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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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    We will be showing XP4 at IBC, the current teaser is for newsletter subscribers. Full information, images, videos and sneak peaks will be along from October onwards. This is our biggest XP release, it has been a major development investment.
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    Maybe I will be able to get some discount for C4D Cafe members, I am in great relationship whit those guys, we will see. :)
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    Hey here's a little animation I made a couple of weeks ago for for a local animation competition. I used C4D and Octane. I'd really appreciate if anyone could take a second to vote for mine here!: http://www.nodefest.com.au/node_ident/intergalactic-mushrooms/ (you don't have to sign up or anything, you just have to type in an email address to vote. You don't get spam or anything from it). Also, here's a making-of video if anyone's interested in the process:
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    PolyGnome and PolyGnome Junior are ready and available for R16, R17, R18 and R19, both for Windows and MacOS. Both PolyGnome and its "lite" version comes with a small starter's library, including assets provided by Cafe member @VECTOR (thank you again for those). More libraries might be released in the future, but for now I assume most are interested in creating their own set of assets. Difference between the full and lite version has been explained earlier in this thread. I will let @Igor update the Store for both products. Same concept as with my Seamilar plugin: after purchase via the C4D Cafe Store, please contact me for registration number and plugin file. A few things didn't make it in this release, but will be provided in future updates of the plugin (in no particular order): - customizable thumbnail size - (search) filters in junkyard library - proxy placeholder in asset (a.k.a. disposable polygons) - optimized material management - repetitions - allow edge selection to place assets (in addition to polygon selection) - ...
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    So a cloth simulator, Explosia, flow fields, open VDB and FluidFX. I'm upgrading just for the cloth.
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    Hi guys, I have been playing around with atmosphere effects and I wanted to create a small snow scene :) this is the result: thanks for feedback!
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    Ah ya gotta be quick to catch me bro ;) But not for the next hour or 2, as I'm off out ! :)
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    I'd get the original brick and scale it to round number units, then just use movement quantize (with helpful custom settings made in the modelling menu) to easily place things in snappable units. You could also ask @3DKiwi who is something of a lego modelling master... CBR
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    You can use Reset PSR from character menu, however here is a small script for that :) var i; for (i=0; object(i); i++) { doc->AddUndo(UNDOTYPE_CHANGE_SMALL,object(i)); object(i)#ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION:VECTOR_X=0; object(i)#ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION:VECTOR_Y=0; object(i)#ID_BASEOBJECT_REL_POSITION:VECTOR_Z=0; object(i)->Message(MSG_UPDATE); }
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    I've just been watching the C4Dlive stream, and have just heard for the very first time, from anywhere, including this thread (!) that R19 includes an <50% speed increase for Standard Render, most effective on scenes with lots of reflection, transparency and refraction. It is literally double the speed it used to be, and nobody has mentioned it ! I still use SR for hair, and in a few other circumstances too, so this is excellent news in my book, and I just thought I should shout about it here a little bit in case anyone else had missed that. CBR
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    In played with them a little bit (C4D sculpt tools) now and let me tell you they are all you need to sculpt. Not basic at all. THAT IS the main problem why I went from Zbrush to MudBox because it spreads out thin to give you every single tool in the world but you really only need very few tools if you know what each one does and how to use them. So I guess it is just a preference thing since I am sure they can all get the job done. I am all about simplicity and effectivity :)
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    There are 3 main reasons to UV things: 1. You are exporting somewhere else that requires UV maps, for example a game engine, or where you need cross platform compatibility, like if you are making a model to sell. 2. You are dealing with a shape that is not adequately textured using the standard projection modes. 3. You are sculpting, and want to bake that down to materials. There are exceptions to these of course - for example where the standard projections don't work, sometimes tri-planar mapping will, and it is usually less effort to set that up than it is to UV the object. CBR
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    Have you tried the UV peeler ? That can be helpful when you need a UV map like this. Here's a more detailed tutorial on that. But you should ask yourself if you really need to UV unwrap this. It is often preferable to just apply a texture to the original cylinder or sweep using default UVW mapping and just turn up V-tiling until the texture looks right. At this point, doing a CSTO should preserve those UV's CBR
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    Here's a quick go. Might give you some ideas for further experimenting. Laser.zip Laser.mp4
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    A recent cafe thread about automatic anagram animation got the old grey matter ticking, and here's the current WIP. Might amuse somebody - Python scene file https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvqtmxjmzbukjkm/carthorse.c4d?dl=1 edit : file needs monospace font such as Courier New - I used Consolas.
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    Yea sure. Il record a quick video, its quicker. Be back in 25min or so. I couldn't record voice as too much background noise. Dan
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    Yes 5 September 2017 09:50 PM Version 2.5.29 is now available. This build includes plugins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, C4D, Softimage and Katana
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    @nervThe brilliance never stops.... Really like the black pyramid!
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    Sorry to disappoint. My advice is best not ruffle one's feathers.
