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    Found time to pick my creature sculpts back up: Some people asked me to do a screen-cap previously, so for this one I did. 2x 35 min videos at 20x speed for anyone with the patience. Modelling/ Painting, Render & Post:
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    Let me introduce myself: My name is Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues I have degree in Animation(Universidade Federal de Pelotas, who cares? :) ) I live in Brazil(at least for now) I'm a C4D Generalist but with focus on character rigging I work for a company called Petit Fabrik doing all the types of rigging. I love learn new things and challenges. It's that. So let's me start sharing a Viewport Filter Python script pack it allows you to use as a icon on your layout or just a shortcut. A Hug! RBR Viewport Filter Script Pack.zip
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    A 5 minute cartoon commissioned by the Zurich based FREITAG company. Freitag makes bags and accessories from used truck tarps (in europe most truck trailers are enclosed by a PVC tarp) and they asked me to make a film about their process. There was no briefing or guidelines. 100% artistic freedom to do whatever I wanted.
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    Hi this is my first post here I have not been using Cinema4D very long I have been doing lots of tutorials and getting to know all the tools etc I feel I have learnt a lot in the couple of months I have been tinkering with this software. This is the first thing I have felt confident enough to share there is still so much to do the textures on the boat still need lots of work and the water still need some work I also want to add more details to the entire scene and tweak the lighting. I hope you all like i'll have updates ASAP
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    ...one click solution http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
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    Thanks Guys, I have added more details to the boat and subdivided the boat hull.. It is all textures i'm going to redo the textures now I have tweaked the model it was all just tests for what i'm planing on doing .
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    Update time :D click full size for full quality
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    There´s a much faster (and more elegant way) to find point/polygon index of object. Rui Batista (aka ruimac) create years ago plugin for it. (included in 3DPack) http://ruimac.com/plugins.htm and inside viewport it look like this
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    Hello everyone, I'm proud to introduce a new version of my plugin EasyObjectID It allow you to set Object Id from your scene to your render settings in one click ! For more informations please visit https://gr4ph0s.github.io/EasyObjectId_V2/ Preview video Download links http://graphos.xyz/files/Plugin/graph_EasyObjectID/graph_EasyObjectId.zip Installation Unzip Copy into your plugin folder Support Windows and Mac R16 + Cinema 4D (ProRender - Standard - Physical) Redshift Arnold Octane (Object ID - Layer ID) Vray (1.9 - 3.5) Iray I’m really glad of any any feedbacks, features requests or suggestions. Then don’t hesitate to contact me at graphos.xyz/Contacts/ or via pm here
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    Just wanted to post results of my efforts to learn Cycles 4D. Getting there.
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    Hope you don't mind @Simmy but thought I'd post the video you're talking about. I assume you were referring to the IBC 2017 MAXON presentation. Lot's of different and interesting techniques @stubbs talks about in this anyway: Jump to specific section on Shading & Lighting https://youtu.be/ju5WrEIpyBU?t=31m7s - I recommend watching the whole presentation though.
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    The other methods have already been covered to fake GI, but as for External render engines, If your doing Architectural renders, Vray is very fast with low noise, and offers a fair amount of render nodes for a single licence. Dan
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    Have you tried a simple omni in ambient only mode used as a fill light ? That should sort your shadows out no matter how large your scene is... CBR
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    You could use the front view make sure you are in polygon mode and your objects made editable, get close-up to the model and use the rectangular select tool to select all the top or bottom half polygons of the model, Make sure that in the option for rectangular select tool you have Tolerant selection on and Only select visible off. With the polygons still selected go to> Toolbar menu>Mesh>Commands>split. With your curser still over the viewport; press delete. You should now have in the object manager (on the right of the viewport) two objects top and bottom. Good luck
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    To be honest, GI is massive rendering over-kill if you are using the default renderer (Standard/Physical) But if you use external renders, it is quite reasonable. This is actually why people use external renders because they are fast. There is an old way of faking GI. Basically, you render your scene without GI. Then Render an Ambient Occlussion Pass. Then composite it in the software. Then you'd get a decent overall illumination. Good luck!
