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    Okay...somehow this thread on the awesomeness that is XP4 devolved into a discussion on Houdini in order to assuage the ego's of those who suffer from C4DDS (Cinema 4D Derangement Syndrome). So why don't we all just agree that Houdini is king of the hill and we are all idiots for not using Houdini. Also, for the record in case people need to see it in writing, let me state that people who use Houdini are, by association if not by divine right of birth, just superior people blessed with searing intellects, good looks, and winning personalities. In contrast, C4D users (especially those on this forum) are narrow minded, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Neanderthals who refuse to accept the paradise that is Houdini and cling to the foolish misconception, fed by the propagandized media machine that is MAXON, that C4D actually does get amazingly better with each release. Also, and let's be perfectly clear here, everything and anything that is produced by C4D is pure rubbish when compared to Houdini's ability to not only recreate things perfectly but to recreate them the way they should be rather than the way they actually are because merely copying life if not enough for Houdini. Houdini's goal is to show us a better reality. There --- it has been written in this forum for all to see. I strongly suggest that anyone who suffers from C4DDS and begins to feel threatened by anything that is brilliantly implemented within C4D either by MAXON or by its partners like Insydium read the above paragraph while stroking a puppy or playing with play-dough in a safe space of their choosing. Dave on behalf of C4DLM (Cinema 4D Lives Matter)
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    Folks, this topic has reached dead end, therefore we are closing it before things start to flame out
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    Hm, that is odd, then everyone in the company, including CEO's don't know anything about it for months Let me simplify - whoever posted this simply invented that story, there is no substance to it at all.
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    zeden Thanks. Here is the Pelican rig first animated test: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vVOdDQTm8HI
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    Something I've been playing around with off and on between projects. I modeled the built space and environment, then modified pre-fab objects and custom textured most of them. It's mainly just an exercise in composition, light, and color. I'm not an interior designer. I'm usually modeling/rendering designs by others, so it was fun taking a stab at it with an eye towards my personal style. Critiques welcome.
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    Hi I had a quick look without going into much depth, and there are some very important things you have missed, and that start with modelling. This mesh is not suitable for animation its a mess to put it bluntly. You need to forget about rigging and animation if you intend to use your own models like this, and learn how to model correctly. Second issue is the scale of the mesh, its way too big unless you wanted it to be over 4 meters tall, thats a 14 foot tall person. While you can make a giant in C4D lighting, hair, dynamics will all react different and unless you intended to make a 14 feet giant, get the character down to real world scale, but not this one, the mesh is no good for animation, too many polygons, too many triangles. tons of polls where 1 verticy is shared by 5 or more polygons, and stretched triangles, some over lapping. The model needs to be constructed with care and attention to form and function. For form you need to have some basic anatomy understanding and have some kind of plan, or design. For function you need to have animation ready limbs with loops of edges in the right places, elbows, shoulder, knees, groin, ankles. Third issue is you have a double skinned mesh meaning you have the body and clothed as the same mesh one on top of the other. The clothes either need to be dynamically driven as a separate object not something C4D does well, or you do away with the main body and keep just the clothes, head, hands, and feet. C4D comes with some example rigged characters that show this. You can have clothes over the top of a body but it makes weighting harder and is only needed if you intend to change clothing for the character. Model starting with a low polygon mesh keeping it clean free of Ngons, Triangles where possible especially at bending points of limbs/articulation. Get the mesh the right scale, symmetrical, and in zero world space. Go for either the body naked, or the clothes with no body. Place all joints in the centre of the mesh limbs not placing spine towards the back of the body like a real body. Dan