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    If you're after Houdini tutorials youtube is absolutely heaving with them every man and his dog is doing tuts these days...which is good. I've learnt a ton from this bloke's channel, MIX Training, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65D7DvzyyGEqIJVxK-XhDg Some of his tutorials are sprawling but it's a good introductory level and he knows his stuff. It feels like the flood gates are open with people and studios moving to Houdini, my twitter and vimeo stream is full of former C4D artists now posting Houdini mograph work. R20 better be awesome as once the mindshare is lost it's not coming back and SideFX make it extremely easy and affordable to get into being a Houdini artist.
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    Hello Everybody Here is my fan art version of Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones. Iv been working on him on and off over last two weeks mainly at night. Iv done tons of iterations, and still am tweaking stuff, but need to let it go. All feedback and questions welcome. He was totally modelled in C4D including some sculpting along with Zbrush for the very higher frequency work. Minor Photoshop Post, Rendered with Vray4C4D 3.5. Images are much larger, click one each image 3 times to view full size. Time lapse Video Sessions. Modeling: Dan
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    Inquisitor vector is correct - don't have that ticked - it creates ngons along the extrude, which is almost never what you (or anybody) wants. CBR
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    Hi MODO strengths are Modeling, and UV Mapping and are some way ahead in this area to C4D, but less intuitive that C4D. The ACS kit2 for MODO allows you to use a Biped rig only, but like C4D character tool has full IK/FK blending but with a much better solution for Mocap data. The ACS kit has a dedicated simple step method to bring in a Mocap file and apply it to the ACS rig without loosing its controllers untill you bake down the animation. This opens up the very thing that your trying to do, have both a Mocap and ik/fk Blending with the ability to correct keys of the mocap that maybe dont deform so well. While C4D does not have better method for mocap it does have NLA which MODO dont have. All you have to do is store each mocap to a action in MODO, and then bring the next mocap in, then keep doing this untill you have a load of actions. Then you can bake all actions down in one go. You then have PLA that you can bring into C4D for Motion clips to construct your animation. It may be the case that you have your character set up with two rigs one with full IK/FK control, and another for Mocap. Im sure you should be able to switch between two skin tags. While it wont allow you to combine or blend the two during a single animation you can make motion clips for two rigs and blend them, it depends on what you want to do. The main advantage I see with putting MODO into the pipeline is to be able to fine tune a mocap and key over areas that didnt look so good like hands, or arms going through the legs. Also the ACS kit has a nice solution for storing poses, and mirroring them. The manual is excellent, its a full video manual. At 1:20 of this video your see the retargetting and the ability of animating over mocap data. In the video manual it goes into detail on how to do this so you may want to watch the workflow Here. Looks like they have updated it since I last looked with Mixamo support. https://www.autocharactersetup.com/#product-overview Dan
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    Hey guys thank you for chiming in. VECTOR...I will definitelly give that plugin a try, thanks for thenadvice. CEREBRA...I understand I just wasnt sure how easy was it to cut complex shapes in half without consequences but I am sure its a thing I am just still not used to and I believe once you have done it many times its a 2 second thing. I will keep practicing:)
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    Hi everybody, There are a lot of Daz characters around and I always loved the idea to use and refine them in Cinema 4D. So I started a while ago to investigate how the Daz figures work and what would be the best way to get them to Cinema 4D. Daz uses quaternion weighting since G3, so these figures will no longer work in Poser and with Interposer Pro. The good thing is, that quaternion weighting equals the spherical skin weighting in Cinema 4D. FBX export from Daz Studio and FBX import in Cinema 4D works fine. Even the basic weighting works, but some important things are still missing. The corrective morphs for joint movements can be transferred to Cinema 4D as well, but they need to be connected to the joint (e.g. via Xpresso or Python Tag) Unfortunately the joint rotation in Daz Studio XYZ and Cinema 4D HPB works differently, but this can be solved with User Data/Python or even a C++ plugin as well. I still have to sort this out :) To get additional information out of Daz Studio, I wrote some scripts, which can be read by Cinema 4D Python scripts. If there are several others interested in this topic in the Cafe, I would eventually like to start a Club where I can share all my findings and discuss further improvements of these concepts. @Rectro really helped a lot in finding some answers how things can be solved in Cinema 4D. At the moment I'm just interested to transfer the characters, as I want to use Cinema 4D hair and clothing (maybe even Marvelous Designer based). Then I even can improve the materials and characters in Cinema 4D. Some of them I plan to use as background figures. New R19 technologies like LOD and morph enhancements will help in future. You can see that this will be a huge task and even end in a plugin (I programmed in C++ in the past) to load Daz assets and improve them automatically. As Vray user, I also have this render engine in mind in the end. So please give me your feedback to this idea and then I will decide, if I start with a specific thread or finally will approach the club direction.
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    Hi!!! I am very interested in this thread. I will follow it closely.