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    And I'm finally able to share some of my work for Perrier! Quoted from the WIP/Final Images section: A colleague and I were commissioned to work on a series of 360-degree videos and short, looping teasers for Perrier. Perrier wanted a mix of realistic bottles in a cartoon-like world. The deadlines were tight, so GPU rendering was going to be essential for iteration and final renders. Redshift (my go-to GPU renderer) does not have a dedicated toon shader. However - that doesn't mean you can't build your own! Thanks in part to some tips from @merkvilson, I was able to generate some custom "faux" toon shaders that were easy to tweak and FAST to render. All native, all within C4D and Redshift. The only external textures used were the bottle labels and the backdrop. Below is some imagery for the first theme, just shared by Perrier on their social media. Currently working on more themes for them, so this will be an ongoing thing! Will keep updating the thread as I go. A couple of styleframes for Perrier's approval on lookdev: And the official teaser loop that's started to circulate today. Not sure when Perrier will be sharing the 360-degree video.
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    Thanks, that's cool for some of the basic movement. I found a couple of tutorials that nail the points to objects and objects to clones set ups.
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    The tags give you the answer - that's done in Houdini. But you may be able to get close to it natively in C4D using sculpting and mask extraction... CBR
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    No no, don't give up so easily ! :) There will be a way, it just might not be that one ! I'll have a think about it and get back to you... CBR
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    Simulations tags is pack of tags contained dynamics and cloth tags. Your tutorial use rigid body tag maybe...
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    Which version of the software are you using ? CBR
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    There is nothing in your file that makes it go brighter for me. When I render it, it looks like the top image in your first post (the darker one). Have you tried rendering the file exactly as you've just uploaded it? A couple of guesses are that it is either the lighthouse.hdr file (missing from the file you uploaded - you only uploaded the .c4d file) and may have something to do with Color Profile information in that .hdr or I notice you are using R17.055 (in your bio) so it might be something specific to that version. I tested your file in R18.057 and R19.024.
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    Just a quick google, first hit, does this help: (don't forget the Object ID thingy for non glowing stuff)
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    @DanLSK make sure to turn off "wrap U" and "wrap V" on the texture node.
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    I got lost on question 1. Is object C different to object A ? A = A + B is a loop C = A + B is addition Making the loop scenario only execute when the value to be added changes is easy in Python. make a user data value (real, with no limits) and write to, read back etc.
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    I have posted a solution for you below. I'm trying to help but it's hard to understand what you're trying to achieve. If this doesn't help you, please try and clarify what you're wanting and perhaps post a scene with everything you want and type up what you're trying to do and ignore how you're currently doing it in your reply. In your first post, you mentioned a new object (C) which isn't in your attached scene at all? Currently your file is moving the A object by 5 each frame and continues on, even after a loop. Do you want A to increment by 5 only one time or is the issue that it doesn't reset to the original Y position at frame 0 when the animation loops? Solution for getting it to reset to original Y Position at frame 0 each time: Note: See my next post for added instructions.
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    Can you explain this out any further? If the basic equation is (as you posted) : "Existing Object's PSR (A) + Arbitrary Variable Amount (B) = New Object's PSR (C)" Why are you outputting the equation back to A if you are wanting the equation to move a new object C? Is A moving as well? If not, your output should be C, not as you have A. If you want to increment B, you could use the Time node and use Frame output, multiply that by the Constant (B) to move output C by increments of B. If I've misunderstood, I apologise, but hopefully you can explain it out in a more detailed way. Here is a technique for If/Else using Xpresso if that's more appropriate for you situation. There is always Python as well (can be used by via an Xpresso node if required):
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    This tutorial should answer your question: Good luck with your project too.
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    Just an update: The solution to the slipping noise texture is to Place the Texture-Tag to the Sphere itself, not the Voronoi Fracture object. Also, I noticed that if say a sphere is set to Icosahedron instead of Standard then it will mess up the texture and cause it to wrap each fracture piece individually.
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    In the Redshift Shader Graph go to the top menu, under Tools>Connect Node to Output. As he did, you can assign that command to a hotkey using (from C4D menus) Window>Customization>Customize Commands....
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    @nerv thanks for the tip, i wouldn't have paid attention to that, really appreciate it.
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    Yes, there is something on the horizon. But our highest priority will always be to finish CINEMA 4D features and to make them as easy to use and as stable as possible. This can always push the Lab projects a bit into the future.