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    Hello, and welcome to the cafe... There's a number of ways you could go about this, but my favourite would be SDS poly modelling, probably using symmetry. It is standard practice to make the boat in the same sections that it would be made from in real life. So the hull could be one mesh, the deck another, the cabin and windows all separate meshes etc... SDS enables you to work with a low polygon cage whilst getting a smoothly subdivided result. Unfortunately this takes several years to be very good at, and modelling a boat like this typically requires that you are well familiar with Cinema's modelling toolset. However this is quite a simple shape, so shouldn't be too tricky. But while it might not be hard for someone that knows all the tools, the subject of SDs modelling is vast in scope, so I can't teach you that in one forum post, only recommend you watch a comprehensive set of modelling tutorials that will show you how best to proceed. These can be paid-for ones like those on pluralsight.com and lynda.com, or free ones that are all over youtube. I recommend this quite old but still good series from Sheppard O'Neill to show you the basics. Note, in his older version SDS is referred to by its old name, 'Hypernurbs'. You'll need to watch most of the videos. Then you will need to watch a good tutorial on the new R18 knife tools, which are not covered in the series above, like this one... Once you have a good understanding of the poly modelling rules , and are familiar with the modelling interface and the tools, you will know how best to start your boat, and we will be here to help you solve any specific issues along the way. I did also find you this helpful 'speed art' video of someone modelling a boat vaguely similar to yours - you can slow this down to x0.25 if it moves too fast for you to be able to see what he's doing, but he essentially starts off by box modelling the hull, then adds other SDS modelled parts much as you will need to do yourself... Or, here's a totally different way to create a hull, this time using splines in a loft... Best of luck... CBR
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    i prefer to use the true symmetry plugin. while still not perfect, you don't have to cut your model in half and you can work on either side and the changes will be mirrored to the other...
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    From time to time i'll go back to an older project or character to improve it some, or just to develop it a little further, Steven was a character i came up with when i first started 3d so he's been through a few different incarnations this one being the latest, C&C welcome.
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    you should put your character in a neutral A or T-pose first before you start rigging. other than that your mesh looks a bit too dense from what i can tell by looking at your screenshot, if it's your first time trying to rig and weight a character this will drive you nuts. better start with a more low poly mesh first.
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    Totally possible in C4D, and I would say it is preferable to MD in this case. Like Bezo says - find all the Chesterfield tuts on YouTube - there are literally hundreds of them ! CBR
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    on c4dzone (italian users server) is free plugin for creating chesterfield (after signing in) http://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/easy-chesterfield-1-0-1-259.htm btw, there are a lot of tutorials over internet, simply enter "chesterfield sofa modeling" into google
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    So I'm trying my hand at modelling that trusty companion of every Dutch (city-dwelling) person: the city bike, "stadsfiets" or also "omafiets" (grandma-bike) Render in (appropriately) Cycles4D. The actual bike has a bit more rust on it, but it might actually be interesting to present it super clean and stylised ;) Otherwise it will be a good excercise to make a rust shader in Cycles. But for now I want to focus on the model.
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    I thought a bierfiets was one of those monstrosoties where you all sit on a riding bar on the streets of Amsterdam pissing off the locals ;) Don't know yet about the tire profile. I don't think I'm gonna aim for ultra-detail but let's see how it goes.
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    You may well be right there. But I swear I turned off just 'render perfect', then it didn't explode any more for me... The duct itself doesn't have a dynamics tag, so it's only the front that needs the collision mode change. I was going to mention the awful modelling, but decided against it only because that rarely affects dynamics, as long as there is a contiguous surface for it to work with - even if normals are incorrect, as they are here, that still doesn't affect dynamic collisions. And as long as OP doesn't try it with SDS it will probably render fine. CBR
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    Cerbera is, as (almost) always correct again. The reason for the explosion is that the (badly modeled!) Duct Wall and the Front Vent are set to Automatic mode. These need to be Static Mesh. Perfect Render and the many segments only slow the animation down (A LOT!), but should not cause an explosion.