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    Is that a Bosendorfer 290 by any chance ? Always nice to see people modelling the old ivories :) Lookin good. If I had any criticism, it would be that your white keys are too long (unless it's for an alien with 6 inch fingers !) A while back I did a similar model :) I'd be interested to see a wireframe, particularly of your black keys... CBR
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    Cheers, worked great, already done! Never used wrap deformer before, god it's so much better than bend deformer to work with.
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    Congratulation to release of PolyGnome Daniel, great job...
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    The camera clipping planes are not object independent which is why everything will disappear behind them. There is no way round that I am aware of, so I'd say your best bet was either to animate objects on and off manually by keyframing their visibility or if you know what you're doing in Xpresso you could make some sort of rig there that does it with a specific set of objects by calculating distance to camera. CBR
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    that sphere video looks awesome! the whole thing looks great!
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    A cloner and rate is probably the easiest, but if you want to use motors here's some ideas. I cloned some slats with hinges along a spline, made it editable and connected the slats into a belt using iteration. This gives a belt that droops - upping steps per frame helps fix that, and I also used wheel suspension to tension the belt. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7ri11wv5ih5bur/convbelt2.c4d?dl=1 (also works for tanks)
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    here is screen capture and file. it is a simple plane object, made editable and extruded. this is not the first time I have had extrude w/caps issue in R19 never mind, I was being a dumb ass. I clicked "D", then held down control and pulled the arrow. I forgot to hit "apply", do this and it works as advertised. that's what I get for trying to watch ESPN and model at the same time.
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    C4DLIve.com There will be a rewind later today (see the schedule on C4DLive.com). Tomorrow at the same time (6am for me), he will be demoing new features in XP4. I would recommend NOT missing it!
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    Hello everyone,I've got a question. Like the laser effect in these 4 pictures. How are the bright edges of laser contact with room walls and sofas? Lasers should be made in C4D,But I don't know how to achieve the feeling of interaction. Who can help me? Or have a production tutorial. Thanks~
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    I won't mind a nodal system as long as XP remains simple and approachable. That's the whole reason I ditched Houdini for XP. GPU acceleration (just like TFD, Realflow, etc.) would be a huge feature. I don't think optimizing Cycles to preview simulations is much of an advantage. You still need to be able to cache your sims within a reasonable amount of time. Also, not everyone wants to be forced into the XP-Cycles ecosystem. As much as I believe that Cycles is fantastic for XP, I still want the freedom to choose another render engine if it suits my particular project's needs better.
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    My point was not that apart from the features themselves which always get the most praise, the architectural design to integrate everything together also deserves some praise. Also, I am pretty sure that they considered offering many different licenses of XP. Trust me.....these guys make smart moves and my comments are not going to be a revelation to them. But they chose not to for the reasons you mentioned. I wonder if with the inclusion of Xplosia that they will continue to allow integration with TFD. I agree with CApruzzese in that the gaseous sim capability in XP 3.5 was a bit difficult to work with and that you could get much better results much faster and easier with TFD. I would imagine that Insydium knew that, otherwise why purchase Xplosia....well that is my hope. Dave
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    Position is a vector - has XYZ components. Positions can also be global (world) and local (with respect to parent). Glad you got it sorted.
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    Getting G3/G8 to Cinema 4D is a bit cumbersome, but I really try to refine the process. If more people here are interested in that stuff, I might open up a thread or even a club, where we can go into more details and I can share all my findings. This involves scripting, weighting, Xpresso and a lot of other stuff.
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    Thanks, Nerv. Depending on what XP4 might bring having both Redshift and Cycles4d might be a good option and certainly Cycles looks a lot more interesting with the new denoising filter. The rather ugly noise in Cycles has put me off until now. I'm looking forward to finally getting Redshift but I'm still a week away from getting my new workstation because of difficulty in getting the GPUs I want. Damn those bitcoin miners!
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    Examples of smooth flowing quad based topology
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    Oh it's not a shiver - it's a sad sigh of disappointment :)
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    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

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    Who comes up with this that you have to shift +click? That doesn't make any sense to me. I'm working with R16 at work and this drove me nuts. Glad I found this post in the end.
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    okay so update time, trousers? shoes and belt. I spent quite a bit of time paying attention to the details in these area, subtle creases on the trousers, stitching and seams on the belt and shoes, most of which you can't see as it's coverd by the the trouser leg and belly ;D
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    also could maybe control sizing with mouse wheel and have a button to "commit" to when you have done? :-)
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    The hexadecimal RGB color field makes it easy to choose Web Colors. Web colors are colors used in displaying web pages, and the methods for describing and specifying those colors. View More Gif-Tips
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    I'm very much interested in the "advance rigging" section. That would really be a total killer since almost all advanced rigging tutorials are for Maya/Blender. I mean have you ever encountered advanced facial rigging for Cinema4D? Most of the Maya rigging also implements scripting, as such it is quite hard to translate to C4D. Looking forward!