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    Episode 3 - xpSplineFlow, X-Particles 4 Sneak Peek xpSplineFlow enables you to create organic, dynamic, smooth flowing particles along a Spline. Animate the Spline by keyframes or deformers; xpSplineFlow updates in real time. Creating natural flowing realistic simulations has never been this easy. For more information about X-Particles 4, please visit http://insydium.com/x-particles-4-new-features/
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    No need for that - there are already excellent tutorials there. Here's one that shows you everything you need to know about splines and how to use them. CBR
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    Basic idea Random Color with Redshift and Voronoi Facture
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    Hi, all textures needs to be in folder with name "tex", and project file .c4d needs to be in same folder where "tex" is. Then open your .c4d project, reload textures so texture path is pointing to "tex" folder, save, and that's it, you shouldn't have any problems next time you open .c4d file. Cheers,
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    Thank you for the reply! I tried doing it with the solider models in my scene and it totally worked out, thank you! Sadly, because of my 1st person rig, i have placed the joints as children of eachother (For example, added the right shoulder under the left wrist joint, to create movement in both when i animate one of them, so it's not possible to move them back in their former position without having to deconstruct my whole rig) so it doesn't work out on my more important rig.. So i think i'll have to reanimate the whole thing, but i'll take your prevention tip, write it down and put it to good use, thank you!
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    It is amazing, my 3 lovecraft films were shown by the same festival previously. I have no idea how they found my work but apparently, they like it! I need to think about trying for other festivals I think. I had long given up on that!
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    You got yourself into a real mess of a situation. I learned all this by trial and error, so hopefully someone else chimes in with a simpler solution. Here's what I've had to do in this situation, and what I do to prevent it from happening in the future: You need to return the rig to the original position that corresponds to the position your mesh is stuck in. Maybe you keyframed the original position, or have a copy of it in an old save. Worst case, you have to manually reposition the bones as best you can. To avoid losing your animation, make an extra keyframe at the end so that your default pose doesn't mess with the 400 frames you've already animated. Once your bones are back in their default place, TURN OFF THE SKIN OBJECT. The mesh should pop back to its original pose (and match the position of the bones!). Then, when you click "reset bind pose," rather than the mesh snapping back to its original state, it creates a new original state. It binds the current position of the bones with the current position of the mesh. When you turn the skin object back on, nothing should move. Now, when you move the rig, the mesh will properly move with it. Also, when you scroll back through your animation, it should be the same as before (or pretty close, depending whether you had to manually reposition all the bones). This is the same process to use if you decide you placed your joint in the wrong place. Turn off the skin. Move the bone. Click "Reset Bind Pose." Turn skin back on. Lastly, my trick for preventing this: I use "freeze transformation" on every bone once I have completed the rig. That way, the default position for every single joint is always 0 pos/rot. That gives me a built-in means to quickly and painlessly get my rig back to its original pose.
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    Thanks for looking into it, I saw the tutorial but I couldn't get it to work and I gave up. I ended up baking the proximal shader for now, filtered it in photoshop and used the bitmap for length control. Haven't given up on the procedural solution yet... Btw I used a null in case I'd want to play with the offset to have more snow/flatland in some areas.
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    I think I got it looking descent. Not 100% happy with it but how much time should I spend on it before I go crazy lol
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    Well, I'm impressed that you're trying to model it, rather than taking the somewhat easier displacement options :) I would get the tolerances spot-on in the cloner, put it in a connect to weld it, make that editable, and then use an FFD or bulge deformer on the resulting mesh to try and get the curve. (alternatively you could even run those deformers live if you put the cloner in a group with them). You'll also need to drag out the transition edge loops top and bottom, and conform them to perfect circles (points to circle script). If you are planning to use this with SDS you could apply bevels to just the cubes section, but you might be better applying bevels to the 3d cubes section before you make it editable, though if you do that you will have to redistribute the points evenly along the transition section circle profiles, or solve the extra edges down to the original point count. If that doesn't get you close enough maybe you could use your cube model to make a single (or double) curved vertical row of them, then clone that radially instead ? CBR
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    This is super exciting for those of us who use C4D for print and graphic design!
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    :D i wish i did this, i can't help myself i just jump straight in and crack on
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    ASAP for £10 ?!!! I think this is an insult.
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    @SKaiser @digitvisions here's the latest version of the rig. like i said, there a still a few small problems remaining to be solved, but nothing major.. freshrig_02102017.c4d
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    Awesome, thanks for sharing. Nice tutorial! :)
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    I know how you feel. After about 10 years using strictly Macs, I found myself switching over to Windows. A powerful PC will always be cheaper / easier to customize than a mediocre Mac. Sad but true. The transition was a little rough at first, but after about a year - it just feels normal now. There's lots of hardware knowledge here and on multiple other related forums, so searching will be your first best bet. You can just post any unanswered questions after. Good luck!