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    Update - I've just looked at your file. The problem is happening because you have render perfect turned on in the spheres in the cloner. Also they have way too many segments for an efficient simulation, and are the wrong type of sphere to work best with dynamics. You should set segmentation as low as possible, and make the sphere an icosahedron. But it's the turning 'render perfect' off that will fix the explosion. Your front grille needs to have Static Mesh set in its collision properties as I advised above... CBR
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    The thing to realise about poly modelling is that it takes several / many years to get very good at it... of course you can't do it if you don't have the years of experience behind you... but by doing a little bit every day yourself (as opposed to just watching tutorials), you are on the fastest track to learning, so don't be discouraged. CBR
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    This IMHO is the danger of Zbrush for new artists, it lends to make one want to learn the Zbrush way first then polygon modeling, it should be the other way around. Retopology is going to be a nightmare if your not familiar with the correct topology thats been learn by polygon modelling. Zbrush teaches you how to evaluate volume in 3d space fast, but its not as easy to get the volume from just pure 3d modeling which is why many turn first to box modeling, then as time goes on poly by poly modeling. One thing that wil aid you is some basic anatomy, this applies to both realistic and stylized characters, but sets some bounderies in place that you can turn to when things dont look right. Iv been side tracked a few times now, but had been making some tutorials on the very things iv been talking about, I just need to get into gear and finnish them. I dont have the long list of credentials as some have, but I know I can produce the best quality with the best out there, and teach it. Dan
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    Owww, Thank you very much Sirr/ Ma'ammm. I really apreciate that one
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    Coming soon, something to look forward to:
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    thank you for the replies. I realized that I had checked off show as solid and show in render.
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    Yes indeed, either have the liquid be smaller or larger than the inner glass, never the same. In some render engines it shows black, one could be mistaking it as reflection depth not high enough. Dan
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    Had a bit of time to play with X-Particles 4 - specifically the XP Cell Auto and OpenVDB mesher.
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    As it's R13, I can't be absolutely sure of the exact folders/directories etc, and you don't say if you're on Mac or Windows, but the following should hopefully help. There is a folder called Library (R13 for instance in Windows under C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R13\library\browser) - In there will be the list of any .lib4d (library folders) or .cat4d (catalog folders) files that hold your textures & materials if they were added to the Content Browser. So copy those from that library folder from R13 to the relative same folder in R18. If you hadn't added them to the Content Browser, then they are literally just image files, so you can add them via the Texture Paths in Preferences, but I assume that won't be what you're after if you've already tested that and it didn't work. If they are, just make sure the R18 Texture Paths match your R13 Texture Paths and you should be fine. The best advice I can give you before doing any of this is to backup all the files in the directories, again for Windows C:\Users\Laptop\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R13 and the actual MAXON program folder C:\Program Files\MAXON. That way you can uninstall the program, but have a safety net in case something does go missing. Have fun with R18...nice leap from R13 in functionality.
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    ofcourse... ...simply press "P" key and enable "Enable Snap","WorkPlane Snap","Grid Point Snap" and Grid Line Snap" options
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    This discussion seems pointless. If I create a rumor that Microsoft is buying softimage, would we discuss the ramifications for all other DCC programs for days? Oh yes, they did own XSI.
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    I only drop by rarely lately but I saw this message. Here are a bunch in case you can use any: Cloth With Controls 7.c4d Cloth With Controls 6.c4d Cloth With Controls 5.c4d Cloth With Controls 4.c4d Hair Tip Objects 3.c4d Hair Tip Objects 2.c4d I hope something here helps.
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    Hi, it's all ways best when modelling to keep the arms and legs slightly apart ideally in a T pose.
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    that's rather ironic don't you think
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    Not impossible but i doubt it. And it's useless speculating based on an article with the little info they provide. So... sorry, not gonna be bothered by some guy with a cardboard sign telling us the doomsday is coming so he can get the kicks with trying to make us 'plebs' freak out and bail just because he dislikes some C4D doesn't have and feels we should follow his path. "It might rain in 6 months.. be prepared, get shelter now!!!" Be right there buddy, you go on first... *eyeroll*
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    Some good advice from Cutman, quoting from 11/12/2017: "Right, that's it from me, I don't want to be THAT person who has moved to a different application and spends the next few years brow beating people who use the previous application. It gets old quickly. So cheers everyone and see you around maybe over on the sidefx forums if you happen to be in the area. "
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    We keep cross-posting, but... The Decay at 100% just means it's slower to react to the change. It won't freeze up in place like the viewport shows. If it's set to 0, the Effector evaluates frequencies and loudness in real-time, the higher the Decay, the slower the declining effect is. But it's pretty much the same issue. If you read through the post you missed, the Render matches the waveform, not the Viewport. It's not right that's why I suggested going to MAXON Support. It may simply be one of the things that Cinema 4D can't show 100% correctly in the viewport (there are other things that have the same issue) or it could be something they need to look at.
