89_Dorito_effect(CA+MG).c4d 91_Collision_color_change(MG+Dyn).c4d
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    New batch :) 77_Reinventing_the_Wheel(XP).c4d 78_VP_Female_full_rig(MG+CA+XP+Hair).c4d 82_Shockwave(MG).c4d 83_Toothpaste(CA+MG+Cmotion).c4d 84_MoSpline_creature (MG+CA).c4d
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    Some more :) 69_Image_rollover(MG).c4d 70_Per_Poly_Shading(MG).c4d 71_Consecutive_render(XP).c4d 72_Inheritance and volume(MG+CA).c4d 73_Cogwheel_steering(MG+CMotion).c4d



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