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    No problem. Definitely send the correct file to MAXON and submit it to see what they say. Post the reply back here if you can as well so others benefit from the answer too.
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    Update: I just set manually everything as you had it in your screenshot and I get the same issue. It's actually the Viewport that is wrong. You can tell by watching the waveform in the Amplitude section of the Sound Effector and have Interactive Render Region switched on in the Viewport. The Render view matches the Amplitude of the Waveform, but the Viewport does not. So it's a bug or quirk of viewport vs render that can sometimes happen. Best to submit it to MAXON Support https://www.MAXON.net/en/support/how-can-we-help/ to see what they tell you.
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    @Cutman Judging by your posts I can say that you clearly have no clue about: A. Software development. B. Size and scope of companies and products you are referring too in your post C. Resources needed to write a fully fledged DCC The only thing you seem to be good about is insulting other members and endless spamming. Didn't you jump ship to Houdini?I now received way more messages which ask me to ban you than I would like, so please, act maturely if you are able to otherwise we will have no options since you violated Cafe rules too many times.
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    This looks like a weighting problem. Have you weighted your skin to the joints using the weights manager ? If you post the file we can check for you... CBR
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    The ones that make such decisions. Not sure what you are trying to achieve. Sure, every company can be bought or sold, but in this case it seems to me you are deliberately trying to unsettle people with this false story of acquisition. It is simply not happening. Can it happen? yes, everything is possible and it is also possible that people will stop spamming on forums :) At the rate MAXON is growing in every aspect and given the Nemetschek success over the years I think it is highly unlikely.
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    i'm on vacation, so i choose not to care.
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    That would also be the sound of me of defecting to Modo, Houdini or Blender ;) I will never take part in Autodesk's monthly rental scam scheme. CBR
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    Fingers crossed I have a fix - passed over from Stefan at vray. Worth mentioning here - Niklas Rosenstein's PV render queue plugin is an amazing patch. https://github.com/NiklasRosenstein/c4d-pvrenderqueue rather than rendering only through render queue which seems to carry most of the bugs, the images are rendered directly in picture viewer, while still keeping the queue functionality. So far no crashes after 8 hours
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    Santa's workshop is in action today. My nieces doll house looked vacant yesterday so i thought i would make the furniture for her. Going to model everything in c4d so here is the first piece. A nice wooden dining table
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    Should be doable with greyscalegorilla hdri studio rig or hdri pack. But first, download some hdr maps for free here: http://fav.me/d1lzo9m Maybe you don't have to spend money if you can be satisfied with free maps.
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    Not sure if/why you still need the Cel Shader in this instance if you use Luminance channel as it's already flat color, but this should work either way. As far as the shadow goes, I'd get the shadow the right color first, then for the blue material of the building, color pick the blue off the ground shadow for the Luminance color for the building, rather than the other way around. Color pick it off the rendered version, not the color swatch/RGB values of the shadow color. Same goes for the yellow side color. Hope that makes sense. If this doesn't get you where you need to be, you might need to attach a project file so I can completely understand your mix of Shaders etc.
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    Cool man. Even if the topology isn't Elite Topology certified ;), I do feel that in the end it's the result that counts.
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    I found out that if you use POINTS in Illustrator eg 10mm would become 10 points than when you import the illustrator .ai (version 8) then the splines come in at the correct scale... the only thing they don't do is come in at the correct x, y coordinates but that's an easy fix in Cinema.
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    thank you so much everyone.@Cerbera yes the problem was with evaluate transparency. thank you so much all